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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Greenwich, CT? ($17,000+ a month!)

Are you thinking of moving to Greenwich? How much does it cost to live in Greenwich, CT?

Greenwich is an expensive place to live in. It costs $17,557.85 per month for a family of four to live in Greenwich, CT! Keep on reading to find out how!

When it comes to living in Greenwich, there are many factors to consider. You will have to take into account the cost of commuting, transportation expenses, housing expenses, and home maintenance expenses. For those of you with kids, you will have to take into account childcare and other child-related expenses.

Use our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator below to find out how much it costs for you to live in Greenwich, CT.

Greenwich Cost of Living: Commute and Transportation Expense

How Much Does It Cost to Take the Metro-North from Greenwich to New York City?

Most people who live in Greenwich commute to New York by taking the Metro-North train to Grand Central. If you take the Metro-North train every day, you will buy a monthly pass. Most likely, you will drive to the train station so you also need to take into account parking fees.

In our calculator below, we used $336 per month as the monthly cost for both the Metro-North train ticket and parking at one of the Greenwich Metro-North train stations.

There is a waitlist to get a parking permit at the Greenwich Metro-North train stations! Click here for our Guide to Parking at Greenwich Metro-North stations.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Car in Greenwich?

Most families in Greenwich have 2 or more cars. However, some families who live downtown or within walking distance of the train station can get away with 1 car.

It is also pretty common for families in Greenwich to have 3 cars, the 3rd car is for the babysitter or Au Pair. If you have a teenager, the 3rd car is for your teenager.

In our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator below, the monthly cost to own a car in Greenwich is $639 per car. This includes car payments, insurance, gas, and tolls. We used $450 as the monthly lease payment which will get you a Toyota Highlander.

Greenwich CT

Greenwich Cost of Living: Household Help

How Much Does It Cost to Have A Housekeeper in Greenwich?

When calculating the Cost of Living Expenses in Greenwich, you need to take into account household help. Many Greenwich families outsource their housekeeping to a cleaning service or housekeeper who comes to their home once a week to tidy up the house.

In our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator, the monthly cost is $600 for a housekeeper or cleaning service to come once a week. This is for a housekeeper to come for 6 hours per week at a rate of $25 per hour.

Greenwich Cost of Living: Childcare Expense

How Much Does Childcare Cost in Greenwich?

Childcare is a big expense for families in Greenwich with young children. Fortunately for families in Greenwich, there are many childcare options available to families. You can enroll your child in a full-time daycare or you can hire a babysitter or an Au Pair.

How Much is Daycare in Greenwich?

Daycare programs in Greenwich are approximately $2000 a month. There is usually a waitlist for daycare programs so you should plan ahead and add your name to the list as soon as you can.

How Much are Babysitters in Greenwich?

The hourly rate for babysitters in Greenwich ranges from $15 to $25 per hour. In our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator below, we broke down the babysitter option to Full time (40 hours/week), Part-Time (20 Hours/Week) or Occasional (5 Hours/Week) and we based it on an hourly rate of $20 per hour.

In our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator, we give you several options to calculate babysitting expenses. Some Greenwich families with two working parents may hire a full-time babysitter while another Greenwich family may have kids at school and will only need a part-time babysitter for after-school activities. While there are some families with a stay-at-home parent and they may only need babysitters occasionally, during the weekend for dinner or date night.

How Much is it to have an Au Pair in Greenwich?

The third childcare option is to have an Au Pair. Au Pairs are a great value because they generally cost $800 a month plus $9000 in fees so it is approximately $18,600 a year and will get you 45 hours of childcare a week.

However, don’t forget that your Au Pair live in your house so you will have to take into account housing expenses, food expenses, cellphone subscription expenses and other miscellaneous expenses associated with having an extra person living in your home.

In our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator, we used $1800 per month for the monthly Au Pair expense which includes the Au Pair fee and living expenses.

How Much is Preschool in Greenwich?

Many families move to Greenwich for the top-rated public school system. However, even if you send your child to Public School, you will most likely incur some tuition and enrichment expenses.

If you have a preschooler you will incur preschool tuition expenses. Preschool tuition ranges, the most affordable preschool in Greenwich is Greenwich Christian Preschool at $6250 a year for their 5 days 3s and 4s program while at Christ Church Nursery School the 5 days 3s and 4s program are $11,000 a year. Tuition for most preschools in Greenwich are in the range of $11,000 a year.

For our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator, we used $917 per month for preschool tuition.

How Much Is Private School Tuition in Greenwich?

We also included Private School tuition in our calculator below. It is not uncommon to see families start off at the public school system and then later move their kids to private school, so we included private school tuition as a field in the calculator below. The Private School tuition is $40,000 a year or $3,333 per month.

Are you thinking of sending your child to private school? Check out our Private School Admissions Advice

How Much Does Sport and After School Enrichment Cost in Greenwich?

It is common for children in Greenwich to be enrolled in some type of enrichment program either after school or during the weekend. In our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator, we used $144 per month as the cost for enrichment if your child is enrolled in a 1x a week sports program or enrichment class.

We calculated this based on $36 per class (enrichment and sports classes can vary from $25 per class to $50+ per class depending on what sports you do and if it is a private lesson or group lesson).

Greenwich Cost of Living: Health and Fitness Expense

How much are Gym Memberships in Greenwich?

Many families are members of a local gym. For the Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator, we used $300 per month for a family gym membership.

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Greenwich Cost of Living: Housing Expense

Mortgage Expense

In the Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator, you will see that there is a mortgage calculator component. This is so you can include your monthly housing payment with homeowners insurance and real estate taxes.

If you don’t know the cost of your homeowner’s insurance or property taxes, you can use the preset number in the field.

How Much is Home Maintenance and Utilities in Greenwich?

Our Cost Calculator will not be complete without including home maintenance and monthly utilities. Utilities include water, gas, electric and cable/internet.

Home maintenance includes home repairs and exterior maintenance such as landscaping, snow shoveling and Tick and Mosquito spray for the yard.

In our Greenwich Cost Calculator below, the exterior maintenance is based on $433.33 per month for a 1-acre yard and home repairs and Utilities are based on $0.17 per square foot per month.

How Much Does it Cost for a Family of Four to Live in Greenwich?

Here is an example, so you can get a better idea of the cost of living in Greenwich. We are going to price out the cost of living for a family of four in Greenwich.

One child is in daycare ($2000 a month) and the other one is enrolled in the local public school. The older child is enrolled in after-school enrichment 2x a week ($288 a month).

The family has a housekeeper that comes in once a week ($600 a month). They hire a part-time babysitter that helps out 20 hours a week ($20 an hour).

They live in a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2542 square feet home on a 0.25-acre lot. Their mortgage payment is $9409.52 a month. This is based on a 30-year mortgage on their $1,795,000* home (loan amount of $1,436,000) with taxes of $10,152 a year and homeowners insurance of $4200 a year.

They have 2 cars. Dad takes the Metro-North train into the city every day while mom drives to her office in Greenwich. They have a family membership at a local gym ($300 a month).

According to our Cost of Living Calculator, it will cost a family of four $17,557.85 per month to live in Greenwich.

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*Home price, real estate taxes, square feet, and lot size are based on an actual home in Greenwich, CT. We used 6.85% as our mortgage interest rate. We also picked a home that is close to the median sales price of homes.

Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator

Use the Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator below to find out how much it costs to live in Greenwich. Use the slider and fill in the fields with your information.

If you leave a field blank or keep the slider at zero, it will not include that field in the total monthly calculation.

If you live in a condominium, you can leave the Size of Lot field at zero. 

We’ve prefilled the Mortgage loan amount, interest rate, real estate tax, and homeowners insurance, feel free to change it. If you don’t know your real estate tax, use our Connecticut Property Tax calculator to calculate your real estate tax.

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