Hollywood Actress, Wynter Kullman Warshaw’s Life in Westport, CT

Hollywood Actress, Wynter Kullman Warshaw’s Life in Westport, CT

From LA to Westport, CT, actress Wynter Kullman Warshaw settled into suburban life in Westport, CT.  With parts in major films such as “Garden State”, “Two Weeks Notice”, Wynter tells us how she got her start as an actress and gives advice to budding actors and actresses.  Here is a peek into Hollywood Actress, Wynter Kullman Warshaw’s Life in Westport, CT.   

Tell me about your move to Westport, CT.

I was living in LA, working as an actress, when I met my future husband Jeff Warshaw. Jeff had been living in Westport, his business was headquartered in Westport, and he had children from his first marriage living In Westport. Luckily, Jeff and his ex-wife had picked well when they were choosing where to raise a family. I lucked out.

How old are your kids?  What do you like to do with your kids in Westport and in the area?

My son (Shane) is 5, my daughter (Mia) is 3. We love the Westport beaches, the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Tumble Jungle (we love Monkey Time, a supervised open playtime), and visiting my husband’s office.
Hollywood Actress, Wynter Kullman Warshaw's Life in Westport, CT
Photo Credit: David Bravo

What are your favorite playgrounds and parks in Westport?

Compo Beach Park is obviously a favorite, but to be honest, we really love the park at Christ & Holy Trinity Church in downtown Westport. It’s really manageable and really close to all the best shopping in town.

What are some things you don’t like about Westport?

Really, the only negative with Westport is its lack of diversity.

How would you describe Westport residents?

Westporters are extremely friendly, open and highly engaged in their interests (especially raising their kids). I have not found any of the negative stereotypes associated with lower Fairfield County to be true. People are mostly down-to-earth and welcoming.

What are your favorite restaurants in Westport and in Fairfield County?

The Cottage is my favorite restaurant in Westport. We also enjoy enjoy OKO, The Whelk, Le Penguin and Jesup Hall for date night. With the kids, our favorites restaurants in Westport are Kawa Ni, Aux Delices and Shanghai Gourmet. Westport is lucky to have the best food in Fairfield County by far.

What are your go-to places in Westport?

I have many go-to places in Westport! For color and cut, I go to Kelsey at Haus of Pretty. For blowouts, I like Whip Salon or Styles by Shanice for house calls. For my eyebrows, I only go to Melissa Potter at Sola Salon Studios. My #1 chill-out spot is Sun Reflexology.  I love to workout with Mo Prester at Joyride.  My favorite store in Westport is Fred Sip and Shop. They have the best clothes and accessories, the coolest vibe.  I am a brand ambassador for Fred.  We also love Garden Cinemas in Norwalk.
Wynter Kullman Warshaw
Photo Credit: Tomira Wilcox

Can you describe your social life?

I have a pretty active social life. I’ve met a group of the most amazing friends here, we go out as ladies or couples on a regular basis. (and play dates of course).

Are you a member of a Country Club?

We belong to Birchwood Country Club in Westport. It’s really great for the kids. There is a terrific pool and even a tennis “program” for the little ones. It’s casual and low-key. I never thought I’d join a County Club, but it’s very comfortable and the kids love it.

What has your experience been so far with Westport schools?

Shane has had a very positive experience experience so far in kindergarten (Westport public school). Mia is in preschool. My step-kids got wonderful educations from the Westport public schools. The schools are a major attraction to living in Westport.

Do you or your spouse commute to New York City from Westport?  What has your experience been with the commute?

Jeff has a 5 minute commute to his office in downtown Westport. He runs Connoisseur Media, a media company that includes the best radio stations in the area, Star 99.9, 99.1 WPLR and 95.9 The Fox. They broadcast my favorite morning show, Anna and Raven.  When we go into New York City, it’s an hour by train or usually an hour and a half by car.

Any tips and advice you can give to someone looking to move to Westport?

Move to Westport!

You are an actress.  Tell me more about how you got started.  Any upcoming projects?

I always wanted to be an actress. I moved to NYC when I was 18 and met a well-respected manager soon after. That was my big break. I worked predominantly in film and television in NY, I moved to LA when I was 24 and continued with more guest-star roles, small parts in big films and big parts in small films. Since moving to Westport, I have been doing more theatre. Particularly enjoyable has been acting in various “Play with Your Food” productions. I’m also active in Theatre Artists Workshop and will be doing a staged reading of “God of Carnage” November 16th and 17th at 8pm and November 18th at 3pm. Tickets at the door- 5 Gregory Blvd. Norwalk, CT.

Any advice you can give to budding actors and actresses?

Although it’s a cliche, my advice is don’t become an actor if you have a choice!  It’s a very tough profession, only become an actor if you can’t imagine your life as anything else. (Clearly this was my situation!). Get in as early as possible, and stay in an ongoing scene study workshop. That’s where you’ll learn your craft and connect with other actors.

About Wynter Kullman Warshaw

Wynter Kullman Warshaw
                                                     Photo: Leslie Hassler


Wynter Kullman’s film credits include “Two Weeks Notice”, “It Runs in the Family”, “Garden State”,and “Uptown Girls”. She has guest -starred on Law and Order, Law and Order S.V.U, C.S.I Miami and other TV shows. Her most recent TV work was on The Blacklist and the Netflix film “Like Father”. She made her Off Broadway debut in the play Glam Night and is a proud member of The Theatre Artists Workshop. Instagram: @wynterkullmanwarshaw Website: IMDB

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