what it's like to live in Greenwich

Katie Fong Biglin’s Life in Greenwich, CT

Greenwich born and raised, Katie Fong Biglin moved back to Greenwich after living in NYC. These days, Katie has her hands full, adjusting to life with a newborn while running a successful bridal and luxury clothing business. Katie sat down with Suburbs 101 to give us a peek into what it’s like to live in Greenwich.

what it's like to live in Greenwich
Photo Credit: Julia D’Agostino

You grew up in Greenwich. Did you consider living anywhere else or did you always know you’d live in Greenwich?

I loved growing up in Greenwich and I always knew that one day I would come back. I went to college in Manhattan and lived there for a few years after. When I met my husband Owen in the city, we both knew we wanted to move back to Greenwich eventually. Greenwich has so much to offer including amazing schools and is only a short train ride to the city.

What is it like to move back to the town you grew up in?

It’s wonderful. Greenwich is a big town, but so small when you’ve grown up here. I love bumping into people I’ve known for years around town.

What is it like being a new mom in Greenwich? 

I love being a new mom in Greenwich – it’s a whole new chapter in life! Greenwich offers SO much to new moms and kids. I am really lucky to be surrounded by so many friends who are currently pregnant or have young children. I met some moms in prenatal yoga and kept in touch with them. Since I grew up in town, I actually reconnected with several friends from Greenwich High School who have babies just around James’ age. There is a huge mom network in Greenwich and everyone is always out to help one another, which is something I never imagined would be as helpful or supportive as it is. 

What about childcare?  How did you find childcare in Greenwich? 

My parents live in town, so my mom is helping out twice a week. The rest of the week I have two nannies who are absolutely incredible – I could not be happier. We met them through other moms on the Greenwich Moms Facebook group. 

I’m sure you have a lot of built-in friendships being from Greenwich. Any advice for newcomers on the best way to meet people?

The best way to meet people is through volunteering and local classes, whether they are workout classes or mommy and me classes if you have younger children. For yoga classes, I go to Kaia Yoga in Old Greenwich for classes taught by Allegra McBane-Sanchez. I have also met many amazing people through the organizations I volunteer my time with. I’m on the founding committee of the Bruce Contemporaries at the Bruce Museum, an exclusive membership with educational and networking opportunities through special events and programs. It has been a great way to meet people; I’ve introduced several newcomers to it!

Can you describe your social life?

It’s important! Owen and I both believe in a healthy work-life balance and always find time to be social, whether it is with friends, family, or volunteering. My family also lives in town, so our weekends are usually pretty busy – especially with the new little one!

How would you describe Greenwich residents?

Easy-going and friendly!

What are your favorite restaurants in Greenwich or in the area?

Terra is our go-to for lunch or dinner – love their outdoor seating and their staff is lovely. We are currently obsessed with The Little Beet Table, which just opened at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue. For great pub food, we’ve been going to MacDuff’s Pub on Railroad Avenue for years, along with many of our friends. It’s always fun to walk into a restaurant knowing for sure you’re going to bump into at least one of your best friends!

What are your go-to places in Greenwich or in the area?

The Bruce Museum is a local gem with incredible exhibits, and everyone can enjoy it. They are actually about to undergo a renovation which will only elevate the experience! Tod’s Point Beach is probably one of my favorite places in town too. I love taking our dog there in the late fall and winter, and in the summer it’s so nice to do dinner by the water. I also tell all of my clients about my esthetician, Juliana Lametta (Instagram @skinbeautygreenwich)– she gives my skin a serious glow when I need it!

What are some things you don’t like about Greenwich?

Would it be ridiculous if I said…nothing?

Are you a member of a country club/beach club/yacht club?

We currently are not members of any club, but have friends who are members at several in town. There are so many to choose from! I’m a water person and Owen is a golfer, so when we do decide to join one…it will be interesting. Haha!

Have you read any good books lately?

In the past few months, I haven’t had much time to read anything except 12 Hours’ Sleep by 12 Weeks Old… However, I have a few Elin Hilderbrand books on my bookshelf waiting for me. She writes easy-read romance novels with a little mystery all based in Nantucket.

Do you or your spouse commute to the city? What has your experience been with the commute?

We both do! Owen commutes in every day when he isn’t traveling and I go in at least every other week to visit the factories and fabric vendors I work with. A Metro-North train ride can be anywhere from 40-60 minutes. We lucked out and are currently walking distance from the Cos Cob Metro-North train station. We’ve been on the waitlist for parking permits for the Cos Cob and Greenwich station for four years and counting now! We both don’t mind the commute, it’s easy and is a nice time to check emails, catch up on the news, and read.

Any advice you can give to someone looking to move to Greenwich?

Be sure to visit all the different parts of Greenwich and know all the schools. It’s quite a big town!

Tell me more about Katie Fong Collection. How did you get started?

I started my company 7 years ago out of my parent’s home. After several years of apprenticeships and designing one-off garments for clients on top of a full-time job, I decided to take that leap of faith to start my own brand. My clothing is inspired by all of the simply beautiful… simple silhouettes in the highest quality fabrics.

My entire Collection (available at my Boutique on Lewis Street, off Greenwich Avenue) is made to order in over 300 colors. I also do custom-made to measure and reinvent old silhouettes that my clients are no longer able to find. We do lots of Bridal and Mother of the Occasion and have many silk separates that you can easily wear day into evening. The Collection is proudly made 100% in New York City’s garment district as well. It is truly a privilege to be able to dress so many awesome women, not only from Greenwich but Washington DC, Texas, Florida, London and beyond!

what it's like to live in Greenwich
Photo Credit: Julia D’Agostino

Any advice you can give to brides-to-be?

Soak up every minute of your big day and don’t forget to add at least 15 minutes of alone time with your husband to your wedding schedule!

About Katie Fong Biglin

Katie Fong Biglin is a luxury clothing designer. She creates apparel for the most discerning woman and their most important life moments. Many elements of Katie Fong’s designs are based on techniques studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology, Oscar de la Renta, and Vera Wang. She believes that clothing should be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside and insists on the highest level of exquisite craftsmanship and detail. She has a boutique in Greenwich. Katie lives in Greenwich, CT with her husband and son. Website: Katie Fong. Instagram: @katiefongcollection

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