Six Reasons to join The Milbrook Club

Six Things You Didn’t Know About The Milbrook Club in Greenwich

When you think of country clubs in Greenwich, CT, some of you may think of the stereotypical image of a stuffy, formal country club. However, this is not the case with the Milbrook Club in Greenwich. When I originally wrote my Insider’s Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, a good friend, who is a member of the Milbrook Club, reached out to me to ask if I would be willing to meet the Milbrook Club’s membership chair for a feature on Milbrook. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Frances Wilson, the membership chair of one of the leading clubs in Greenwich, but was immediately put at ease with her friendly and down to earth demeanor. I had a wonderful lunch with Frances. She provided a tour and shared some interesting facts about the club which highlighted how clubs such as Milbrook are making changes to better suit the lifestyle of today’s members. I came away with the impression that the Milbrook Club is very approachable, offering events and programming that cater to busy families. Here are six things you didn’t know about the Milbrook Club in Greenwich CT.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Milbrook Club in Greenwich

Milbrook Club is Family Friendly Country Club

The Milbrook Club is definitely a family friendly club. As one member says its a place where “kids are seen and heard.” In the summer, it is popular for families to dine at the Patio (outdoor dining) and kids run around and play at the putting green. They have a Cubs Room where kids as young as 4 years old can be dropped off for babysitting every Friday and Sunday nights while parents enjoy dinner at the dining room and the kids can enjoy their evening without having to sit through the entire meal! There are also many family-friendly programs like the Summer Camp for kids 4-10 years old, aquatics, tennis and golf programs for kids 11-17 years old, cooking classes for kids, golf programs that encourage entire families to play golf together (they have high capacity golf-carts to fit the entire family!) and much more.

Six Things You Didn't Know About The Milbrook Club in Greenwich
Friday and Sunday Night Babysitting at the Cubs Room
Six Things You Didn't Know About The Milbrook Club in Greenwich
Photo Credit: Milbrook Club

Milbrook Club is Newly Renovated

The Milbrook Club underwent an extensive renovation. Almost everything is new. They have a new Paddle Hut, new dining facilities, new bar, new changing rooms, new function rooms, new Cub Room and even a new adult game room complete with shuffleboard!

Six Things You Didn't Know About The Milbrook Club in Greenwich

You Don’t Have to Live in Milbrook to be a Member of Milbrook Club

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to live in Milbrook to join the club. Only 30% of their members reside in Milbrook. There are actually numerous membership types at the Milbrook Club, some of which help make membership more affordable. The Intermediate Membership is unlike most clubs where the maximum age is typically 35 years old, instead, they have increased Intermediate Membership eligibility to those up to 39 years old. Intermediate members can take advantage of reduced fees. There is also a Junior Membership category for those under 30 years old. In fact, there are a few club members who live in NYC and come out to the club on weekends. They join as Junior members because it is more affordable than joining a club in the city. The Milbrook Club also recognizes lifetime partners as significant others which is typically not traditional, making lifetime partners eligible for Joint Memberships. There is also an Expat Program where expats can join and pay a much-reduced initiation fee for a 3-year term. When their term is up, they have the option to join as full members (many decide to stick around!).

Milbrook Club is Very Social

If you ask the members, the social aspect of the Milbrook Club is probably one of its best assets. Members have fun at the club. They also offer a lot of social events throughout the year such as Yoga classes, Book Clubs, Shuffle Board tournaments, Poker nights and Cooking classes to name a few. The newly renovated bar is also a big draw for members to linger for the night or just stop in before dinner or after dinner. Either way, it is very social and members always have fun. Plus the bar is a casual place where jeans are allowed!

Six Things You Didn't Know About The Milbrook Club in Greenwich
The Bar

Milbrook Club has Amenities for Working Families

One thing about the Milbrook Club is that it has adapted many of its programs to cater to the busy schedules of working families. For example, their Women’s tennis programs have night and weekend schedules to accommodate working moms when traditionally, tennis programs for women are generally offered in the day time. They are also looking into creating a Shared Work Space that will have coffee service, WiFi, work areas and a conference room for members who work remotely.

Six Things You Didn't Know About The Milbrook Club in Greenwich
Newly renovated Paddle Hut

Milbrook Club: Approachable Golf

The Milbrook Club is the only club in Greenwich to offer a 9-Hole Golf course. This may not be seen as an asset, however, having a 9-Hole Golf course actually makes more sense with today’s busy lifestyles. You don’t need the entire day to finish one round of golf. If you start at 8 am, you will be done by 10 am which frees up the rest of your day. Having 9 holes makes it is easy to combine golf and dinner afterward like Wednesday night’s Ladies Nine, Wine and Dine, Thursday night Men’s league and Friday night ‘Guys and Dolls’ which is a social golf event for couples. They also have a women’s beginner’s golf program where members play 4 holes and then have lunch and socialize, making it a fun intro to golf.

Six Reasons to join The Milbrook Club
Photo Credit: The Milbrook Club

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