5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Home for Spring

5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Home for Spring

The spring season is upon us. That is why this is the perfect time of year to start thinking about making improvements to our home. Here are 5 simple ways to prepare your home for spring.

Clean house

You’ll be surprised how much dirt and dust build up has accumulated over a winter spent huddled up out of the cold. A deep clean of items like carpets, sofa cushions or curtains will not only have them smelling fresh and look new but also restore their texture and color.

While your furniture is out of its usual place during the clean, you can start to think about rearranging certain items. You don’t necessarily need to invest in new furniture, but a move around might bring a new function to a room or just give it a new look.

5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Home for Spring


Decluttering your home allows your space to be inspired and creates a space that inspires others. We live in a crowded world, so why not simplify the space we live in? This spring season perhaps try the KonMari Method. Its goal is to have a house full of items that spark joy. It leads to a clutter-free home that is better able to bring more joy and prosperity to your life. So give any areas that need attention a quick assessment and sell, give away, or donate anything you’re not using.

5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Home for Spring

Air it out

There’s no substitute for letting fresh breeze in after a long winter of the same stagnant and dry air. The quickest way to invite spring in is simply to throw open all the windows and enjoy some fresh air.

Swap out wintry decor and linens

Buying new soft furnishings is an affordable way to keep up with this year’s interior trends without breaking the bank so trade out sheepskins, wool blankets, and furry pillow covers for less weighty options. New bedding, or towels in the bathroom are also great ways to update your living space this spring. Wash your foundation bedding like pillow inserts and swap winter flannels and duvets for lighter layers.

5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Home for Spring

Bring the outside in

One simple way to uplift your living space is to introduce greenery. Plants and flowers are not only pleasing for the senses but can also help make the space more aesthetically satisfying by injecting some color. Put a bunch of tulips, a blooming cherry or forsythia branches in a vase, and it’s instantly spring inside!

About Magadalena Oshana

Magdalena is a space curator, who at an early age had expressed an interest in design and interior styling. She enjoyed rearranging her parents living room furniture and began offering unsolicited advice to friends and family on making their spaces more functional and beautiful. This passion grew into her career as a home stager today.

European born, Miami trained and Greenwich adopted, Magdalena started out by designing and styling her own home. This led her to her first design project of a waterfront home in Greenwich, CT and the launch of her business StellarStage. Magdalena sees potential in spaces and homes beyond the existing furnishings and is able to declutter and align proper dimension and design. She has an eye for simplicity and tradition combined with classic and interesting pieces of furniture and lighting. Visit her website. Instagram @stellarstage

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