Cheapest Beach towns near Tampa

9 Most Affordable Beach Towns near Tampa, FL 2024

Tampa is known for its vibrant arts scene and bustling nightlife. Yet it’s so close to beaches as well. Did you know there are affordable beach towns near Tampa? You can have it all- the beach life and the city life! This article will show you how. We found the best and cheapest beach towns near Tampa.

Cheapest Beach Towns near Tampa, FL

Bayonet Point, FL

Bayonet Point is the most affordable beach town near Tampa.

Located in Pasco County,  just 46 minutes from Tampa, Bayonet Point is one of the cheapest beach towns to live in near Tampa with a median home price of $236,692. 

Bayonet Point is a quick 10-minute drive to nearby beaches like Hudson Beach. 

With its affordable housing prices and proximity to beaches and Tampa, Bayonet Point is a favorite among retirees and those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle.

Florida Home
Bayonet Point, FL
Median Home Price$236,692
Distance to Tampa46 minutes
Distance to Beach10 minutes
Closest Beach NameHudson Beach

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New Port Richey, FL

New Port Richey is one of the most affordable beach towns near Tampa. Located just 42 miles from Tampa, it is a 47 minute drive from New Port Richey to Tampa.

New Port Richey is an affordable beach town to live in with median home prices of $269,004. 

New Port Richey has a beautiful beach right in town at Green Key. Robert K. Rees Memorial Park is a 45-acre beachfront park with a boardwalk. 

New Port Richey residents can also go to nearby beaches including Anclote River Park and Anclote Key.

Florida beach

New Port Richey appeals to retirees with its affordable home prices, small-town charm, and proximity to Gulf Coast beaches and Tampa.  

New Port Richey, FL
Median Home Price$269,004
Distance to Tampa47 minutes
Distance to BeachRight in Town!
Closest Beach NameRobert K. Rees Memorial Park

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North Sarasota, FL

North Sarasota is one of the most affordable beach towns near Tampa. Located just an hour away from Tampa.

North Sarasota is a budget-friendly beach town, with a median home price of $287,745. 

Homes are more affordable in North Sarasota when compared to neighboring Sarasota, where the median home price stands at $497,157. 

Located just 14 minutes from stunning Lido Key Beach, it is the perfect blend of affordability and coastal living. 

Florida Beach

North Sarasota is an affordable Florida beach town for those desiring to live near the beach without the high costs typically associated with coastal areas.

The lower cost of living and lower home prices makes North Sarasota attractive to retirees.

North Sarasota, FL
Median Home Price$287,745
Distance to Tampa57 minutes
Distance to Beach14 minutes
Closest Beach NameLido Key Beach

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Pinellas Park, FL

Pinellas Park is an affordable beach town to live in near Tampa. With a median home sale price of $315,085, it’s an affordable option for many buyers.

Pinellas Park’s location is key to its appeal; it’s only a 22-minute drive to Tampa and a 14-minute drive to St. Petersburg. 

The nearby St. Pete Beach is just 20 minutes away. It’s a beautiful, white sand beach perfect for swimming or simply to enjoy the sunset.

Locally, residents enjoy a wide array of shops and restaurants, as well as parks and playgrounds for outdoor recreation.

Florida beach

Pinellas Park is great if you are looking for a beach town with close proximity to Tampa.

Pinellas Park, FL
Median Home Price$315,085
Distance to Tampa22 minutes
Distance to Beach20 minutes
Closest Beach NameSt. Pete Beach

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Hudson, FL

Hudson is an affordable beach town near Tampa. It has a median home sale price of $316,462. 

It is a 53 minute drive to Tampa and an hour drive to Clearwater, giving Hudson residents easy access to city amenities.

There are also lots of local shops, restaurants, and top-rated hospitals in Hudson.

Aside from the beach, Hudson’s town park, Sunwest Park is a waterfront haven with a white sand and spring-fed lake.

Florida Beach
Median Home Price$316,462
Distance to Tampa53 minutes
Distance to BeachRight in Town!
Closest Beach NameHudson Beach

Venice Gardens, FL

Venice Gardens is a small beach town near Tampa. With a median home price of $353,065, Venice Gardens is an affordable beach town without a hefty price tag.

Just a quick, 10-minute drive will take residents to the beautiful Venice Beach, known for its sandy shores and clear waters.

The Venice Gardens community center acts as a hub for local residents with a swimming pool, a playground, and walking trails — perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle or families with children.

Historic downtown Venice, known for its shops and restaurants, is a mere 10-minute drive away. 

Florida Home

Although a little further than other towns on this list, Venice Gardens is an hour and 8-minute drive to Tampa.

If you are looking to live in a quaint beach town near Tampa, Venice Gardens might just be perfect for you!

Venice Gardens, FL
Median Home Price$353,065
Distance to Tampa1 hour and 8 minutes
Distance to Beach10 minutes
Name of Closest BeachVenice Beach

Largo, FL

Largo is one of the closest beach towns near Tampa. It is an easy 32 minute drive to Tampa. 

Largo is an affordable beach town with a median home price of $339,623, giving residents the beach lifestyle without the hefty price tag. 

Largo residents are just a quick drive to beautiful white sand beaches. It is a 14-minute drive from Indian Rocks Beach and a 20-minute drive to the renowned Clearwater Beach. 

There are parks, playgrounds and community pool right in town. 

Largo is also just a 14-minute drive to the shops and dining of downtown Clearwater. 

Florida beach
Largo, Florida
Median Home Price$339,623
Distance to Tampa32 minutes
Distance to Indian Rocks Beach14 minutes
Distance to Clearwater Beach20 minutes

Clearwater, FL

Clearwater is one of the most affordable beach cities near Tampa. 

With a median sale price of $376,204, living near the gorgeous white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico is within reach. 

Located just 34 minutes from Tampa, Clearwater is a vibrant city that’s affordable with beautiful beaches.

Clearwater is brimming with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The city also comes alive with various festivals and cultural events throughout the year, adding to its lively atmosphere.

Florida beach
Clearwater, Florida
Median Home Price$376,204
Distance to Tampa34 minutes
Distance to Clearwater BeachRight in town!

St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg is one of the most affordable beach cities near Tampa with median home prices of $395,147.

Although it’s one of the more expensive beach towns on this list, it’s still affordable considering you will be living in a beach city with beautiful Gulf beaches, vibrant arts and restaurant scene as well as being within half an hour’s drive to Tampa.

It’s a prime spot for those seeking both beach town tranquility and city amenities.

Living in St. Pete means you’re never too far from a beautiful beach. 

Florida Beach

The city offers multiple access points to the Gulf of Mexico’s pristine waters and white sandy beaches, where residents can enjoy a multitude of water sports or simply soak up the Florida sunshine. 

Notably, the award-winning St. Pete Beach is renowned for its stunning sunsets and laid-back atmosphere.

Besides its natural beauty, St. Petersburg is a hub for arts and culture. It’s home to the world-renowned Dali Museum, which houses the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s works outside Europe. 

St. Petersburg is also home to a vibrant food scene from trendy cafes to seafood restaurants to craft beer. 

St. Petersburg, Florida
Median Home Price$395,147
Distance to Tampa25 minutes
Distance to St. Pete BeachRight in town!

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