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Among Us Birthday Party: How to Throw a Virtual Party

Are you looking for virtual birthday party ideas? What about hosting a virtual Among Us birthday party? My 8 and 11 year old love playing Among Us with friends. I plan to throw a virtual Among Us birthday party for my 11 year old. They will get together virtually via zoom. It will surely be a fun party similar to the virtual Roblox birthday party I recently hosted for my son’s 8 year old birthday party. Below you will find Among Us Virtual Birthday Party ideas I plan to use for my daughter’s upcoming 11 year old birthday party.

What Is the Maximum Players in Among Us? You Need to Know this!

Before you start inviting guests to your child’s virtual Among Us birthday party, you need to know that there is a maximum number of players that can play together in an Among Us game. Just because you are throwing a virtual Among Us birthday party, it does not mean you can invite unlimited number of guests. The maximum number of players for Among Us is 10 players. So ideally, you should limit your guest list for your child’s Among Us birthday party to 10 kids. I know it is challenging to limit the number of birthday party guests to just 10 kids. If you invite more than 10 kids to your child’s virtual Among Us birthday party just know that you will have to split up your guests so they can play separate Among Us games. Since Among Us games are short, lasting around 10-15 minutes, you can have your guests take turns playing each other so everyone will have a chance to play with the birthday child.

How to Play a Private Game in Among Us

Since you want your birthday party guests to play together in the same Among Us game, you need your child to create a private game so your party guests can play together. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to create a private game in Among Us. If you are inviting more than 10 guests to your Among Us party then you should create multiple private games.

Step 1: Click Online on the Among Us home screen.

Among Us birthday party

Step 2: Under Host, click on Create Game.

Among Us private game

Step 3: Select the map, number of imposters, language and maximum number of players. I suggest selecting 2 imposters, don’t select 3 imposters, the game will be too difficult to play. Imposters kill other Among Us players and the objective of the game is for other players to guess who the imposters are.

Among Us Private game

Step 4: Once your child enters the Among Us private game, there will be a Code. You can give this code to your birthday party guests so they can join your child’s private game.

Among Us birthday party game code

Virtual Among Us Birthday Party Ideas

Among Us Birthday Party Favors

Even though you are hosting a virtual Among Us birthday party, it doesn’t mean you skip the party favors. With enough planning, you can send party favors in advance to your guests. For party favors, you can fill an Among Us party favor bag with Among Us keychains, Among Us bracelets, game console keychains and Among Us stickers. For more substantial party favors, you can give your guests Among Us plush and Among Us books. There are also Among Us How to Draw Books that are great as party favors. Instead of mailing party favors to your birthday party guests, have your child hand deliver Among Us birthday party favors safely wearing these Among Us masks. And if it’s cold out, keep your child warm with this Among Us beanie. If you are looking for small party favors that can be mailed with the thank you cards, Among Us tattoos are nice little gifts for your party guests.

Among Us Birthday Party Zoom Background

Your child’s Among Us birthday party may be a virtual party, but that doesn’t mean you skip the party decorations. The good thing is since it’s a virtual birthday party via Zoom, you don’t need to decorate the entire party room. You just need an Among Us Zoom background. Among Us balloons and Among Us birthday banners make for a nice Among Us Zoom background for your virtual party. You can also make it more on-theme by having your child wear an Among Us shirtAmong us sweatshirt or Among Us baseball cap. Make your child look the part of a pro gamer with these headsets. And of course, serve the birthday cake on Among Us plates with fun dynamite birthday candles. Surprise the birthday child with a Happy Birthday lawn sign! Your neighbors will honk to greet your child Happy Birthday! PS: I love these Game On Balloons for virtual party zoom backgrounds.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Among Us Fans

You will find that when you throw your child a virtual birthday party, not every guest will send a gift. I know I will be supplementing birthday presents by buying extra gifts for my daughter. I know how hard it is to come up with birthday gifts that your child will love. I’m sharing some birthday gift ideas you can give to your child who loves Among Us.

Pro Gamer Setup for Among Us Players: My daughter loves watching YouTubers play games like Roblox and Among Us and she dreams of a pro gamer setup. You can give your birthday child a pro gamer headsetpro gamer mouse and pro gamer keyboard. If you want to recreate the entire pro gamer setup, then you can surprise your Among Us player with ergonomic pro gamer chair and pro gamer desk complete with cup holder and headset holder!

Star Projector: Get your child a Star Projector. My daughter saw this on TikTok and wanted one. If you don’t have a star projector, you definitely need to get one. It’s the most amazing thing. It projects a night sky on your ceiling, you can control the colors and lights with a remote control. It’s very relaxing to just lie down and watch the light show while listening to music. My kids love lying down watching the light show with Harry Potter’s Hedwig theme song on. It feels like you are in the movie!

Motivate Your Child to Stay Active: If you are like me, I am constantly trying to balance screen time and making sure my child stays physically active. I recently got my daughter a Fitbit Ace 2. She loves it because it motivates her to get more steps in an easy and fun way. Your child can select an image on their Fitbit screen and the more steps your child gets the image grows bigger and bigger. For example, if your child selects the plant, the plant will grow as your child gets more steps or if your child selects the rocket ship, the rocket keeps going higher and higher as your child gets more steps throughout the day. The Garmin VivoFit Jr is also a great birthday gift if you are looking for an activity tracker for your Among Us player. My daughter used to have the Garmin VivoFit Jr (I got her the Fitbit Ace 2 because I wanted her activity tracker to link to my Fitbit). The Garmin VivoFit Jr has a lot of fun features, aside from counting steps, it also motivated my daughter to do her chores because she earns coins on her VivoFit Jr whenever she completes her chores.

Robux Gift Card: If your child likes Among Us, chances your child plays Roblox as well. You can give your child Robux. I recommend buying Robux gift cards from Amazon because you get a free virtual item.

Final Thoughts on Hosting a Virtual Among Us Birthday Party

Good luck hosting your child’s virtual Among Us birthday party! The key to a successful virtual Among Us Birthday party is to plan in advance. Relax and enjoy your child’s virtual Among Us Birthday party! They will have a blast!

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