Complete Guide to Hosting a Roblox Birthday Party

Is your child obsessed with Roblox like my 8 year old, then you know a Roblox birthday party is a good idea. You may think it’s easy to host a Roblox party, after all, all you have to do to host your child’s Roblox birthday party is to invite guests and then let your guests play Roblox together right? I wish it was that simple! In reality, hosting a Roblox birthday party is complicated. In order to host a successful Roblox birthday party where every child participates and have fun, there are things you need to do to prepare for the party to ensure that it goes smoothly. I recently threw a Roblox birthday party for my 8 year old son. Here are my tips on how to throw a successful Roblox birthday party. I have advice on how to throw a Roblox virtual party or an in-person Roblox party.

Do This First Before You Invite Guests to Your Child’s Roblox Birthday Party

Don’t assume that just because you are hosting a Roblox birthday party (in-person or virtual party) you can invite as many guests as you want. In every Roblox game server, there is a maximum number of players. Some Roblox game servers have a maximum capacity of 4 players while other Roblox game servers have a maximum capacity of 30 players. The way to check the maximum player capacity on Roblox is to go into the game’s homepage, scroll down and you will see game stats like Playing, Favorites, Created, Updated, etc. The Max Players will tell you how many players can play in one server. If you want your party guests to play together, they need to play on the same server. It’s best to keep your guests playing together in one Roblox server so they can play with the birthday child.

virtual Roblox birthday party
Check the Max Player for the Roblox game

I suggest you sit down with your child and write a list of Roblox games your child is interested in playing during the party. Then check the game server’s maximum player capacity to determine the number of guests to invite to your child’s Roblox birthday party.   

Things to Do Before the Roblox Birthday Party

Roblox Party Favors for your child’s Roblox Birthday Party

There are many party favor options for Roblox Birthday parties. If you are throwing a virtual Roblox Birthday party you should plan ahead and order party favors in advance for your guests. Roblox books are easy party favors that you can order and ship directly to your guests.

For in-person Roblox Birthday parties, you have a lot of options for party favors. I like these Party Favors

Small party favors can be mailed with the thank you cards. I like to include these Glow in the Dark tattoos with the Thank You card as a nice little gift for your party guests.

Get the Roblox Usernames of all your guests

As birthday party RSVPs come in, you need to ask parents for their child’s Roblox usernames. Then ask your child to Friend all his guests on Roblox. Another tip that I have is to write down a list of the Roblox usernames so you have it handy on the day of the party. It’s not easy to guess the actual name of the player from their Roblox username. Often times, Roblox usernames vary widely from the actual guest names.

Buy Roblox Private Servers in Advance

In order for your guests to play together in a Roblox game, you need to make sure they are playing on the same game server. Normally, when you play a game on Roblox in a public server, you are playing with strangers and your friends can join you if there is space in the public server. However, because the Roblox game servers have a maximum capacity, you risk not having enough space for all your guests to play on one server. In order to ensure that everyone plays together at your child’s Roblox birthday party, it is best if you buy private servers. Roblox private server prices vary by game but they generally cost around 400 robux which is $5. This is a monthly rental fee for private servers in Roblox. I suggest buying private servers for a few games because most likely your child will want to play more than one game during his Roblox birthday party. 

Don’t wait until the party to buy your Roblox private servers. Buy private servers in advance so you can configure them ahead of time. This is because there is only one dashboard in Roblox, which means if you are configuring private servers, your child can’t play Roblox. Set up your private servers before the party so it’s ready to go and your child can enjoy playing Roblox without interruptions during the party.

For Virtual Parties- Practice Playing Roblox with Your Child Before the Party 

Before your child’s virtual birthday party, make sure your child is proficient enough with Roblox. In order for the virtual Roblox birthday party to go seamlessly, your child needs to know how to join his own private server and how to switch games. You should practice with your child ahead of time because, on the day of the virtual party, your child is the one running the show. He needs to be proficient with switching from Roblox game to Roblox game and going from private server to private server. He also needs to be able to explain to his friends how to join him on Roblox. If your child is too young or not experienced enough on Roblox, I suggest you create a Roblox account and you make the private servers in your Roblox account. On the day of your child’s virtual birthday party, you invite party guests to play in your Roblox private server and not your child’s private server.  You are basically the host of the party and will guide the kids through switching private servers. 

For Virtual Parties- Roblox Party Birthday Party Zoom Background

The Roblox party may be a virtual party, but that doesn’t mean you skip the party decorations. The good thing is since it’s a virtual birthday party via zoom, you don’t need to decorate the entire party room. You just need a Roblox zoom background. Party balloons and Roblox birthday banners make for a nice Roblox Zoom background for your child’s virtual Roblox birthday party. You can also make it more on-theme by having your child wear a Roblox shirt, Roblox hoodie or Roblox baseball cap. Make your child look the part of a pro gamer with these headsets. And of course, serve the birthday cake on festive plates (love these gamer plates!) with fun dynamite birthday candles. Even though your guests are not physically coming to your house, you can still surprise the birthday child with this gamer Happy Birthday lawn sign. Get the neighbors to honk to greet your child Happy Birthday! PS: I love these Game On Balloons for virtual party zoom backgrounds.

Tips for When to Sing Happy Birthday during Your Child’s Roblox Birthday Party

Take some time now to plan the order of events at your child’s Roblox Birthday party. When are the guests going to sing Happy Birthday? Is your child opening presents (don’t, the kids get too impatient)? I found it best to do the birthday celebration portion of the party early so it is out of the way before they start playing Roblox. The kids get impatient and they all want to play Roblox right away. I suggest keeping the birthday celebration part short and quick.

During my son’s virtual Roblox birthday party, I made the mistake of logging into zoom 5 minutes early, so after 8 minutes of waiting in Zoom, the kids got bored. They wanted to start playing Roblox. Instead of waiting for every party guest to log in to Zoom, we went ahead with the birthday cake. You should have seen my son, he was barely looking at his cake because he was already so focused on playing his Roblox game! Another idea worth trying is to not log in to Roblox until the birthday celebration part is done.

How to Buy and Configure Roblox Private Servers for Roblox Parties

Step by Step: How to Buy Roblox Private Servers

Step 1: Make sure there is Robux in your child’s account. Robux is the currency used to buy virtual game merchandise on Roblox. You will need Robux to buy Roblox private servers. You can add Robux to your child’s Roblox account directly through the Roblox website or what I usually do, is buy Roblox gift cards on Amazon because it comes with a free Roblox virtual item for my child to collect.

Step 2: Buy your Roblox private server. Go to the game homepage. Under the Servers tab, you will find the Create Private Server button. Click on Create Private Server button.

Roblox virtual birthday party create private server button

Step 3: Name your Roblox Private Server. You will have the opportunity to name your Roblox server. I suggest choosing a Roblox server name that is easy to recognize so your party guests will know that it is your child’s server. You should also note the fine print which will tell you the auto-renewal and pricing information. When you buy Roblox private servers, it will be on a monthly subscription basis, make sure you are aware of this so you can cancel your subscription after your child’s Roblox birthday party.

Roblox party how to buy private server

Step 4: Configure Your Roblox Private Server. Go to Configure Private server. Make sure to turn on Friends Allowed. And turn the subscription status to inactive in order to cancel the private server auto-renewal subscription. You can also opt to limit who can play in your Roblox private server by adding usernames of friends, otherwise, you can save yourself this tedious step by simply checking the Friends Allowed box and since your party guests are also your Roblox friends, they will be able to join your private server.

roblox private server configuration

Step 5: Optional Step, send Roblox private server links to parents. Feel free to skip this step if you are hosting an in-person Roblox Birthday party. Depending on the age of the children in your party and how proficient they are in playing Roblox, you may want to send private server links to the parents in case they don’t know how to join your Roblox private server during the virtual party. Simply click Generate Link to get a link to the Roblox private server that you can email to parents. When I hosted my child’s virtual Roblox birthday party, I decided not to email private server links to parents. I did not want to add extra work and inconvenience the parents. Your guests can easily join Roblox private servers during the virtual party without the link.

Generate Private Server Link for Roblox Party

How to Join Roblox Private Server

Here is how to play in your Roblox private server, on the game homepage, under the server tab, find your private server and click Join. That will take you into the Roblox game, you can ask your friends to do the same in order to join you on your private server. Your friends should be able to see your private server on the list of private servers they can join on Roblox. 

How to Invite Friends to Join Your Roblox Private Server

You can invite your friends to join your Roblox private server by clicking on the Upper Left-hand icon and then clicking invite friends. I don’t recommend going this route unless you really have a child who does not know how to play Roblox. It is very tedious to invite your party guests this way and it takes away from playtime. I suggest just explaining and walking your guest through how to join your private server since it’s pretty simple. Once they know how to join your private server, they can do it again when you play a new game. 

Roblox Games that are fun for Roblox Birthday Parties

There are hundreds of games on Roblox. However, not all Roblox games are suitable for Roblox birthday parties. Based on my son’s Roblox birthday party, these are the Roblox games they loved to play. Hide N’Find was a hit at my son’s Roblox birthday party. It is a virtual hide and seek game for 18 players. The kids had a blast! Big Paintball was another Roblox game they enjoyed at my son’s Roblox birthday party. It’s basically a virtual paintball game for 18 players. SharkBite was another exciting Roblox game at the party. They had to get away from the shark, it has a 15 player maximum. Tower of Hell was popular during my son’s virtual Roblox birthday party. It is an obstacle course-type Roblox game where you race with your friends to the top of the tower. The maximum number of players for Tower of Hell is 20 players.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Roblox Fans

You will find that when you throw your child a virtual birthday party, not every guest will send a gift. Therefore, I found myself supplementing birthday presents by buying extra gifts for my son. I know how hard it is to come up with birthday gifts that your child will love. I’m sharing some birthday gift ideas you can give to your child who loves Roblox.

Pro Gamer Setup for Roblox Players: My son loves watching YouTubers play Roblox and his dream is to have a pro-gamer setup. You can give your birthday child a pro gamer headset, pro gamer mouse and pro gamer keyboard. My son uses these headsets and loves them! If you want to recreate the entire pro gamer setup, then you can surprise your Roblox player with ergonomic pro gamer chair and pro gamer desk complete with cup holder and headset holder!

Roblox Toys: I got my son a few Roblox toys for his birthday including this Roblox playset. If your child is into Jailbreak on Roblox, then this Roblox Jailbreak playset is a lot of fun and it comes with a free virtual item. Or if your child is a fan of Roblox Piggy, then this Piggy Figure pack is a great choice and it also comes with in-game virtual items. You can also surprise your child with Roblox mystery boxes which is a lot of fun to unbox and comes with a free virtual item. It’s a good idea to get the Roblox carrying case to store these Roblox figures.

Motivate Your Child to Stay Active: If you are like me, I am constantly trying to balance screen time and making sure my child stays physically active. I got my son a Fitbit Ace for his birthday. He loves it because it motivates him to get more steps in an easy and fun way. Your child can select an image on their Fitbit screen and the more steps your child gets the image grows bigger and bigger. For example, if your child selects the plant, the plant will grow as your child gets more steps or if your child selects the rocket ship, the rocket keeps going higher and higher as your child gets more steps throughout the day.

The Garmin VivoFit Jr is also a great birthday gift if you are looking for an activity tracker for your Roblox player. My son used to have the Garmin VivoFit Jr (I got him the Fitbit Ace because I wanted his activity tracker to link to my Fitbit). The Garmin VivoFit Jr has a lot of fun features, aside from counting steps, it also motivated my son to do his chores because he earned coins on his VivoFit Jr whenever he completes his chores. The Garmin VivoFit Jr also has an app with lots of fun games, my son loved playing the games on that app. It’s a great motivator because the games unlock with more steps.

Robux Gift Card: Aside from physical birthday gifts, my son really wanted Robux on his birthday. I think he sees his friends get Robux on their birthday, so he kind of expects to get Robux on his birthday too. I know he is eyeing a few virtual items in Roblox. I recommend buying Robux gift cards from Amazon because you get a free virtual item.

Final Thoughts on Hosting a Roblox Birthday Party

Good luck hosting your child’s Roblox birthday party! The key to a successfulRoblox Birthday party is to plan in advance- buy the private servers, friend all your guests on Roblox, and practice with your child so he can go from private server to private server seamlessly. Relax and enjoy your child’s Roblox Birthday party! They will have a blast!

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