how to make a wreath

How to Make a Holiday Wreath in 15 Minutes

I wish I have more time in the day but as a working mother of two, my life is busy and full. I rarely have free time to spend decorating my house. However, every year, I fit in time to make my own Holiday wreath. I enjoy wreath making and it has become a Holiday tradition at home. Family and friends are always impressed when I tell them my wreath is homemade. Little do they know that it is so easy to make and it takes me only 15 minutes to make my Holiday wreath!

How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Materials you will need for your Holiday wreath

It is so easy to make Holiday wreaths. You can make a wreath in 3 easy steps. And you only need 4 materials for your wreath.

  1. Fresh evergreen cuttings
  2. Pruning shears
  3. Wreath wire maker
  4. Wired ribbons (at least 1.5 inches wide)

Step 1: Gather Up Your Fresh Evergreen Cuttings

Holiday wreath is an annual tradition that I look forward to. Over the years, it’s become a sort of family tradition where my kids and I walk around the backyard picking up pine cones and cutting evergreen leaves and branches from the spruce trees, pine trees and holly bushes in our yard. When you gather up your evergreen cuttings for your wreath, make sure you get a good assortment of evergreens. Your Holiday wreath will look robust if you layer on a variety of leaves and textures. Gathering evergreens is probably the most time consuming part of the Holiday wreath making process since my kids are involved. However, if I gathered the evergreen cuttings myself, I can gather up all my evergreen cuttings in 5 minutes or so. When you gather evergreen cuttings from your backyard, make sure to protect your hands with gloves (pine needles and holly leaves are prickly) and get a good quality pruning shears to make it easy to cut the small branches. You will find that some of the evergreen branches are tough. And if you are like me, with kids nearby, it’s handy to have garden shears that locks to protect the sharp blades from little fingers.

how to make a wreath
how to make a holiday wreath

Step 2: Wrap the Leaves in the Wreath Maker

The secret to success in Holiday wreath making is to use a good wreath maker. My wreath maker is user-friendly, fool-proof and perfect for anyone looking to make a Holiday wreath in 15 minutes! As you are shopping for Holiday wreath makers, you will notice that most Holiday wreath makers are the typical metal wreath frames where you stick your evergreen cuttings into the frame. My Holiday wreath maker is not the typical wreath maker, it has twist ties disguised as leaves. It is so easy to use and you don’t have to worry about your evergreen cuttings falling off because the twist ties hold it in place. If you want a fool-proof Holiday wreath maker, then get the wired wreath maker that I use. My wreath maker is slightly more expensive than the typical metal wreath frames but it is worth the extra cost since the wreath makers are reusable, you will be using it every year.

It’s so easy to use the Holiday wreath maker, just wrap your evergreen cuttings with the twist ties. Make your wreath look visually interesting by mixing up a good variety of evergreen leaves. Add berries and pine cones for more color.

how to make holiday wreath

Step 3: Tie a Bow and Hang Up Your Holiday Wreath

Bring it all together into a stunning Holiday wreath with a big bow at the bottom of your wreath. Make sure your bow is wide (at least 1.5 inches wide) and use wired ribbons so it stays in shape. Every year, I use gold ribbons for my bow so it looks good against my red door. I layer two different wired ribbons to make my bow look visually appealing- a sheer wired ribbon and a mesh wired ribbon. Don’t be afraid to layer a variety of textures and colors. The ribbon that you choose sets the theme of your wreath. For a rustic farmhouse themed Holiday wreath, use red buffalo check wired ribbons or buffalo check with burlap ribbons. For a classic Christmas wreath, use traditional christmas plaid ribbons. For a hannukah wreath, use blue glittery ribbons. For a Fall wreath, orange and red plaid with burlap ribbons will give your wreath an autumn-look.

Hang up your wreath with a wreath door hanger. I use an adjustable wreath door hanger to accommodate the peep hole on my front door.

Final Thoughts on Holiday Wreath Making

It is so easy to make stunning Holiday wreaths. The key to successful wreath making is to use a good wreath maker and layer up with a variety of evergreens and ribbons. Happy Wreath Making!

how to make holiday wreath

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