Bloomingdale’s SONO Collection in Norwalk Opens

Did you know according to some retail analysts, the SONO Collection is one of the last newly constructed malls in America (at least for the foreseeable future)? Blame it on online shopping, most malls in America are facing high vacancy rates. That is why we are following the SONO Collection closely and definitely rooting for its success. The mall has 2 anchor stores- Nordstrom opened last month. Now the other anchor, Bloomingdale’s is officially open. Bloomingdale’s Norwalk is a gorgeous 3 story, 150,000 square ft. store. Here is a peek into the new Bloomingdale’s SONO Collection in Norwalk and the reasons why I like it.

Personal Shopping Services

What I love: There is a dedicated personal shopping service department- Style Studio. You can make an appointment online and an in-house stylist will help you choose outfits. The best part is their services are free. They also offer personal shopping services in the furniture department. Your personal shopper will help you pick home furnishings from different brands and different price points. It’s like having an interior decorator for Free!

Interactive Kid’s Department

What I love: They know how boring it is for kids to go clothes shopping! That is why they installed fun games that kids can play with while clothes shopping with mom and dad.

Direct Entrance from the Parking Lot

What I love: There is an entrance right from the parking lot to the Kids Department. This makes it so convenient to go to Bloomingdale’s to grab something and go. The best part is there are no stairs connecting the parking lot to the store so even parents with strollers can easily get in and out of the store!

Skincare in the Men’s Department

What I love: Men are often overlooked. I like that they actually have a dedicated skincare section for Men.

Gift Hub

What I love: They have an entire section called the Gift Hub: The Carousel. The merchandise are hand-picked and on rotation. It’s a great place to shop for presents. You can find random gift items like Ophrah napkins at the Gift Hub!

Cooking Demonstration

What I love: They have a cooking demo kitchen in the kitchen department. Be on the look-out for cooking demonstrations when you go to the store.

Free Coffee

What I love: For a limited time, they are giving away free coffee to customers. I got to try my first Kabocha + Spice Latte from Daily Harvest.


What I love: In collaboration with Ralph Lauren, they have the FRIENDS set in store (for a limited time). Sit on the couch, watch the reruns, take a selfie!

Shoe Department

What I love: The store has a gorgeous shoe department. You have to check it out.

You are invited to Join in on the Grand Opening Festivities!

Bloomingdale's SONO Grand Opening Norwalk

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