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12 Things to Know When Cruising Out of New York’s Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Are you going on a cruise and sailing out of New York’s Brooklyn Cruise Terminal? I recently went on an MSC cruise from there and have come up with a list of essential cruise tips to make your cruise embarkation day and disembarkation day go more smoothly. Here are my tips for cruising out of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Tips for Cruising Out of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Stick to Your Embarkation Time Slot

When you sail out of Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, you will be assigned an embarkation time slot. It’s a good idea to stick to that timeframe when boarding the cruise ship. 

Generally, the line at the cruise terminal isn’t very long, and it moves quickly. The security check and check-in process are straightforward. The cruise terminal staff are efficient and will keep the line moving. 

Shorter Line

If you want to board the cruise ship when the line is shorter, I suggest boarding after 1 pm. Based on my observation from the cruise ship, the car traffic has subsided by then, and there are fewer people getting on the cruise ship. 

No Bathroom After Luggage Claim Area

When you disembark from the cruise ship, know that the last indoor (clean) restroom is located in the luggage claim area. I made the mistake of lining up for customs before realizing that we needed the restroom (I was cruising with 4 kids!) We had to leave the line and backtrack to use the restroom at the luggage claim! If we didn’t, we would have been stuck with using the restrooms outside the cruise terminal (probably a porta-potty!)

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Parking is Next to the Cruise Terminal

If you’re thinking of driving to the cruise terminal and parking your car, it’s a pretty straightforward process. The parking lot is conveniently located right next to the cruise terminal, so it’s just a short walk away. Keep in mind that it’s an outdoor parking lot, not covered. From the cruise ship, you can easily see the parking lot from the starboard side (right side).

When you arrive, I recommend dropping off your luggage with the porter and having everyone exit the car. Then, the driver can park the car in the lot and join the rest of the group at the cruise terminal.

Parking is $45 Per Night

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal’s parking fee is $45 per night. SUVs are not charged an upcharge, and cash and credit cards are accepted. 

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Easy to Get Uber

It’s easy to get Uber rides out of Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. 


You can take the ferry to Manhattan. The New York ferry will take you straight to lower Manhattan on Wall Street. Tickets are $4 for the ferry ride. 

La Guardia and JFK Airports

If you’re flying into New York, the closest airports to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal are LaGuardia and JFK. Depending on traffic, they’re both a 35-50-minute drive away. 

I highly recommend playing it safe and flying in the night before. You can stay at a hotel in Brooklyn or Queens which are near the terminal. If you stay at a hotel in Manhattan, you will end up paying more for taxis or Uber rides to the cruise terminal.

Newark Airport

If you’re thinking of flying into Newark airport, keep in mind that it’s farther away compared to LaGuardia and JFK. The drive from Newark to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal will take an hour or more depending on traffic.

An Uber ride will also be pricier (probably around $150) because you’ll be coming from New Jersey. So, if you have the option, consider flying into LaGuardia or JFK instead of Newark.

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Free WiFi

There is free WiFi at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for passengers to use.

Manhattan View

The view from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is breathtaking with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Get your camera ready!

The Statue of Liberty is On the Right Side of the Cruise Ship

As you sail away if you want to see the Statue of Liberty, head to the starboard side (right side) of the cruise ship. If your balcony cabin is on the starboard side, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning view of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty right from your own private balcony. Check out: 16 Cruise Ship Embarkation Hacks (How to Board the Ship Faster)

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