Cruise Ship Disembarkation

14 Important Things to Do on Cruise Disembarkation (Free Checklist)

As your cruise vacation comes to an end, it’s important to plan your last day on the ship. To make sure you don’t forget anything, I’ve compiled a list of important things to do the day before disembarking. I have also made a checklist that you can download and print out to help you stay organized and make your cruise disembarkation as stress-free as possible.

Things to Do on the Day Before Cruise Disembarkation

1. Check Your Final Bill

One of the most important things to do on the day before your cruise disembarkation is to check your final bill. Take some time to review it thoroughly and look for any discrepancies. You can easily access your final bill on the cruise TV folio or the cruise app. But if you need a printout of your bill, you can ask for it at guest services, but be prepared for a long wait in line.

Make sure to go through all the line items on your final bill and check that everything is correct. If you see any errors or discrepancies, you need to visit guest services to get it sorted out. It’s important to address any concerns about charges before leaving the ship. Don’t wait until you get off the cruise ship, by then it’s too late! Make sure you settle everything before leaving the ship.

Cruise Disembarkation Checklist

2. Get the Correct Luggage Tag

Another thing that you need to do on the day before cruise disembarkation is to make sure you have the right luggage. Depending on your cruise line, your luggage tags are either delivered to your cabin or you will have to pick it up at guest services. 

This luggage tag specifies your disembarkation time, group color and group number. It tells the cruise staff what time you are disembarking the cruise ship. 

So make sure you get the correct luggage tag that corresponds to your disembarkation time. If you are trying to catch a flight, it’s best to get the earliest luggage tag to make sure your luggage is ready at the cruise port when you get off the ship. 

Just because you are assigned a luggage tag doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Make sure you go to guest services and exchange it for the correct one. That way, when you get off the ship, your bags will be ready for you, and there will be no delay at the port. 

3. Complete the Cruise Staff Recognition Form

Don’t forget to fill out the cruise staff recognition forms on the last night of your cruise. Some cruise lines offer these forms so that you can give a shout-out to outstanding cruise staff. If you’re on one of these cruise lines, take the time to recognize deserving staff who have gone above and beyond to make your cruise an unforgettable experience. I’ve been told by cruise staff that they receive perks such as better food, time-off and bonuses for being commended by passengers for their exemplary work.

4. Give Extra Gratuities

On the final evening of my cruise, I usually give my main dining room servers and Maitre D extra cash gratuities as a token of appreciation for their exceptional service. It’s a nice gesture that they always appreciate. Of course, this is entirely up to you since you’re already paying the gratuity that the cruise line is automatically charging you.

5. Buy Cruise Photos

If you have any cruise photos that you want to buy, you need to do it on the day before cruise disembarkation. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the morning to buy your photos because by then it’s too late. 

All the stores on the cruise ship, including the photo studio, will be closed on disembarkation day. Unfortunately, if you don’t buy your pictures before then, there’s no way to buy them since cruise lines typically discard all the photos. Make sure you do all your cruise photo purchases on the last night of the cruise. 

Cruise Disembarkation Checklist

6. Final Shopping

If you want to buy souvenirs or duty-free items, you need to do it on the day before cruise disembarkation. Do all your final shopping on the last night of the cruise because all the cruise gift shops will be closed on disembarkation day. You will not get a chance to make any last-minute purchases.

7. Buy Future Cruise

If you’re thinking of cruising again with the same cruise line, it’s worth stopping by the Future Cruise desk to learn about any promotions and deals. Typically, they offer incentives like free onboard credit, special pricing, and smaller deposits for future cruises. It’s a great way to save money on your next cruise!

8. Cash Out Cruise Card at the Casino

If you have been gambling and have a balance on your cruise card, you should go to the casino on the last night of the cruise and get it cashed out. Don’t wait until the morning to do so and also don’t leave the ship without cashing out because you will lose the money on your cruise card. 

9. Check Duty-Free & Alcohol Purchases

Your alcohol purchases made during the cruise will be delivered to your cabin on the last night of your cruise. Check and make sure that you received everything. If you are missing anything, now is the time to get it sorted out.

10. Complete Customs Form

Depending on the port where your cruise ship docks, you may be required to fill out a customs form. Typically, you will receive this form in your stateroom on the final night of the cruise. It’s best to complete the customs form ahead of time so that you can avoid the morning rush on the day of disembarkation. You will have one less thing to worry about when the time comes to leave the ship!

11. Order Room Service

If you plan to leave the ship early or want to relax in your cabin in the morning, you might want to order breakfast via room service. This way, you don’t have to go to the main dining room or the buffet for breakfast. Remember to place your room service order the night before disembarkation day.

12. Leave Your Luggage in the Hallway 

On the last night of your cruise, you will be asked to leave your check-in luggage out in the hallway. The cruise staff will collect the luggage from every cabin the night before and have it ready for pick-up at the cruise port in the morning. You will be asked to leave the luggage out in the hallway by a designated time, usually around 10 pm. 

In case you’re traveling light and don’t have any check-in luggage, you do have the option of walking off the ship early with just your carry-on bag. Just don’t check-in any luggage and walk off the ship with your carry-on bag. 

But if your luggage is heavy, it’s a bad idea to carry it off the ship yourself. It’s better to check in your luggage and let the cruise staff handle it for you, making the disembarkation process less stressful.

13. Pack a Carry-On Bag

Make sure you pack a carry-on bag for disembarkation day. You don’t want to pack everything in your check-in luggage then you won’t have access to your essentials in the morning. 

Make sure to pack medication, toiletries and clothes for disembarkation day in your carry-on bag. Also, keep your passport, cruise cards and any important travel documents with you, don’t leave it in your check-in luggage. Any electronic devices and valuables should also be in your carry-on bag and not left in your check-in luggage. 

14. Things to Do on Disembarkation Day

On the day of cruise disembarkation, you will need to leave your stateroom early. Usually, around 9 am, which means you need to vacate your cabin by that time so that your cabin attendant can start cleaning the room. 

Set an early alarm, have breakfast, and then pack all your belongings in your carry-on bag. Make sure you do a final inspection of your cabin before leaving so you don’t leave anything behind. Once you leave the cruise ship, it will be challenging and almost impossible to track down any lost items. Check out my article on 10 Things People Forget to Do Before Disembarking the Cruise Ship

Cruise Disembarkation Checklist

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Cruise Disembarkation Checklist

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