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10 Things People Forget to Do Before Disembarking the Cruise Ship

Are you planning to go on a cruise? Make sure you don’t forget these important things before you get off the cruise ship. Many people make these mistakes that lead to last-minute chaos. Don’t be one of those people who forget important things that need to be done before disembarking the cruise ship. Or else you’ll end up regretting it! 

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Things People Forget to Do on their Cruise Disembarkation Day

1. Check the Safe

It’s a common mistake for cruisers to forget to check the safe and accidentally leave behind their valuables. 

I personally find the interior of safes very dark, making it easy to miss things. When you check your cruise safe, use a flashlight so you can see inside and thoroughly check to make sure you didn’t leave anything. 

Keep in mind that once you leave something on a cruise ship, it’s incredibly difficult to track. Consider the item lost if it is left behind!

2. Check Under the Bed

It’s important to remember to check under the bed before leaving the cruise ship. Often, things get kicked under the bed by mistake. Rolled-up socks, slippers, toys, and other items can easily go unnoticed and be left behind. Don’t forget to use your flashlight when you’re checking under the bed to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind.

Things People Forget on Disembarkation Day

3. Forget Their Luggage Tag Color

It’s easy to forget one important detail on the last day of a cruise – your luggage tag color. When you check in your luggage, you’ll be given a luggage tag that has a distinct color and group number. This tells you when you need to disembark the ship and where to collect your luggage. 

The port staff organizes all the luggage according to the color of the luggage tags, making it easy for passengers to find their bags. But if you forget your luggage tag color, that can be a problem. 

You’ll have to go through countless bags at the port to find yours. So, it’s important to note your luggage tag color, or even better, take a picture of it before you leave your luggage out in the hallway.

4. Check Their Bill

One thing that newbie cruisers forget to do before getting off the ship is review their bill. On the last night of your cruise, ask for a printout of your bill so you can go through it. 

Normally, the guest services line is long, so try to check your cruise app or cruise TV folio for a copy of your final bill. 

Make sure that everything is in order and if you spot any discrepancies, head to guest services to get it sorted out. Don’t wait until you’ve left the ship to raise concerns about charges, it will be too late by then. Make sure you settle everything before you leave the ship.

5. Check the Top Shelves in the Closet

Don’t forget to check the top shelf of the closet before leaving the cruise ship. Many people use it for storing their things, but sometimes things get pushed too far back, making it difficult to spot any items left behind.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to double-check the top shelves of your cabin closet before disembarking to make sure you didn’t accidentally leave anything behind.

6. Packed their Passports and Other Travel Documents in their Checked-In Luggage

It’s a common mistake for cruise passengers to accidentally pack their passports and travel documents in their checked-in luggage. This can be a huge mistake because you’ll still need your passport to enter the cruise port. 

That’s why it’s important not to leave your passport in your checked-in luggage. Instead, make sure to have it with you when you disembark from the ship.

Things People Forget on Disembarkation Day

7. Leave Behind Their Cruise Card in their Cabin

One thing that cruise passengers make the mistake of doing on disembarkation day is they leave their cruise card in their cabin. Or worse, they throw away their cruise card.

They don’t realize that they will still need their cruise card to get off the ship. Yes, the cruise staff will scan you out one last time when you disembark the ship. To avoid any trouble, don’t leave your cruise card behind, have it with you along with your passport and other travel documents. 

8. Accidentally Take the Towels

Another thing that people forget to do on disembarkation day is they accidentally pack the cruise beach towels, bathrobes and slippers. 

They pack these items in their luggage, which becomes a problem if they only realize their mistake later and their luggage has already been checked in the previous night. It will be hard to track down your luggage. 

Save yourself from the trouble and double-check to make sure you are not taking home cruise towels, bathrobes, or slippers, or else you will be charged for them. 

9. Check the Balcony

It’s easy to overlook the balcony on a cruise ship. Many cruisers are careful to inspect the cabin and bathroom, but they forget to give the balcony a once over. Don’t make this mistake! 

Before disembarking, take a moment to check your balcony and make sure everything is in order. It’s a simple step that can save you a lot of trouble.

10. Forget to Prepare Small Bills

It’s quite common for cruisers to forget about tipping on the last day of the trip. It’s important to remember to set aside some small bills for tipping.

You will encounter porters at the port who will assist you with your luggage, you’ll want to have some cash for tipping. Also, if you require a wheelchair, the cruise staff who assist you will also appreciate a tip. 

Don’t forget to set aside some small bills for tipping so that you can express your gratitude to the cruise staff on disembarkation day.

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