winter snowstorm

Snowmaggedon: Connecticut Record Breaking Snowstorm

Have you ever wondered what is the most snow that Connecticut has ever seen in a single day? Snow is a common sight in Connecticut, but not like this. On February 9, 2013, the state experienced a record-breaking snowfall that surpassed all previous measurements. 

Connecticut Record Breaking Snowstorm

The fateful snowstorm, which was part of a larger system that affected the entire Northeast region. A historic winter storm hit Connecticut on February 9, 2013, dumping a record amount of snow on the state and bringing it to a standstill. 

The snowstorm, which was part of a larger system that affected the entire Northeast region, brought strong winds, blizzard conditions, and frigid temperatures. 

winter snowstorm

New Haven County experienced the most snowfall ever recorded in Connecticut with a reported snow accumulation total of 36 inches. 

The heavy snowfall caused widespread power outages, affecting thousands of customers across the state. Many schools, businesses, and government offices were closed, and public transportation was suspended. 

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Governor Ned Lamont declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard to assist with the snow removal and rescue operations. He also urged residents to stay home and avoid driving, as many roads were impassable and dangerous. 

Despite the challenges and inconveniences, many people found ways to enjoy the snow and make the best of the situation. Some people took to social media to share photos and videos of the snow-covered landscape, showing the beauty and wonder of nature. 

Others enjoyed outdoor activities such as sledding, skiing, and snowman building, making fun memories with their families and friends. The storm was one of the most severe and memorable snow events in Connecticut’s history, and will likely be talked about for years to come.

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