Costco Fourth of July Party

21 Easy Fourth of July Party Foods from Costco

Are you looking for easy and affordable Fourth of July party food? Then head to Costco for all your party food shopping. From party platters to party snacks and grill-ready foods, Costco has budget-friendly party foods that are perfect for your Fourth of July party. 

Fourth of July Party Foods from Costco

Red, White and Blue Cheese

These star-shaped red, white, and blue cheeses from Costco are perfect for your Fourth of July party. Not only do they create a patriotic display on a cheese platter, but they also come in three delicious flavors: cheddar chili, Vintage Reserve Cheddar, and White Stilton with Blueberry. Impress your guests with these red, white, and blue cheeses at your Fourth of July party!

Costco summer cheese


These GoodPop Cherry Lemonade popsicles are a great addition to your 4th of July celebration. Sporting a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme, they’re bound to be a hit with your guests. What’s even better is that they’re not packed with sugar.

Costco GoodPop Cherry Lemonade


No Fourth of July party is complete without burgers! To keep things simple, buy frozen burger patties from Costco to cook directly on the grill. Costco has a wide selection of frozen burger patties, including grass-fed, Angus, and Ground Sirloin burger patty options.

Costco Burgers

If you have vegetarian guests attending your 4th of July celebration, you can also buy plant-based options like Beyond Burger frozen patties.

Costco Beyond Burgers

There are even frozen salmon patties if you want a seafood option for pescatarians. Serve your burger with Martin’s potato bread hamburger bun, which you can buy in bulk at Costco for cheap. 

Costco Salmon Burgers


Hotdogs are a must-have at 4th of July parties. Costco, hands down, has the best prices on hotdogs.

Costco Sabrett

They have a variety of hotdog brands available in bulk. My personal favorite is the Sabrett hotdogs, perfect for summer parties. Just throw them on the grill and serve with Martin’s potato bread hotdog buns.

Kirkland Brats

Since I’m already firing up the grill, I always make sure to have bratwursts to add variety to the party food. These Kirkland brats are a must-have for your 4th of July party.

Costco Kirkland Brats

Chips and Guacamole

I always have chips and guacamole at my 4th of July party. They’re always a huge hit. The best thing is that Costco offers the best deals on tortilla chips and guacamole.

Costco Chips and Guacamole

Cheese Platter

This Costco cheese party platter is perfect for your 4th of July party if you want a super easy party appetizer with zero preparation. You can order a Costco cheese platter for $39.99. The cheese platter serves 24 people and includes grapes, salami, sopressata, cheddar, and gouda. 

Costco Fruit Meat and Cheese Platter

Tortellini Salad

I like having a lot of variety on my 4th of July buffet table. These tortellini salads from Costco are perfect. Not only are these colorful tortellini attractive, but they are also delicious. 

Costco Tortellini Salad

Asian Noodle Salad

Your guests will love a buffet of cold salads to accompany burgers and hotdogs. These Asian noodle salads are great for Fourth of July parties. It’s addictive and delicious. I would recommend serving it in clear plastic cups for easy individual portions.

Costco Asian Noodle Salad

Tuscan Bean Salad

Another great Costco salad option to add to your buffet table is the Summer Fresh Tuscan Bean salad. It’s perfect for your 4th of July party.

Costco Tuscan Bean Salad

Shrimp Cocktail

If I want to impress my guests at my 4th of July party, I will serve shrimp cocktails. I always buy shrimp cocktails from Costco because they have the best price. If you order ahead, the Costco shrimp cocktail party platter is just $39.99 and it serves 24 people (the platter below is priced for in-store sale).

Costco Shrimp Cocktail


Coleslaw is a classic crowd-pleaser for any Fourth of July party. It pairs perfectly with hotdogs and burgers. Pick up a container of coleslaw from Costco for your summer celebration.

Costco Coleslaw

Potato Salad

I like to serve potato salad at my 4th of July party to add more variety to my salad buffet table. It’s the perfect side dish to go with hotdogs and burgers.

Costco Potato Salad


I always make sure to have pickles on hand whenever I’m serving hotdogs at my party. They’re a complimentary side that’s both refreshing and delicious, making them perfect for your 4th of July celebration.

Costco Pickles


Your 4th of July party won’t be complete without watermelons! Costco has the best deal on watermelon—just $8.99 for a huge one! Keep it easy by slicing it into wedges for effortless serving, or chop it into cubes and serve it in individual plastic cups.

Costco watermelon

Sweet Corn

Grilled corn on the cob is always a hit, especially during outdoor 4th of July barbecues. Sweet corn is deliciously refreshing as a side dish.

Costco Sweet Corn


Keep it simple. There is no need to bake for your 4th of July party. Why not pick up a Costco cookie platter instead? It’s only $22.99, and it comes with 60 cookies in four delicious flavors: chocolate chip, white chocolate double nut, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate cranberry.

Costco Cookies

It’s a convenient option for your party. Just a heads up, though – the platter contains macadamia and cashew nuts, so it’s best not to serve it if any of your guests have nut allergies.


These Costco lemonade drinks are ideal for 4th of July parties. They’re easy to prepare—no dealing with powdered lemonade; just pour them into dispensers, serve, and let your guests help themselves to a refreshing lemonade drink.

Costco Lemonade

You can choose from two flavors: original lemonade or raspberry lemonade. The best part is that they’re organic as well.

Polar Seltzer

Serve some refreshing bubbly drinks at your 4th of July party. Your guests will love these limited-edition Polar Seltzers. They come in chic, stylish cans and are available in 5 fun summer flavors: papaya breeze, raspberry limoncello, seaside watermelon punch, peach iced tea, and strawberry creme. They are absolutely perfect for Fourth of July parties!

Costco Polar Seltzer

Sam Adams Summer Beer

You can’t have a Fourth of July party without ice-cold beer. Grab a case of Sam Adams summer beers for your 4th of July party. This limited edition case includes delicious summer flavors such as Cherry Wheat, Pool Party, Summer Ale, and Porch Rocker. A 24-can case at Costco is just $33.99.

Costco Sam Adams Summer Beer


Sangria is available at Costco for just $7.99 per bottle. Serve it with fruit slices for a refreshing Fourth of July drink.

Costco Sangria

Mango Moscato

Your guests will love this delicious mango-flavored Moscato from Costco. At only $6.99 a bottle, it’s a steal! Why not serve it at your 4th of July party? 

Costco Mango Moscato

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