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15 Cruise Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Looking for a good laugh? Do you miss going on cruises? If so, then you need to check out these cruise memes! These memes are sure to make you laugh out loud with their relatable humor that only those who have been on a cruise can appreciate. Here are some of our favorite cruise memes that will always make us laugh out loud.

1. Last Day of Cruise Meme

When you pack everything in your check-in luggage and forget to set aside the clothes you’ll need to disembark the cruise ship…

Cruise Meme-last day

2. Cruise Buffet Meme

This is me every day after having lunch at the cruise buffet.

cruise meme
Funny Cruise Memes

3. Cruise Beverage Package Meme

This is my cruise beverage package strategy.

cruise meme

4. Burning Calories at the Cruise Meme

You won’t find me at the gym. This is me burning off calories at the cruise.

cruise meme

5. Waiting for the Luggage on Embarkation Day Meme

The joy of reuniting with your luggage after cruise embarkation!

Cruise meme
Funny Cruise Memes

7. Separation Anxiety on the Last Night of your Cruise Meme

Me having separation anxiety with my check in luggage on the last night of the cruise. (You can find more cruise memes on our Cruise Facebook page.

cruise meme

8. Cruise Elevator Meme

Hunger Games: Cruise Ship Edition!

cruise meme

9. Cruise Formal Night Meme

Cruise Formal night: To Tuxedo or to Hawaiian Shirt?

cruise meme

10. Eating Healthy at the Cruise Meme

My cruise diet consists of bread, steak, shrimp cocktail, French onion soup, pizza, burgers, wine and lots of desserts!

cruise meme

11. Snacking at the Cruise Meme

I’ll just be at the buffet until dinner time.

cruise meme

12. Cruise Port Day Meme

When you’re finally back on the cruise ship after a long day at the port.

Cruise meme

13. Oversleeping at the Cruise Meme

When you wake up at 10:01am and realize you missed the cruise breakfast buffet by one minute!

cruise meme

14. When Someone Says They Don’t Like to Cruise Meme

To the people who don’t like cruising- you’re missing out big time.

cruise meme

15. Cruise Ship Lounge Chair Meme

Good luck getting a lounge chair at the cruise ship pool on sea days.

Cruise meme

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