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9 Dumbest Cruise Mistakes You’ll Laugh At

You won’t believe these dumb cruise mistakes! From rookie mistakes to epic fails, these stories will have you in stitches. Check out these hilarious cruise blunders! It will make you laugh out loud. 

Dumbest Cruise Mistakes You’ll Laugh At

Forgetting to Set Aside Clothes for the Last Day

Another dumb cruise mistake is forgetting to set aside clothes for the last day. Trust me, you don’t want to make this embarrassing mistake. 

I once saw a lady at the cruise port on the last day wearing only a bathrobe because she forgot to set aside clothes for disembarkation day! I’ve also heard of passengers forgetting to set aside their shoes and having to walk off the ship in slippers! 

I know it sounds silly, but it can happen to anyone. So, remember to set aside what you’ll need for the next day before you pack up your luggage the night before!

Dumbest Cruise Mistakes

Booking a Cruise in the Wrong Year

One of the dumbest cruise mistakes I’ve heard about is booking a cruise in the wrong year. Can you believe it? I once had a couple tell me that they were so excited to book their cruise that they did not pay close attention to the year. 

They thought they were booking a cruise for December of this year, but they ended up booking a cruise for the following year instead! Luckily, they realized their mistake early enough and were able to change their booking to the correct year. Moral of the story—double-check the year of your booking! 

Left Luggage at Home

This next dumb cruise mistake happened to a close friend of mine. They were so excited to leave for their cruise out of New York, but in all the rush, they accidentally left one of their luggage behind and failed to load it into the Uber. And guess whose luggage it was? Yep, it was my friend’s! 

She ended up having to buy lots of Norwegian cruise branded clothing- NCL t-shirts, sweatshirts, you name it! I saw some of her cruise photos, and it was hilarious to see her decked out head-to-toe in NCL gear. Despite this little hiccup, she ended up having a great time on the cruise. 

Wrong Credit Card

A dumb mistake that I’ve heard that happened to a cruise passenger was they forgot to bring their credit card with no foreign transaction fee. They only realized this when they got their credit card bill.

On their cruise, they happily went shopping, buying a watch at one of the luxury stores in Nassau because it’s duty-free. They used their credit card to buy liquor to bring home. 

Nevertheless, they were shocked when they got the credit card bill and had to pay the hefty foreign transaction fee! It’s a silly mistake that can happen to anyone! Now, I always double-check to make sure I’m traveling with the correct credit card!

Bought a Rockettes Show for the Wrong Week

Another dumb cruise mistake that you’ll laugh about is buying show tickets for the wrong week! During a cruise out of New York, I once sat next to passengers who told me they got their weeks mixed up and bought the Rockettes show tickets for the wrong week.

They had arrived a few days early in New York and were excited to watch the show at Radio Music Hall. They showed up at Radio Music Hall, they managed to get inside (this was before they scanned tickets) and the usher even sat them at their seat.

But they were soon approached by another couple who claimed those were their seats. The tickets were checked, and it turns out they had purchased tickets for the following week! 

Dumbest Cruise Mistakes

Joining the Cruise Belly Flop Competition and Regretting It

You’ve probably been an audience of the infamous cruise belly flop competition? It may sound funny, but it’s not always the best idea to participate. I once met a fellow passenger who joined the belly flop competition and unfortunately ended up getting hurt. He landed off and had a painful rest of the week. In fact, he had to visit the cruise clinic!

So, if you’re thinking about joining the belly flop competition on your next cruise, just remember to be careful and join at your own risk.

Going on a Cruise with an Expired Passport

Imagine going on a long-awaited cruise, only to find out that you’ve made a grave mistake – you’re traveling with an expired passport! This is exactly what happened to a couple who had been looking forward to their vacation for months.

Despite the husband’s pleas and apologies, he was denied boarding and had to watch helplessly as his wife embarked on the cruise alone. It was a heartbreaking experience that serves as a cautionary tale for all cruise-goers – always check your travel documents before you set sail!

Missing the Cruise Ship Because of a Time Zones Mix Up

A dumb cruise mistake that I’ve heard about is when a passenger missed the ship because they got the time zones mixed up. A passenger on a previous cruise made this exact mistake, assuming that Puerto Vallarta was in the same time zone as Los Angeles. 

Boy, were they wrong! Puerto Vallarta is actually in the Mountain time zone, which is an hour ahead of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this mistake caused them to miss the ship. It just goes to show—always double-check your time zones when cruising! 

Using the Phone at Sea

I made this dumb rookie mistake that ended up costing me a fortune. I didn’t turn my cellphone on airplane mode because I thought I could still use it as long as I wasn’t too far out from the port, since I was covered with T-Mobile’s international plan, which offers unlimited international text and data. But I was wrong! 

I was happily texting away when we had just left the port, unaware that we were too far away from it to receive any service. To make matters worse, I panicked and picked up the phone a few times while at sea, thinking it was an emergency (I left my one-year-old at home with my in-laws)! 

Little did I know that each call and text message was racking up a huge bill! I learned my lesson the hard way, and now I always switch my phone to airplane mode as soon as I board the ship. I’m not taking any chances anymore!

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