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EpicLight Patricia Gallardo: A Glimpse into her Life in Greenwich CT

Patricia Gallardo, the founder of EpicLight Beauty, recently sat down for an interview with Suburbs 101 to discuss her move to Greenwich, CT and her new makeup line.

I’ve known Patricia for years, even before she started EpicLight Beauty. Patricia always had a passion for makeup and skincare products, so it was no surprise to me when I found out she started a makeup line. During the interview, she shared insights into her journey as an entrepreneur and gave us a glimpse into her life in Greenwich.

Patricia Gallardo
Photo Credit: Cathrine White

Describe your Move to Greenwich, CT. Why Did You Decide to Move to Connecticut?

In 2011, I moved from New York City to Greenwich. As a lifelong New Yorker, I never thought I would raise my children anywhere else.

However, after having my second child, Julia, my husband and I realized that we needed more space. Raising two toddlers and a dog in a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment wasn’t going to cut it anymore. It made us realize that it was time for us to make the move to the suburbs.

We decided to look into Greenwich since I already had close friends and family who had made the move earlier to Greenwich. Finally, we settled on a house one mile from a friend in back country Greenwich.

Patricia Gallardo
Photo Credit: Cathrine White

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Greenwich

Pros of Living in Greenwich

  1. Greenwich is an absolutely beautiful picturesque town filled with gorgeous parks and nature preserves, and it’s located on the water.
  2. The town offers many programs and facilities for families with young children.
  3. Given the state of the world and crime rate in NYC, Greenwich is a safe haven bubble. You can live carefree without the many worries of living in a city.
  4. Greenwich is the perfect Goldilocks town – not too big, not too small, still close enough to NYC but not so close that you experience the noise, traffic, and chaos of a big city.

Cons of Living in Greenwich 

  1. Greenwich is a driving city, so you need to drive everywhere. As a native New Yorker, it took me some time to adjust to all the driving.
  2. Greenwich is not very diverse.
  3. The restaurant scene in Greenwich is not the best, and there is a need for better restaurants that provide more variety or types of food.

How Would You Describe Greenwich, CT Residents?

Greenwich residents are friendly, welcoming and love their kids’ sports!! 

Patricia Gallardo EpicLight

Did you Know Anyone when you Moved to Greenwich, CT? Any Advice for Newcomers on the Best Way to Meet People?

When I moved to Greenwich, I knew one family who had older kids. I would say that the best way to meet new people in Greenwich is to get involved in your children’s school. 

Another organization that I think is amazing in Greenwich is the Junior League of Greenwich. Not only do they accomplish great things in the community, but it is also a great way to meet other women.

Patricia Gallardo

Are You a Member of a Country Club? 

We are members of Manursing Island Club, which is a beach club in Rye, NY. We chose to join Manursing Club because many of our kids’ friends were members there. We love it there! It is on the water and open year-round.

How Old are Your Kids? What are Your Favorite Things to Do with Kids in Greenwich? 

My kids are now 15 and 18 years old. When we first moved to Greenwich, they both participated in town sports and summer camp. 

Greenwich offers a wide variety of surprisingly economical sports and arts activities. The town is extremely kid-friendly and offers many holiday events and programs. 

Now, as teenagers, my son and daughter have taken advantage of Arch Street, the town’s teen center, and the skate park.

Patricia Gallardo EpicLight

Any Favorite Restaurants in Greenwich that You can Recommend?

If you’re looking for the best cafe in Greenwich, I recommend CFCF Coffee on Greenwich Avenue. For the best restaurant, I suggest Rebeccas.

And if you’re in the mood for a quick bite and some delicious chocolate cake, Aux Delices is the place to go.

What has Your Experience been with Schools in Greenwich?

My son and daughter both attend Rye Country Day. We highly recommend the preschool at The YWCA of Greenwich. It’s a small, friendly, and intimate preschool with a great program that is socio-economic and ethnically diverse.

Do You or Your Husband Commute to New York City? What has your Experience been with the Commute from Greenwich to New York City?

My husband commutes from Greenwich to New York City daily. Since we live in back country Greenwich, it takes us about 10-15 minutes to drive to the Metro North train station downtown. My husband usually takes the 8am express train from Greenwich, which takes about 35 minutes to get to Grand Central.

How Long Did It Take for You to Get a Parking Permit at the Greenwich Train Station?

It took us 9 years to get a parking permit at the Greenwich train station! When we first moved to Greenwich, we applied for a parking garage permit immediately, but were told that there was a waitlist. Little did we know that it would take 9 years for us to finally get a parking spot in the garage adjacent to the train station. 

While we waited for our parking permit, my husband parked in the open air lot behind the Greenwich train station. It’s actually very easy to find parking, I usually get a spot when I head to the city myself. 

Tell Me More about Epiclight Beauty. How Did You Start? I saw that Your Products were Included in the Oscars!

I founded EpicLight Beauty with my friend Saima Rathor. We realized that women like us, those who are over 40, were vastly underrepresented in the beauty industry.  We want to empower and celebrate the beauty and strength that comes with age, giving voice and visibility to a generation that is often overlooked. 

Patricia Gallardo

You Have an Amazing New Lip Product. Tell me more about It.

Our new lip treatment is called the Lip Flip. It is made with two patented peptides that help hydrate, plump and smooth out lip lines, without any irritation.  

The clinical trials have been amazing. If you use it 3x a day for 29 days straight you will see a 40+ improvement in your lip hydration and contour. 

Patricia Gallardo EpicLight

Can You Share a Beauty Tip?

As you age, it’s important to use skincare products that are specifically developed with your skin age in mind. These products should contain ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. 

Also, you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to look good. Just a little blush and balm can go a long way in enhancing your natural beauty.

Patricia Gallardo EpicLight

Read any Good Books Lately? Any Book Recommendations?

I enjoyed reading What Happy People Know by Dan Baker.

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