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EpicLight Beauty Saima Rathor: Why She Loves Living in Rye, NY

I had the privilege of interviewing Saima Rathor, co-founder of EpicLight Beauty. In this interview, we get a glimpse into her life in Rye, NY and find out more about why she loves living in Rye and her new makeup line. 

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Saima Rathor EpicLight
Photo Credit: Cathrine White

Describe your Move to Rye, NY. Why Did You Decide to Move to Westchester County?

In 2010, we decided to move to Rye, NY from New York City. Our oldest was about to start Kindergarten and our youngest was about to start preschool, so the timing was right. Having grown up in a suburb, I wanted the same experience for my children. 

We mainly looked into moving to Westchester County and liked the location of Rye. It was an easy commute into New York City and had one of the best public school systems in Westchester. We ended up falling in love with the area and moving to a house on Apawamis Avenue near Rye High School.

EpicLight Beauty

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Rye, NY

Pros of Living in Rye

  1. Close Proximity to New York City
  2. Great public and private schools
  3. Walkable town for families
  4. Great community of people 
  5. Close to the water with great beach clubs

Cons of Living in Rye 

  1. Not socioeconomically diverse
  2. Not enough places for kids to hang out (I wish there were more places for kids to hang out other than Starbucks and pizza joints!)

How Would You Describe Rye Residents?

Rye residents are friendly, welcoming and love to socialize. They also love to attend their kids’ sports games and are willing to help out when needed.

Saima Rathor EpicLight
Photo Credit: Cathrine White

Did you Know Anyone when you Moved to Rye, NY? Any Advice for Newcomers on the Best Way to Meet People?

When we first moved to Rye, we only knew a few families. It was tough in the beginning because we didn’t know any families with kids the same age as ours. 

However, Rye does have a newcomers club which was a great way to meet people in the area. For the most part, we made a lot of our friends once our kids started school and extracurricular activities. Meeting other parents through your kids is the easiest way to make friends. 

We were also fortunate to have great neighbors who were very welcoming when we moved to Rye.

Are You a Member of a Country Club? 

Yes, we are members of Coveleigh Club. Coveleigh Club is a beach club in Rye. 

Any Advice on How to Become a Member of a Beach Club or Country Club in Westchester?

If you’re interested in joining a country club or beach club in Westchester, I suggest asking your friends if they’re members of any clubs. You can also ask if they know any members of clubs that they can introduce you to. This way, you can ask questions and learn more about their club. 

Most people will invite you and your kids to their clubs so you can get a sense of which club is a good fit for your family.

Why Did You Join Coveleigh Club?

We joined Coveleigh Club because we liked playing tennis and we had young kids when we joined. Coveleigh has a great tennis program and an amazing summer camp for kids. Those two things were a deciding factor for us.

How Old are Your Kids? What are Your Favorite Things to Do with Kids in Rye? 

My daughter Sophia is 19 and a sophomore in college, while my son Aidan is 16 and currently in 11th grade at Rye High School. When they were younger, we would often walk to town. During the summer, we would hang out at Coveleigh Club and go to Rye Playland. We also love visiting the Rye Nature Center. They would also take classes at Rye Arts Center. 

Any Favorite Restaurants in Rye that You can Recommend?

Honestly, all of the restaurants in Rye are amazing. We go to Aurora and Rafele a lot. OKO is a great date night restaurant. Sunrise Pizza is our favorite pizza joint. And Anna Maria’s Wine Bar or Rye Grill and Bar are nice for happy hour. 

What has Your Experience been with Schools in Rye?

My kids attended the Rye public schools from K-12 and it has been great. I found Rye High School (RHS) to be very competitive academically when compared to the surrounding private schools.

Do You or Your Husband Commute to New York City? What has your Experience been with the Commute from Rye to New York City?

My husband commutes to New York City everyday. While I will take the train into New York City every so often. The Metro North train ride to NYC is always a great experience. 

How Long Does it Take to Commute from Rye to New York City?

During peak hours, it takes about 30 to 35 minutes to commute from Rye into New York City. While during off-peak hours, the train ride to NYC is usually around 45 to 50 minutes. 

How Long Did It Take for You to Get Your Rye Train Station Parking Permit?

It took my husband 5 years to get a Rye Train Station parking permit. Now, I don’t think there is that long of a waitlist anymore post covid since a lot of people work from home. 

I don’t have a Rye Train station parking permit so I will usually take a Rye taxi or drive to the station. When I drive to the train station, I usually just park at one of the metered parking spots.  It’s convenient to park at the station since you can pay with the passport parking app.

Tell Me More about Epiclight Beauty. What Inspired You to Start EpicLight? 

EpicLight came about when my good friend Patricia Gallardo approached me about her vision of starting a beauty brand. I had an investment banking background and always wanted to start a business. So the timing was perfect for us.

Saima Rathor EpicLight

You Have an Amazing New Lip Product. Tell me more about It.

Our new lip treatment balm should definitely be on everyone’s holiday gift list this year. It has 2 natural peptides that instantly hydrate and smooth your lips. 

EpicLight Beauty

Where Can We Find EpicLight Products?

You can find EpicLight products at Misfit Bazaar on Purchase Street in Rye. Or you can go to the EpicLight website. Our Black Friday sale is up on our website right now!

EpicLight can also be found on Amazon and they are running a Black Friday deal now!

EpicLight Beauty

Can You Share a Beauty Tip?

I believe that it’s important for women over 35 to incorporate makeup with skin care benefits into their daily routines. Using quality products that benefit your skin while wearing makeup can make a big difference in the long run.

Read any Good Books Lately? Any Book Recommendations?

I love reading books by local Rye author Annabel Monaghan. I recommend all of her books! 

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