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6 Free Cruise Activities on Princess Cruises that You Need to Know About

Every cruise line has its own signature onboard activities, and Princess Cruise is no exception. From its iconic champagne tower to outdoor movie nights, there are experiences that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Here are the top cruise activities on Princess Cruise that you should make sure not to miss out on. The best part is these activities are completely free!

Must-Try Cruise Activities on Princess Cruise

Champagne Tower

One of the highlights of a Princess cruise for me is the champagne tower event. It takes place in the atrium and involves a grand display with hundreds of champagne glasses stacked into a tower. The cruise director starts it off by pouring champagne from the top, creating a mesmerizing cascade. 

The best part is that guests can take turns pouring champagne onto the tower. It’s a lot of fun, and the cruise photographers capture the moment. If there’s one cruise photo worth buying, it’s this one. Trust me, I have a photo of the champagne tower in my home office, and it never fails to make me smile!

Free Princess cruise activities

Outdoor Movies

Outdoor movies are a must-try activity on Princess Cruises! The movie screenings happen on the pool deck, where the cruise staff creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere for watching movies under the stars.

They transform the pool loungers into a comfortable outdoor movie theater by adding plush seat cushions and cozy blankets for snuggling. To top it off, they serve popcorn for you to enjoy during the movie. It’s truly a unique experience that you shouldn’t miss on Princess Cruises.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is one of my favorite onboard activities on Princess Cruises. This elegant service is typically available in one of the main dining rooms on days at sea.

Treat yourself to a spread of freshly baked scones, tea sandwiches, pastries, clotted cream, jams, and a variety of teas. It’s a great way to take a break from the afternoon activities and enjoy an elegant experience onboard. And the best part is, it’s completely free!

Free Princess cruise activities

Back of the House Kitchen Tour

Don’t miss the free back-of-the-house kitchen tour on Princess Cruise. It’s really interesting to get a sneak peek behind the scenes in the kitchen.

But don’t expect to see a fully operational kitchen during the tour. Instead, you’ll see a clean kitchen with minimal food preparation and cooking activities. Get a tour of where your assistant waiter goes to get your drinks, lock up all the liquor, and where the line cook does their prep.  

When I was on the tour, the pastry chefs displayed elaborate cakes, which was quite impressive. It’s a great experience to see what happens behind the scenes, especially for kids. Some cruise lines charge for a behind-the-scenes kitchen tour, but luckily, Princess Cruise Line offers it for free!

Cooking Demos

The Princess cruise cooking demonstration is a fun activity to go to. It usually takes place on sea days at the Princess Theater.

Unlike some other cruise lines like Holland America, where you might expect a more serious cooking demonstration focused on teaching you how to prepare a dish, the cooking demo on Princess Cruises is more about entertainment than education. It’s a lighthearted, comedic cook-off between the chef and the cruise director. The slapstick comedy makes it fun for the kids! It’s amusing to see the chef in action.

Free Princess cruise activities

Bartender Competition

The bartender competition on Princess Cruises is a lively event that you don’t want to miss. Held in the atrium on one of the at-sea days, it features talented cruise bartenders competing against each other in expertly mixing drinks and cocktails.

Similar to the cooking demo, it aims to entertain rather than educate. Expect acrobatic stunts, cocktail-making, and mixer juggling. They even choose a few audience members to sample the cocktails for free! It’s a family-friendly activity, so bring the kids. They will enjoy watching the bartenders compete! Check out: 21 Smart and Easy Ways to Save Money on a Cruise

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