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10 Foolish Mistakes that Can Get You Kicked Off the Cruise Ship Immediately

Are you going on a cruise? Don’t do any of the things below that can immediately get you kicked off the cruise ship!

Bringing Guns and Firearms to the Cruise

One way to get yourself kicked off a cruise ship and, worse, arrested at the port is to bring guns and ammunition on a cruise ship. You’d think no one would be that stupid to do it.

Unfortunately, recently, there was a man who got arrested in Grand Turk for bringing in ammunition. He claims that the ammos were inadvertently left in his backpack, and he forgot to take them out before going on the cruise. If convicted, he faces 12 years in prison sentence for bringing ammunition since Turks and Caicos has strict firearms and ammunition rules. 

Mistakes to Get You Kicked Off the Cruise Ship

Bringing Drugs

Bringing drugs on a cruise ship will get you kicked off the ship immediately. Even if the drug is legal in your port or home state, it is still not allowed on cruise ships. Despite its legalization in many states, marijuana is considered an illegal drug on cruise ships.

A woman was banned for life from Carnival cruises for bringing in CBD gummies on the cruise. She had CBD gummies in her backpack, which she claimed she used as an occasional sleep aid. The security team in Miami discovered the gummies. Despite the gummies being legally purchased and CBD being conditionally legal in Florida, Carnival cruise lines prohibit all CBD products, regardless of local rules in the cruise port.

As a result of this seemingly minor mistake, she was banned from all Carnival cruises for life! Better to be safe; don’t even try bringing any drugs onboard the ship!

Standing on the Balcony Railings

Doing stunts that endanger your life can get you immediately kicked off the cruise ship. A woman foolishly stood on a balcony railing during a Royal Caribbean cruise. Although she didn’t fall, another passenger captured her dangerous act on camera. The ship’s staff discovered this and promptly instructed her to disembark at the next port!

Jumping off the Cruise Ship

You’d think this is obvious, but jumping off the cruise ship can get you kicked off the cruise. A man and his friends were goofing around on a Royal Caribbean cruise, trying to film a stunt for social media. The man ended up jumping off the ship from a railing, hoping to create a viral video. Luckily, he survived the jump without serious injuries, but both he and his friends were promptly asked to leave the cruise.

Fighting on the Cruise

Getting into a fight or getting too drunk on a cruise can land you in the ship’s jail. Yes, cruise ships actually have a small jail on board. If you’re not sent to jail, they might confine you in your cabin, which is like being on “cabin arrest” – you’re not allowed to leave. Or, in the worst case scenario, they could even kick you off the ship at the next port.

Mistakes to Get You Kicked Off the Cruise Ship

Unsafe behavior

Be careful of what you post on social media because a passenger got banned from Carnival Cruise for posting unsafe behavior while on a cruise. A passenger was banned from Carnival cruise lines after sharing her dubious money saving tip on social media.

The passenger uploaded a brief video demonstrating how she drank the water in her cruise cabin. To avoid paying for the bottled water in the room, she filled it with tap water and sealed the cap with glue. The post quickly went viral, resulting in the passenger being banned from Carnival Cruises!


Smoking can get you kicked off the cruise ship. Some cruise ships have designated smoking areas, but if you smoke outside these designed areas, you can find yourself getting kicked off the cruise ship. Smoking on your private balcony is a big no-no and can get you kicked off the ship.

Remember, if you’re a smoker, play it safe and check with the cruise staff exactly where you are allowed to smoke so you don’t get in trouble. Also, make sure to properly extinguish your cigarette bud since fire is a major hazard on a cruise ship.

Tampering with Emergency Equipment

Cruise lines take safety as a number priority. Don’t tamper with safety equipment that is for emergency use only, such as life jackets. Don’t think about pulling the fire alarm; you’ll be immediately kicked off the ship. The lifeboat is also off-limits. Don’t touch it or, worse, climb into it—you’ll be asked to leave the cruise ship!

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking is a big deal on cruise ships. Just because you are sailing on international waters does not mean there is no minimum drinking age. Most cruise lines that are based in the US will impose a minimum drinking age of 21 years old, while other cruise lines will have a lower minimum drinking age of 18 years old.

Double-check with the cruise line to make sure you are not breaking any rules. Even if you’re found buying alcohol for an underage drinker, you are also guilty and will be kicked off the cruise ship!


Stealing is a major offense that can get you kicked off the cruise ship. Even if it’s a joke, it will not be tolerated. The cruise line will not hesitate to ask you to leave the cruise at the next port. Check out: 11 Anti-Theft Cruise Tips that Every Cruiser Needs to Know

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