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Greenwich Public School Preschool Application Process

Greenwich Public School has a preschool program. However, there is limited space and entry to the preschool program is based on a lottery. Here is the Greenwich Public School Preschool Application Process.

About Greenwich Public School Preschool Program

The Greenwich Public Schools Preschool Program serves children with special needs and those who are typically developing. Through a structured, center-based program, each child participates in instructional activities, which address the domains of communication, cognition, self-help, fine/gross motor and social-emotional development.

Greenwich Public School Preschool Locations

The Greenwich Public School preschools are located in 5 locations.

  • Hamilton Avenue School
  • New Lebanon School
  • North Street School
  • Parkway School
  • Old Greenwich School

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Greenwich Public School Preschool Application Process

Students who will turn 3 years old but will NOT turn 5 years old by December 31 are eligible to apply for entrance to the Greenwich Public School Preschool Program. Entrance into the program is based on a lottery.

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Greenwich Public School Preschool application

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Lottery Process

One Lottery will be held to fill all vacancies in the preschool classes. If there are any vacancies that remain after the start of the school year, a second lottery will be conducted in September and include applications from non-resident staff members.

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  • Siblings who are presently enrolled in the preschool program have priority status for a vacancy. These students are not placed through the lottery system but are offered seats in the classes prior to the lottery. Note: Each school has its own siblings priority and application procedure.
  • Students districted for Hamilton Avenue School and New Lebanon School have priority in the Hamilton Avenue School Preschool and New Lebanon Preschool.

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Private Greenwich Preschools

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