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9 Most Annoying People at the Cruise Pool that You Should Avoid

Lounging by the pool while on a cruise is supposed to be relaxing, but every so often, you will meet people who don’t follow basic pool etiquette, which can be quite annoying.  You know who they are, those annoying people at the cruise pool- from chair hogs to hot tub hogs to the rowdy kids- they disturb the peace and quiet of your cruise. Below are the most annoying people you should avoid at the cruise pool. 

1. Early Bird Chair Hog

These are the people who wake up early and rush to the pool to reserve the best lounge chairs, even if they don’t plan to use them anytime soon. They will leave their towels, bags, and other belongings on the chairs and then go about their day on the cruise ship. 

It’s frustrating to see these people hogging the best pool deck chairs, even when they have no intention of using them immediately. They only show up later in the day to claim their spot. This behavior is selfish and annoying, and it ruins the experience for others who want to use those chairs.

Annoying People at Cruise Pool

2. The Opportunist

The opportunists are the people who are at the pool, lurking on the sidelines, waiting for a lounge chair to free up. They’re on the lookout for a vacant chair, and when they spot one, they’re quick to seize it, especially if it’s one of the prime spots by the pool. 

It doesn’t matter if the previous occupant has only left temporarily, whether to grab a snack or use the bathroom – the opportunists show no respect for the current lounger’s belongings. They’ll take any chance they get to claim a free lounge chair.

3. The Never Leave Chair Hog

Some people are really serious about hogging the lounge chairs. They don’t give others a chance! They will stay on the lounge chairs all day long without even getting up to let someone else use them. 

There have been reports of cruise passengers who never leave their chairs, not even to use the restroom. They just stay there, and when nature calls, they take care of their business without getting up. It’s a bit extreme, but that’s how these chair hogs are. My advice- stay away from them!

4. The Nude Sunbather

These are the inconsiderate individuals on a cruise who choose to sunbathe in the nude or reveal too much skin. Their actions make other passengers nearby uncomfortable, especially those with families and young children. 

5. The Rowdy Kids

You know the type – the cruise passengers with rowdy kids. They allow their little ones to run wild on the pool deck, disrupting the peace and quiet.

These boisterous kids will encroach on the personal space of the loungers who just want to read a book. The rowdy kids and their parents disturb the people relaxing on the pool deck.

6. The Hottub Hog

Aside from the chair hogs, there are also people who hog the hot tub! These people sit in the hot tub for an extended period, nursing their drink, and are visibly red because they have spent an excessive amount of time in the hot tub. 

They never leave the hot tub, not even to use the bathroom! It’s disgusting to think that they might be urinating in the hot tub!

Annoying People at Cruise Pool

7. The Sunscreen Spreader

These are the inconsiderate cruise passengers who apply sunscreen but instead of waiting for it to dry and get absorbed, they immediately jump into the pool or the hot tub. 

As a result, the water becomes slightly cloudy from the sunblock when they get in the pool or the hot tub. It’s really disgusting to see the murky water!

8. The Spill My Drink in the Pool

These are the people who are just plain inconsiderate! They will either get in the pool or sit at the edge of the pool with their drink. They are obviously slightly intoxicated and will spill their drink into the pool every so often.

9. The Loud Talker

These adults are quite rowdy and loud, often occupying a significant amount of space in one corner of the pool. They can be seen holding drinks in their hands and behaving quite inconsiderately as if they are the only ones present at the pool deck. Their conversations and laughter are extremely loud, making it difficult for others to try to relax by the pool.

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