Prime Hydration Drink

Mom of the Year: My Hunt for Prime Hydration Sports Drink

When my 11 year old son first told me about this drink called Prime. I was so confused about what he was talking about because I honestly thought he was talking about Amazon Prime. 

Prime Hydration Drink Tropical Punch
Prime Hydration Drink Tropical Punch

What is Prime Hydration Sports Drink?

For those of you who never heard of Prime Drink because you are a 40 something year old mom like me, here is Prime Hydration 101 for you. Prime Hydration is a sports drink similar to Gatorade. It’s a line of sports beverages founded by two YouTubers (surprise, surprise) Logan Paul and KSI. Apparently, both YouTubers were former rivals and have teamed up to launch Prime Hydration Sports Drink. With 40 million YouTube followers between them, they launched Prime Hydration by doing a lot of crazy viral stunt videos- a monkey drinking Prime Hydration, Logan pouring Prime drink on a skydiver friend, and Logan pretending to work at a Walmart. Well, it worked- according to my son, Prime drinks are the hottest thing in the 5th and 6th grades. 

Black Market for Prime Drinks

Prime Hydration is so popular in my son’s middle school that apparently, there is a black market for Prime drinks. Kids are reselling Prime drinks for $5 a bottle (it’s $2.50 a bottle retail, kids are making $2.50 profit!) One of the Prime Hydration dealers (reseller) gave my son a sample of Ice Pop. My son said he got “a shot” of Ice Pop flavored Prime drink from the boy. A shot is literally a sample poured into the bottle cap. Imagine drinking a shot of Gatorade from a Gatorade bottle cap. So now, because of that shot, my son is crazy about Prime Hydration. He thinks it’s the best-tasting drink ever. 

Mom on the Hunt for Prime Hydration Drink

Now, Prime Hydration has taken over my household. My son is obsessed with it and I’ve become a mom on the hunt for Prime Hydration. And it’s not just any Prime drink flavor…no, no…he really wants the Ice Pop flavored Prime drink. Ice Pop is the one in the red, white, and blue bottle. I check the Prime Hydration website, Ice Pop is sold out. I check Amazon to see if I can order Prime Hydration online. Yep, they only have orange and blue raspberry but not Ice Pop (sold out and double the price at $54.59 a case of 12!) 

I figured I’ll just go to a store and buy it in person. I quickly realize that Prime is not sold everywhere- it is only sold at the GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. I called GNC and they have Ice Pop! Yeah! In hindsight, I should have driven over there ASAP but I got busy so I didn’t get to GNC until 3 hours later. By the time I got there, there were only 2 cases of Prime drinks left and they were the Tropical Punch (Red) Prime flavor. I quickly grabbed the 2 cases. I saw another mom lining up in front of me with 2 cases of Prime (she got the last Lemon Lime flavor!) She’s buying them for her 10 year old son. Mind you, Prime drinks are not cheap, at $29.99 a case, we both just spent $60 on sports drinks!

I lingered at the store for a bit, waiting for the other mom to leave the store so she wouldn’t hear me ask the cashier when they will get more Prime Hydration drinks in store. They are getting a shipment of Prime drinks on Tuesday. The crazy, competitive mom in me asked “What time? Do you know if it’s Ice Pop? Can you reserve some for me? I will prepay!” Don’t know, no, no, no ma’am. 

Before walking out of the store, I added “Buy Prime Drinks” to my calendar and set 2 alerts- 1 day before and on the day of the event at 9 am. As I was loading the 2 cases of Tropical Punch Prime drinks in my SUV, a mom in the parking lot asked me, almost too excitedly, where I got the 2 cases of Prime drinks.  

Prime Drink Ice Pop Flavor!
Prime Drink Ice Pop Flavor!

Update: I Got Prime Drink Ice Pop from Amazon!

I want to give you an update, so I managed to buy the hottest Prime Drink flavor on Amazon! My bedtime routine of scrolling through Amazon for Prime Drinks has paid off! I managed to find Prime Drink Ice Pop flavor in stock on Amazon for $29.99 a case! Now if I can only find Prime Drink Meta Moon because according to my son, Meta Moon flavor is now the hottest, most coveted Prime Drink flavor. PS: My son’s school has officially banned the selling of Prime Drinks on campus but the black market is still thriving, my son still managed to buy Meta Moon from his Prime Drink dealer! Now if only I can find Meta Moon…

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