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New Granola Bar Coffee Blend (Reviews & Pictures)

Are you a big fan of Granola Bar? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Granola Bar has partnered with Coffee of Grace, a Black woman-owned coffee brand to create two exclusive signature blends. These blends are so special that Nobu Restaurants is the only other hospitality group to ever offer a Coffee of Grace custom blend!

Granola Bar and Coffe of Grace
Granola Bar and Coffee of Grace

Granola Bar New Coffee Blend

Coffee of Grace designed two unique blends for Granola Bar: Moonlight Viennese Roast, and Total Eclipse Espresso/Italian Roast. Moonlight is a balanced and aromatic blend of South American arabica coffees that was carefully roasted to highlight the head notes of the origin’s terroir. There are flavor notes of toffee, honey caramel, fig jam, toasted almonds, and a syrupy dark chocolate round body.

Total Eclipse is a distinctive roast that creates a bold flavor experience, with notes of fire-roasted marshmallow, Amaretto and hints of dark caramel and sweet mesquite. The Brazilian coffee used in both blends was sourced from a woman producer and is certified carbon neutral. 

Americano at Granola Bar
Americano at Granola Bar Coffee

My Review of the New Granola Bar Coffee Blend

I tried Granola Bar’s new coffee blend. I had an Americano of the Total Eclipse coffee blend. I must say I’m impressed! It’s a smooth coffee with great flavor and no bitter aftertaste! I liked it so much I even wanted to buy the Total Eclipse coffee beans but unfortunately, they were not yet available in the Greenwich location.

Where is the New Granola Bar Coffee Blend Available?

The new coffee blend is available at The Granola Bars in Fairfield (CT), Greenwich (CT), Stamford (CT), Westport (CT) and Rye (NY) as well as Old Mill Grocery & Deli in Westport. All locations will also sell other Coffee of Grace blends by the bag.

Granola Bar
Granola Bar

“We are thrilled to collaborate with a fellow woman-owned brand and take our coffee game up a notch in a way that also does good,” said The Granola BarCo-Founder and Co-CEO Julie Mountain. Fellow Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dana Noorily added, “Grace is such an inspiration and we’re proud to support her mission and female coffee farmers.”

What is Coffee of Grace?

Coffee of Grace is a premium coffee company that emphasizes environmental stewardship and seeks to support farmers by sourcing directly from co-ops in Rwanda, Peru, Guatemala, and Brazil. Grace Hightower founded the brand in an effort to help rebuild the Rwandan economy – especially after the genocide – and to help support women coffee farmers.

Grace set her focus on growing sustainable farming systems in Rwanda by purchasing green coffee directly from the farmers and paying them above fair trade market prices. Her love of coffee and her dedication to helping the coffee farming communities in Rwanda led to the formation of Coffee of Grace. All coffees are 100% arabica, specialty grade, organically grown, and ethically sourced from small lot coffee farmers through 100% Direct Trade business.

Coffee of Grace CEO & Founder Grace Hightower commented, “It is such a pleasure to partner with Dana and Julie as we work together to create an interconnected mission of sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction through delicious food and premium coffee.” 

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About TGB Hospitality Group

Based in Westport, CT, TGB Hospitality Group was founded by Julie Mountain and Dana Noorily in 2013. The group began as a wholesale granola business and has expanded to six restaurants, a catering business and a food truck. Restaurants include The Granola Bar in Westport, Fairfield, Stamford and Greenwich, CT and Rye, NY. The group’s latest venture is Old Mill Grocery & Deli, located in Westport’s Compo Beach neighborhood. For more information, please visit

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