Stay at Home Stylist, Nicole DePreta’s Life in Oakland, NJ

Stay at Home Stylist, Nicole DePreta's Life in Oakland, NJ

Nicole DePreta, stylist and fashion blogger, has moved around New Jersey and now calls Oakland, NJ home. Here is Stay at Home Stylist, Nicole DePreta’s Life in Oakland, NJ.

Tell me about your journey to Oakland, New Jersey

I’ve always lived in New Jersey.  Prior to Oakland, we lived in Rochelle Park in a quaint little starter home that my husband purchased before we were married.  We had our first daughter, Gianna there but as our family grew, we started to feel the need to move to a bigger home.  We looked at homes throughout Bergen County because of its proximity to my husband’s work. We fell in love with a few homes in Park Ridge and Montvale but they didn’t work out.  Friends suggested checking out Oakland. We instantly fell in love with Oakland. We loved the country feel, great schools, and larger properties. Growing up in an urban community (Kearny), Oakland was certainly a culture shock, but “quiet suburbia” was very appealing!

Did you know anyone when you moved to Oakland, NJ?

When I moved here, I didn’t know anyone. I tried to meet new people the first few months but it was hard while balancing the first trimester of my second pregnancy.  I didn’t really meet new people until I enrolled my 2 ½ year old in preschool. Once we she started school, I met so many wonderful and accommodating individuals. They introduced me to the community and all it had to offer.

How old are your kids?  What are your go-to places with the kids?

I have two girls- a 7 year old and a 10 year old.  We used to go to the library and frequent the parks daily. Now that they are older and very involved in activities, those days are distant memories.  My girls and I are huge fashionistas, so we love to visit Urban Club Clothing Co. in Wayne. They have so many cool fashion finds and their very own bling bar!

We love to go to W’s Grill in Oakland. It’s family oriented and the staff is super nice. The food is great too. Oakland Bagels and Pastry is a favorite.  Daily trips to Starbucks are a must, and we love Playa Bowls too.

Stay at Home Stylist, Nicole DePreta's Life in Oakland, NJ

How are the schools?

My girls attended Ponds Valley Preschool for 6 years and they are like family.  Kind, caring, and nurturing, they set such a strong foundation for my girls. The public schools have been wonderful thus far. The teachers are accessible, always approachable, and on hand to help.

What are some things you don’t like about living in Oakland?

I don’t love the hassle of the septic system or the taxes!

How would you describe residents of Oakland, NJ?

Oakland residents are very welcoming and down to earth.  It’s super easy to make new friends here.

Can you describe your social life?

At this time my social life pretty much revolves around my kids and their activities!

Why do you love Oakland, NJ?

If you are looking to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city, Oakland is your place. It’s a great place to settle down and raise your family. It certainly feels like home.

About Nicole DePreta

Nicole DePreta is a stylist and fashion blogger.  Her fashion blog, Stay at Home Stylist and styling services are geared towards moms who need a little assistance in regaining their style and dressing their “squad” on a budget!   Her motto is: chic and cheap! She likes to think of herself as your new BFF- Best Fashion Finder! She will work with you in getting you the look, feeling your best, while not breaking the bank!  Nicole lives in Oakland, NJ with her husband and two girls, Gianna and Mia.

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