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Olmo Meal Subscription Service in New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut – Olmo, established as New Haven’s first bagelry at 93 Whitney Avenue, has launched a meal subscription service. Olmo@Home is Olmo’s ready-to-eat meal subscription service, offering customers the option to receive their choice of weekly or on-demand prepared meals for pick-up or delivery.  Olmo’s meal subscription service offers dinner and breakfast options for two, as well as beer, wine and grocery add-ons. The meal subscription service offers flexibility and control over the menu, number of meals per week and more.

“After we, like so many other restaurant and food businesses, had to quickly pivot our business model last Spring in the early days of the COVID Pandemic, we heard from our customers how convenient a ready-to-eat meal subscription service in the New Haven area would be,” said Craig Hutchinson, chef and co-owner, Olmo.  “After spending the year really in a soft launch period refining our offerings, options and listening to feedback from our early users, we’re excited to publicly announce the launch of Olmo@Home.”

How Does Olmo Meal Subscription Service Work?

Based upon customer feedback during the soft launch period, Olmo@Home invites users to set up an a la carte order, or a regularly standing, weekly order.  Ready-to-eat meals, serving two adults, are available for breakfast and dinner, and come with full re-heating instructions.  All dinner options include dessert.  Olmo meal subscription service has a focus on local, seasonal ingredients, current Spring menu options include:

Olmo Breakfast Menu

  • Epic French Toast – housemade honey brioche sous vide with a crème anglaise ice cream base and served with macerated berries
  • Olmo Bagels & Lox Schmear – a half dozen assorted Olmo bagels served with a side of Ducktrap River lox whipped cream cheese
  • Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito – local eggs, home fries, black beans, roasted Seacoast mushrooms and Mystic Cheese wrapped in a spinach burrito wrap, served with a side of lime crema and salsa fresca

Olmo Dinner Menu

  • Olmo Burger – two Painted Hills 8oz. butter poached burgers, Mystic Cheese, housemade sesame seeded milk rolls, smashed fingerling potatoes, spicy mayo and chocolate chip cookies
  • Roasted Chicken Piccata – whole roasted Green Circle chicken, whipped mashed potatoes, braised artichokes in a lemon caper piccata sauce and lemon pound cake
  • Butter Poached Salmon – two 8oz. portions of Salmon Steaks slow poached in dill butter, radicchio, marinated gigante beans and perfect lemon bars
olmo meal subscription

Olmo Vegetarian Menu

  • Old School Mac & Cheese – one pound of homemade lumachel pasta baked in a velvety seven cheese sauce, topped with additional cheese and homemade bagel breadcrumbs, a side green salad and chevre brownies
  • Seacoast Mushroom Pasta Kit – one pound of fresh milled rye fusilli pasta, roasted Seacoast mixed mushrooms, Liuzzi Stracciatella, preserved lemon, housemade bagel breadcrumbs and tiramisu
  • Roasted Vegetables & Farro Bowl – roasted season vegetables served over green farro (freekeh), hard boiled eggs, herbs, lemon, lemon aioli and Meyer Lemon pudding topped with graham crackers

The seasonal menu is available on a weekly basis with one rotating, weekly special.  Beer and Wine pairings and a la carte options are also available, as well as grocery provision add-ons including Torres potato chips, mixed marinated olives, Grady’s Cold Brew coffee, Swords into Plowshares Honey, Ortiz Tuna and more.

How Much is Olmo Meal Subscription Service?

“To keep things simple and affordable, while still being delicious and offering the highest level of ingredients, each meal is available for $30, feeding two adults with dinner options including dessert,” added Hutchinson.  “We know that time is tight, so for those looking to have Olmo@Home on the table for more than one dinner or breakfast per week, we will extend a 5% discount for each additional meal added.”

How do I order from Olmo@Home?

You can place your Olmo meal subscription or a la carte order online at Olmo@Home. Mix-and-match meals must be ordered by midnight on Mondays for contactless pick-up or contactless delivery on Thursdays or Fridays of the same week.  Regular subscribers must also make their weekly selections by Mondays at midnight. 

Where do I pick up my Olmo meal subscription or a la carte orders?

Olmo meal subscription or a la carte orders are available for pick-up at 93 Whitney Avenue in New Haven, CT on Thursdays or Fridays between 1:00 and 5:00pm. Pickup is safe and contactless.

Can I get delivery for my Olmo meals?

Contactless delivery is available within a 15 mile radius of downtown New Haven on Thursdays between 1:00 and 5:00pm.

About Olmo@Home

Olmo@Home is a New Haven-based subscription restaurant service offering ready-to-eat meals for weekly delivery or pick-up.  The flexible service allows subscribers to control how many meals they receive each week, and their choice of entrees (which serve two) of breakfast and dinner meals.  A la carte ordering is also available for those not interested in a regular subscription.  With menu options for vegetarians, Olmo@Home also offers beer, wine and grocery add-ons.  Weekly orders can be picked up Thursdays or Fridays at Olmo@Home’s 93 Whitney Avenue location through contactless pick-up, or delivered on Thursdays within a 15 mile radius of New Haven.  For more information or to view the full menu of offerings, visit olmoathome.com, or @olmoathome on Instagram.

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