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Places in New York Where Home Prices are Dropping Fast

Where in New York are home prices dropping fast? How are home prices holding up in New York City and the surrounding suburbs? We looked at the most recent county-by-county sales data and compared it monthly to see where home prices are dropping and rising the most in New York. We used home sales data for December 2023 versus January 2024.

Places in New York Where Home Prices are Dropping Fast

1. Essex County, NY

Essex County experienced the biggest drop in home sales prices, a 54% drop month over month.

2. Columbia County, NY

Columbia County has seen a decline in home prices, with a decrease of 31%.

3. Herkimer County, NY

Home prices in Herkimer County have fallen by 29%.

4. Schoharie County, NY

Schoharie County has experienced a 27% decrease in home prices.

5. Ontario County, NY

Ontario County has witnessed a 26% drop in home prices.

6. Yates County, NY

Yates County has seen a decrease of 26% in home prices.

Larchmont, NY

7. St. Lawrence County, NY

St. Lawrence County has experienced a decline of 24% in home prices.

8. Franklin County, NY

Franklin County has seen home prices drop by 23%.

9. Steuben County, NY

Steuben County has experienced a decrease of 23% in home prices.

10. Cortland County, NY

Home prices in Cortland County have fallen by 21%.

How are New York City Home Prices Holding Up?

New York County (Manhattan)

New York County has experienced a decrease of 9% in home prices.

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Queens County

Home prices in Queens County have increased by 2%.

Kings County (Brooklyn)

Kings County has seen a modest increase in home prices, with a rise of 1%.

How are New York Suburbs Home Prices?

Suffolk County

Suffolk County has experienced a slight decrease in home prices, with a decline of 1%.

Nassau County

Home prices in Nassau County have remained unchanged, showing no percentage change.

Westchester County

Similarly, Westchester County has also seen no change in home prices, remaining at 0%.

Places in New York Where Home Prices Are Rising the Fastest

1. Schuyler County, NY

Home prices in Schuyler County have surged by 79%.

2. Lewis County, NY

With an increase of 30%, Lewis County has seen significant growth in home prices.

3. Allegany County, NY

Allegany County has experienced a considerable rise in home prices, with an increase of 27%.

4. Delaware County, NY

Home prices in Delaware County have risen by 23%, reflecting a substantial growth in the real estate market.

5. Seneca County, NY

Seneca County has seen a notable increase of 19% in home prices, indicating a strong upward trend in the housing market.

6. Chenango County, NY

With a rise of 16%, Chenango County has experienced significant growth in its real estate market.

7. Orleans County, NY

Orleans County has seen a respectable increase of 14% in home prices, indicating a positive trend in the housing sector.

8. Montgomery County, NY

Home prices in Montgomery County have increased by 13%, reflecting a healthy growth in the housing market.

9. Clinton County, NY

Clinton County has experienced an 11% rise in home prices, demonstrating a steady upward trajectory in the real estate sector.

10. Oneida County, NY

With a modest increase of 6%, Oneida County, NY has seen growth in home prices, although at a slower pace compared to other counties on the list.

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