House Hunting Checklist Printable

The 50 Things to Look for When Buying a House in the Suburbs (FREE House Hunting Checklist Printable)

House hunting in the suburbs is a whole different ball game compared to apartment hunting in the city. There are numerous factors to consider when searching for a home in the suburbs, which can make the process more complex. 

When I purchased my first condominium in Manhattan, the considerations were much simpler, focusing on aspects like light exposure, views, and building amenities. Apartment hunting in the city is definitely easier than house hunting in the suburbs! 

Below is a list of what to look for when house hunting in the suburbs. I’m also giving you a FREE House Hunting Checklist printable that you can bring with you at open houses and when you are out house hunting.

50 Things to Look for When Buying a House in the Suburbs

1. Does it Have Curb Appeal?

2. Is the Backyard Level?

3. Is the Backyard Fully Fenced In?

4. Is there a Pool?

5. Is there a Patio?

6. Is it in a Neighborhood with Sidewalks?

7. Do you have enough parking on the street or driveway to throw a party?

8. Does it have a shared driveway?

House Hunting Checklist Printable

9. Is it a waterfront home? Waterviews?

10. Is there a swingset in the backyard?

11. Is there a Pool?

12. Is there an Attached Garage?

13. Is there a Swingset?

14. Does the Kitchen Window face out to the Backyard (so you can see your kids play while you cook)

15. Is it located in a Cul-De-Sac?

16. Is it near Town? Walkable? How far is it?

17. Is it near School? Is it Walkable to school? Is the home located too close to school that you are no longer eligible for school bus transportation?

18. Is it near the Train station?

19. Is it near the Playground?

20. Is it near the Park?

21. Is it near the Beach or Lake?

House Hunting Checklist

22. Is it in a Walkable location or do you need a car?

23. Is it near Restaurants?

24. Is it near Big Chain stores?

25. Is it Easy to Drive Out of the Driveway? (some homes are located on a busy street where it takes forever to pull out of the driveway!)

26. Is there School Bus Transportation? (believe it or not, some homes are located where there is no school bus transportation!)

27. Does it have Good Ceiling Height?

28. Is there a Walkout Basement?

29. Are there Enough Storage?

30. Is there a Proper Master Bedroom Suite (Walk-In closets, double sink in bathroom)

31. Does it have a Good Size Kitchen? (Enough countertop space with sufficient storage)

32. Is there a Mudroom?

33. Is there a Playroom?

34. Does it have a Butler’s Pantry

35. Is there a Dedicated Laundry Room?

36. Are there Enough Bathrooms? (Enough for Your Family) 

37. Is there Space for a Second Refrigerator?

38. Is the Home a New Construction?

39. Does the Home Need Updating?

40. What is the Age of the Appliances? Take caution if the appliances are over 10 years old since most appliances start to break down after 10 years!

41. Is it Located in a Flood Zone? If so, how much is the flood insurance?

42. Is it Located in Wetlands?

43. Is it Hooked up to the Town Sewer? Or does it have a Septic Tank Sewer System?

44. Is it Hooked up to the Town Water? Or does it have a Private Well?

45. Is it Hooked up to Natural Gas? Or does the home have a propane tank system?

46. Are there Solar Panels?

47. Is there a Generator?

48. Is there a Sump Pump?

49. Is there a Radon Mitigation system in place?

50. Is it near the Powerlines?

House Hunting Checklist Printable

House Hunting Checklist: Free Printable

Below is my house hunting checklist printable. I suggest you print out copies of this checklist and keep it in a binder. Use it to take notes and to keep track of the homes you visit during open houses or when you are out house hunting with your real estate agent.

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House Hunting Checklist

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