Powder room Bathroom design ideas

12 Powder Room Design Ideas

Are you doing a home renovation? Don’t forget the powder room. The powder room, often tucked away near the entryway or living area, is a small but impactful space in your home. It is your fancy bathroom and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. 

When it comes to powder room remodels, don’t skimp. Splurge on the little details and accessories. After all, it’s your show off bathroom- you want to impress your guests! 

Powder Room Design Ideas

1. Bold Wallpaper

Make your powder room standout with bold, statement wallpaper.

Bold Patterns: Choose eye-catching wallpaper with geometric or floral patterns. Metallic wallpaper colors complements that lighting fixtures. The powder room below shows a gold and silver wallpaper. As you can see, the gold accentuates the gold lighting fixtures and gold faucet.

Bathroom design ideas

Textured Wallpaper: I love using grasscloth for added texture. A faux leather wallpaper texture gives it a bold look and added depth.

Powder room design ideas

Ceiling-to-Floor Coverage: Don’t skimp on the wallpaper. Cover all walls or create an accent wall behind the vanity for a bold look. The powder room above makes a bold statement, wrapped in the cherry blossom wallpaper.

Powder Room Design ideas

2. Luxurious Materials for the Powder Room

Marble Vanity: A small powder room is the perfect place to indulge in marble.

Marble Everything: Go bold and show off your powder room. The powder room pictured above has gone all out with marble from the backwall to the countertop. The black and white marble tile patterns also gives it a luxurious touch, reminiscent of the Hermes logo!

Gold or Brass Fixtures: Faucets, mirrors, and towel holders add elegance.

3. Mirrors with Personality

Antique Mirrors: Vintage frames or distressed glass add character.

Powder room design ideas

Oversized Mirrors: Reflect light and visually expand the space.

Bathroom design ideas

4. Dramatic Lighting

Sconces: Flank the mirror for flattering illumination.

powder room Bathroom design ideas

Chandeliers: Mini chandeliers or crystal pendants create drama. The powder room below uses mirrors and various lighting to create a glamourous, jewel box powder room feel.

Powder room design ideas

5. Vintage Vanities with Exposed Plumbing

Vintage Look: The clean look of vintage vanities with exposed plumbing adds to the elegant, luxurious feel of the powder room. 

Bathroom design ideas

6. Artwork and Sculptures

Gallery Wall: Hang a collection of small framed art pieces. As you can see in the powder room below, there is a collection of Chinese doll cut-outs which gives the powder room a bit of a jeweled box feel.

Powder room design ideas

7. Bold Color Choices

Dark and Moody: Add drama to your powder room with dark and moody colors such as navy blue, charcoal gray, or deep green. The powder room below uses black and emerald green tiles to give some drama.

Powder room

9. Flooring Drama

Patterned Tiles: Make your powder room standout with unique patterned tiles. If you’re looking to splurge on any room, the powder room is it! Go bold with exquisite pattered tiles- Moroccan, herringbone, or encaustic tiles.

The powder room below has a unique tile pattern that I’m in love with. And that crystal faucet fixture is exquisite.

Bathroom design ideas

10. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers: A small vase with a bouquet adds instant charm. I love a small arrangement of cream roses in the powder room. It adds a touch of elegance to the powder room below.

Bathroom design ideas

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