How to Find the Perfect Preschool in Darien, CT

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Are you looking for preschools in Darien, CT? We have some tips on how to find the perfect preschool in Darien, CT.

Choose the Right Preschool Program in Darien, CT

For a town with only 20,000 residents, there are a lot of preschool programs available to Darien families. If you are looking for preschools with a nature-based curriculum, then the Darien Nature Center Preschool program is a great option. If you are looking for a faith-based preschool curriculum then you should look into Saint Luke’s Parish School in Darien and St. John Preschool in Darien. Concerned about your child’s nut allergy? Then preschools with nut-free facilities like Saint Luke’s Parish School is ideal for you. Do you and your spouse work full-time? A full-day preschool/daycare program such as Chelsea Piers CP Kids may work for your family.

Pick a Preschool Close to Home or Close to Post Road

Typical preschool programs are short. Usually 3 hour days a few times a week. Especially if you have a two year old toddler starting out, you may be looking at 2 hours to start and gradually building up in time. So make sure you pick a preschool close to your home if you plan to go back home after drop off or be near downtown or shops so you can at least run some errands while your little one is in school. Look for preschools close to Post Road, it will give you enough time to stop by Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods between drop-offs and pickups. Darien YMCA Holly Pond School, St. John Preschool, Noroton Presbyterian Nursery School, Saint Luke’s Parish are on Post Road. First Congregational Church Nursery School and YWCA Norwalk/Darien are also convenient to Post Road and Goodwives Shopping Center.

Preschools with Extended Day

You will quickly realize how short preschool programs are. Sometimes they are too short to actually have a productive morning running errands. If that is the case, you should definitely choose a preschool with extended days. In some preschools, your child can stay for lunch or some actually extend the day past lunch to include afternoon enrichment. Darien Nature Center Preschool (lunch bunch), Noroton Presbyterian Nursery School, First Congregational Church Nursery School, Saint Luke’s Parish School, Darien YMCA Holly Pond School (afternoon enrichment), St. John Preschool (Lunch Bunch) and Methodist Family Center (afternoon enrichment) all have extended days.

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