Why I Regret Moving to the Suburbs Too Early

Regret Moving to the Suburbs too Early

I regret moving to the suburbs too early. When did you start thinking of moving to the suburbs?  Chances are, you started thinking of moving to the suburbs when you had kids.  When you could no longer stand the never-ending clutter of toys and wished you had more space.  Or maybe it was when you got tired of dealing with the logistics of going anywhere and wished you can just hop in your car, load the kids and drive off.  Or maybe you started thinking of moving to the suburbs when you were expecting your first child.  You envision your family living the carefree suburban life.  We certainly did.  We started looking into moving to the suburbs when I was pregnant with our first child.  This was a mistake.  I wished we had waited until after our daughter was born before moving to the suburbs.

Pros to moving to the suburbs when you are expecting

Don’t get me wrong.  There are a lot of pros to moving to the suburbs when you don’t have kids in tow.  I must admit, I took full advantage of it.  House hunting was easier because I didn’t have to house hunt around the baby’s nap schedule.  I was also more efficient in packing and unpacking because I didn’t have to split my time taking care of an infant or a toddler.  I could focus solely on my move.  After settling down, it was also nice to be seen by a local Ob/Gyn, deliver at the local hospital and have the local pediatrician attend to my baby from day 1.  I didn’t have to deal with transferring medical care.  I was also immediately looped into the local Lamaze group where I met expecting moms.  And after delivering, I joined a local New Mom’s group and started having playdates even when my daughter was still an infant.  It was nice to belong to a support group from Day 1 especially during a vulnerable time of my life.

Why I regret moving to the suburbs too early

However despite all the advantages, I still regret moving to the suburbs too early.  We made home buying mistakes because we didn’t know what we really needed.  The major downside of moving when you are expecting is that you don’t really know what you need in a house.  You don’t really know what it is like to have to deal with the daily clutter of toys or the increased frequency of visits from your parents and in-laws or the amount of baby stuff you will need on a daily basis.  We mistakenly settled on a house with insufficient storage space not knowing how much storage we really needed.  Our very first suburban home was a little three bedroom ranch perched on top of a hill.  Coming from a small 1 bedroom condo, we thought the house was big enough for us to grow as a family.  Little did we know we will outgrow our home within a year.  We did not fully comprehend the amount of baby gear and toys required to raise a little child.  We began to wish we had a playroom, more storage and a proper guest room (we were using one of the bedrooms as our “walk-in closet”).  Not surprisingly, we were house hunting again.  This time with a toddler in tow.

If I had known better, I wished we moved to the suburbs after having the baby.  This would have saved us from moving twice in the suburbs with a toddler.  It would have been better to buy a house that was suitable for a growing family from Day 1.

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