Richest towns in the Hamptons

7 Richest Towns in the Hamptons 2024

The Hamptons is a famous summer destination for the affluent and influential. Situated on Long Island’s eastern end, this playground is home to some of the wealthiest towns on Long Island. Along with extravagant parties, the Hamptons is also a secluded spot where the rich can escape the public eye. 

We’ve ranked the Hamptons’ richest towns based on the mean household income and median sales price of homes. While mean household income may not be an accurate measure of true wealth in the Hamptons, as many residents have multiple homes and don’t declare it as their primary residence, it’s essential to note. By only focusing on mean household income, we may underestimate the actual wealth. 

Therefore, we also consider the median sale price of homes, which could provide a more accurate measure of affluence in the Hamptons.  Here are the richest towns in the Hamptons.

wealthiest towns in long island
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What is the Richest Hamptons Town?

The richest town in the Hamptons is Sagaponack. Sagaponack has a mean household income of $302,480 and an astonishing median sale price of homes reaching $6,758,000!

Remember, the mean household income is most likely not indicative of the true wealth of this Hamptons town, but the median sale price speaks volumes about the wealth of this town.

7 Richest Towns in the Hamptons

Below are the richest Hamptons towns.

1. Sagaponack, NY

Sagaponack is the richest town in the Hamptons, known for its exclusivity and luxurious lifestyle. Home to many CEOs, celebrities, and billionaires, including Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, the town attracts the uber-wealthy who seek privacy. 

With a median sale price of $6,758,000 and a mean household income of $302,480, Sagaponack stands as one of the most affluent towns in the Hamptons.

Sagaponack has a stunning shoreline with pristine beaches. It is renowned for its sprawling waterfront estates.

Recognized as one of the most expensive zip codes in the US, Sagaponack is an exclusive community for the high-profile and wealthy. 

TownSagaponack, NY
Median Sale Price$6,758,000
Mean Household Income$302,480
Sagaponack, NY Profile

2. West Hampton Dunes, NY

West Hampton Dunes is one of the richest towns in the Hamptons known for its luxury waterfront homes on prestigious Dune Road.  

It is a highly sought-after Hamptons community known for its luxurious waterfront residences and pristine beaches.

West Hampton Dunes residents earn a mean household income of $380,806 and a median sale price of homes of $4,758,333. 

TownWest Hampton Dunes, NY
Median Sale Price$4,758,333
Mean Household Income$380,806
West Hampton Dunes, NY Profile

3. North Haven, NY

North Haven, NY is one of the richest towns in the Hamptons. With a mean household income of $370,004 and a median sale price of an eye-popping $3,125,000. 

North Haven distinguishes itself as a more private section of the Hamptons, without a bustling downtown, shops, or restaurants. 

This affluent Hamptons community caters to the ultra-wealthy, maintaining a low profile and offering exclusive access to residents-only bay beaches. 

North Haven provides a tranquil escape for its affluent residents, offering privacy while still being just minutes away from the vibrant shops and restaurants of Sag Harbor Village. 

TownNorth Haven, NY
Median Sale Price$3,125,000
Mean Household Income$370,004
North Haven, NY Profile

4. Southampton, NY

Southampton is one of the wealthiest towns in the Hamptons, known for its mix of old and new wealth. 

It is home to celebrities, CEOs, and affluent New Yorkers seeking an escape in the summer. 

Southampton has a high median sale price of $2,065,650 and a mean household income of $197,280. The income seems low but it’s not reflective of the true income of its wealthy seasonal residents who have multiple homes. 

The quaint village in Southampton has upscale restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries, catering to the refined tastes of the wealthy. 

Southampton boasts miles of untouched shoreline. The landscape features rolling dunes and waving grasses- making it the perfect summer getaway for rich New Yorkers. 

TownSouthampton, NY
Median Sale Price$2,065,650
Mean Household Income$197,280
Southampton, NY Profile

5. Sag Harbor, NY

Sag Harbor is one of the richest towns in the Hamptons. It is the quintessential Hamptons with charming houses adorned with white picket fences. 

It is a summer playground for the rich with a median sale price of $2,228,571 and a mean household income of $163,717. Again the income is not reflective of the true income of its seasonal wealthy residents. 

Sag Harbor residents enjoy soft sandy beaches and a wide variety of restaurants and shops. Charming farm stands can also be found in the area.

Many of the wealthy Sag Harbor residents live in waterfront homes with stunning views of the harbor.

TownSag Harbor, NY
Median Sale Price$2,228,571
Mean Household Income$163,717
Sag Harbor, NY Profile

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6. Westhampton Beach, NY

Westhampton Beach, NY is a wealthy neighborhood in the Hamptons. It is an affluent coastal village in the Hamptons with charming boutiques, restaurants, and a vibrant main street. 

Westhampton Beach has a range of housing options, from quaint cottages within walking distance to the main street to expansive waterfront homes. 

Westhampton Beach has a median sale price of $1,885,213 and a mean household income of $191,961. Like the other rich Hamptons town on the list, the income is not reflective of the influx of wealthy New Yorkers who come in the summer months.

Westhampton Beach is an idyllic seaside retreat with miles of sandy beaches- the perfect summer getaway for the wealthy.

TownWesthampton Beach, NY
Median Sale Price $1,885,213
Mean Household Income$191,961
Westhampton Beach, NY Profile

7. Quogue, NY

Quogue is another wealthy town in the Hamptons. Compared to other rich Hamptons towns, Quogue has a quiet, secluded vibe. It does not have the lavish party scene of the Hamptons. 

There are a few restaurants and shops in town. Wealthy residents live in shingle-style waterfront homes with expansive water views. 

There are also many historic Victorian cottages in Quogue, adding to the coastal charm.

Quogue is a coveted Hamptons beach getaway for the wealthy, drawing individuals seeking privacy and exclusivity. 

Quogue has a median sale price of $3,037,292 and a mean household income of $137,829. Again, this is not representative of the actual income of the wealthy residents who come for the summer. 

Quogue’s pristine beaches offer a sanctuary for residents, providing a peaceful retreat for those who seek a quieter Hamptons experience.

TownQuogue, NY
Median Sale Price$3,037,292
Mean Household Income$137,829
Quogue, NY Profile

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