Wealthy suburbs of Detroit

7 Wealthy Suburbs of Detroit 2024

Michigan is known for its beautiful lakes and lively cities, but it also has some of the richest suburbs in the US. Many of these wealthy Michigan suburbs are near Detroit. Here are the richest Detroit suburbs.

Detroit, MI

The rankings on this list are based on both income and home prices.

Wealthiest Detroit Suburbs

1. Orchard Lake Village

Orchard Lake Village is the wealthiest suburb of Detroit. Located 26 miles from Detroit, Orchard Lake Village residents enjoy an easy commute to Detroit of approximately 27.6 minutes.

Lakefront suburban home

Orchard Lake Village is an affluent Detroit suburb with luxurious waterfront estates with a median home value of $1,193,813.

The entire city is surrounded by lakes and ponds. In fact, 45% of Orchard Lake Village is water!

Orchard Lake Village residents are lucky to live in such an enchanting place yet still be within a stone’s throw of Detroit’s vibrant city life. 

Orchard Lake Village is a small wealthy community of 2,238 residents earning a mean income of $355,008. 

Orchard Lake VillageData
Mean Income$355,008
Median Home Value$1,193,813
Bachelor’s Degree66.1%

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2. Lake Angelus

Lake Angelus is a wealthy suburb of Detroit. Located about 31 miles away from Detroit, Lake Angelus is a waterfront Detroit suburb. 


Lake Angelus is known for its tranquility and beautiful lakefront estates with an impressive median home value of $1,790,625.

Lake Angelus is a small Detroit suburb with 287 residents and over half of the population is aged 65 years and older. 

It’s one of the wealthiest Detroit suburbs with a mean income of $315,177. 

Lake AngelusData
Mean Income$315,177
Median Home Value$1,790,625
Bachelor’s Degree76%

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3. Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills is one of the richest suburbs of Detroit, located approximately 21 miles from Detroit.

Luxury suburban home

It is a sought-after suburb of Detroit that combines luxury with suburban comfort with wealthy residents earning a mean income of $305,974.

Known for its top-rated schools and stately homes, Bloomfield Hills offers an appealing blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience for its 4,460 residents. 

The median home value at Bloomfield Hills is $592,923.

Bloomfield HillsData
Mean Income$305,974
Median Home Value$592,923
Bachelor’s Degree76.8%

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4. Franklin

Franklin is a wealthy Detroit suburb. It’s a charming village located 20 miles northwest of Detroit. 

Suburban home

The affluent suburb of Detroit is known for its historic downtown and stately estates. Franklin’s median home value is a staggering $1,477,613.

The upscale Detroit suburb is home to 3,139 residents earning a mean income of $264,486.

It’s a family-friendly Detroit suburb with 24.3% of Franklin residents are children under 18 years old.

Mean Income$264,486
Median Home Value$1,477,613
Bachelor’s Degree77.8%

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5. Village of Grosse Pointe Shores

The Village of Grosse Pointe Shores is a wealthy suburb of Detroit with a mean income of $244,212. It is a scenic, lakefront suburb located about 15 miles from Detroit on Lake St. Clair. 

Lake Michigan

The affluent Detroit suburb is home to magnificent lakefront homes with a median home value of $701,753. 

It is a family-friendly suburb of Detroit with 2,647 residents and 23.5% of residents are children aged 18 years old and under.

Village of Grosse Pointe ShoresData
Mean Income$244,212
Median Home Value$701,753
Bachelor’s Degree67.4%

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6. Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the richest suburbs of Detroit. It is an upscale and diverse suburb located 20 miles north of Detroit.

Birmingham is known for its small-town charm and big-city amenities it has a median home price of $656,531.

With a bustling downtown, top-rated schools, and close proximity to Detroit, it is an attractive choice for families. 

In fact, 26% of Birmingham’s residents are children 18 years and under.

Birmingham’s wealthy residents earn a mean income of $219,420. 

Mean Income$219,420
Median Home Value$656,531
Bachelor’s Degree77.1%

7. Northville

Northville is an affluent suburb of Detroit. Located approximately 29 miles from Detroit and 26 miles from Ann Arbor.


It is a Detroit suburb known for its historic downtown and exceptional school district. 

In fact, Northville consistently ranks as one of the best school districts in Michigan. 

Northville is an upscale suburb with a median home price is $533,115 and a mean income of $161,391.

Mean Income$161,391
Median Home Value$533,115
Bachelor’s Degree63.8%

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