Where does Aaron Rodgers Live?

Where does Aaron Rodgers Live?

There is no denying that Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. NFL star and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks is a legend- one of the most admired pro-athletes. As a big fan of Aaron Rodgers myself, I can’t help but be curious about his personal life. One of the things I’m most interested in is where he calls home. So, the big question is: where does Aaron Rodgers live?

Aaron Rodgers Malibu Home

During the off-season, California native, Aaron Rodgers lives in a luxurious beach house in Malibu, California. The Green Bay Packers are known to practice outdoors even in the bitter cold Wisconsin weather, it’s no wonder Aaron comes back to California to recuperate in the warm, sunny weather of his home state. 

Aaron Rodgers’ Malibu house is stunning with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a wall of windows that lets in tons of natural light and gives you a panoramic view of the ocean. Plus the home’s indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly together thanks to the glass windows and doors. In addition to the 4,636 square foot main house, there is a 2 bedroom guesthouse and a 3 car garage. Aaron Rodgers purchased his Malibu home with his then-girlfriend, race car superstar Danica Patrick for $28 million. It’s the perfect place for relaxation and soaking up the California sun during the off-season. It’s no surprise that Aaron Rodgers comes back to Malibu year after year.

Malibu, CA
Malibu, CA

Where is Malibu, California?

Malibu is an affluent suburb of Los Angeles. It is a beach community located an hour away from downtown Los Angeles and is known for its beautiful beaches. Lots of celebrities live in Malibu, after all, what’s not to love with the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding mountain vistas? Aside from the beach, living in Malibu also means being near upscale shops and restaurants. It’s no surprise that Aaron Rodgers calls Malibu home, given the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury. Malibu is the ideal place for Aaron Rodgers to relax and unwind after a busy NFL season. 

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Home

During the NFL season, Aaron Rodgers lives in the suburb of Green Bay. He owns a home in the village of Hobart, WI. And while he certainly has the means to splurge, Aaron Rodgers made a smart real estate move by not buying the most expensive home in the neighborhood. Believe it or not, there’s a massive 16,000 square foot mansion nearby worth a whopping $8 million! But Aaron Rodgers is content with his humble abode, which he purchased for the still-pretty-impressive $1.74 million. 

Green Bay, WI
Green Bay, WI

Where is Hobart, WI?

Hobart, WI is a village located in northeastern Wisconsin, just 16 minutes from the city of Green Bay. It’s a place that hasn’t lost its small-town charm. Residents enjoy the laid-back, quiet life of suburban living. It’s no wonder that even Aaron Rodgers, the NFL star, has chosen to live in Hobart during the NFL season. And with Lambeau stadium, the famous home of the Green Bay Packers, just a 12-minute drive away, Aaron Rodgers enjoys a short and easy commute to work. 

Aaron Rodgers
Daniel Hartwig, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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