Where to see celebrities in NYC?

Where to See Celebrities in NYC

It’s common to see celebrities in NYC. In New York City, celebrities are just like you and me- they walk around in the streets, order coffee from the corner coffee shop, and they take the subway like everybody else in New York.

The good thing about NYC is there are a lot of celebrities- so your chances of spotting someone famous is pretty high.

However, sometimes the problem is recognizing that they are celebrities.

New York City yellow cab

In the streets of New York, celebrities don’t look glamorous and often, they look like regular people and are typically shorter or smaller in real life.

I Saw Reese Witherspoon in Manhattan

Like when I saw Reese Witherspoon in Midtown Manhattan, it took me a good 15-20 minutes before I recognized who she was!

Can you imagine? Reese Witherspoon was literally walking in front of me and I didn’t even recognize her at first! We were both heading in the same direction! 

New York City

Where do Celebrities Go in NYC?

Celebrities can be anywhere in New York City. They don’t hang out in a specific place in New York City.

You may spot celebrities in Midtown or downtown Manhattan, at a Starbucks, or in the streets of New York.

I once saw Mariah Carey at the Cipriani, she was walking out after an event!

So it’s really very random where and when you see a celebrity in NYC. My advice to you is to be alert.

New York City yellow cabs

Don’t walk with your head down looking at your cell phone, you can easily miss a celebrity walking by!

Also, know that celebrities can look rather “plain” in real life so don’t expect the same larger-than-life, glamorous actor or actress that you are used to seeing on the big screen!

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Where to Go in NYC to See Celebrities?

For the highest chances of seeing celebrities in NYC, try getting tickets to morning shows and late night shows.

You can order tickets online to see NYC shows like The View or Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. If you are an audience member, you will get to see the hosts of the show and their famous celebrity guests. 

Bryant Park New York City

Best Neighborhoods in NYC to See Celebrities

The highest chance of seeing a celebrity in NYC is probably in SoHo or Greenwich Village. The restaurants and shops are trendier in SoHo and Greenwich Village so the chances are high of celebrity sightings.

Try walking the streets in SoHo or Greenwich Village or going into a restaurant in SoHo or Greenwich Village. You might get lucky and bump into a famous celebrity!

At the very least if you don’t see someone famous, you will see lots of beautiful people mostly up and coming NYC models. 

Worst Neighborhoods in NYC to See Celebrities

The worst neighborhoods in NYC to see celebrities are touristy places like Times Square, Herald Square and busy places like Grand Central Terminal.

Like most New Yorkers, celebrities will most likely avoid these touristy places. They are just too crowded and full of gawking tourists and tourists taking selfies!

Think about it, if you were famous would you walk around Times Square? Probably not!

Times Square New York City

Where do Celebrities Eat in NYC?

Another great way to see celebrities in NYC is at trendy restaurants in SoHo and Greenwich Village.

Carbone is a celebrity favorite, an Italian restaurant on Thompson Street.

Morandi is another Italian restaurant for celebrity sightings on Waverly Place in the West Village.

Minetta Tavern is a celebrity hot spot located in MacDougal in Greenwich Village.

You don’t have to eat at these restaurants to see celebrities, simply walk around the street and sometimes you’ll get lucky and you’ll see a famous celebrity passing by!

Bryant Park New York City

And if you happen to see paparazzi milling outside a restaurant, that is a sure sign that there is a celebrity dining at that restaurant! Go check it out, you might catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity coming out of the restaurant! 

If you are uptown, there is Rao’s an Italian restaurant famous for having celebrity clients – note that it’s almost impossible to get a reservation at Rao’s!  

Good Luck with your attempt to see celebrities in NYC! Remember, sometimes you’ll see celebrities when you least expect it! Be alert, or else you might not even realize that there is a celebrity walking in front of you!

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