Costco Prepared Meals

9 Best Costco Prepared Meals My Family Can’t Live Without-Ranked

With restaurant prices surging, Costco has truly become a lifesaver. I find myself going to Costco for prepared food instead of getting takeout. When you compare restaurant takeout prices to Costco’s prepared meal kit prices, there is a substantial savings to buy from Costco. And if I were to make these meals from scratch, it would likely cost me the same or even more. My family loves Costco’s prepared meals so much that all the food on this list are in our meal rotation. Below is a list of our go-to Costco prepared meals. 

Best Costco Prepared Meals

1. Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Costco’s Chicken Alfredo pasta is hands down my family’s favorite Costco prepared meal. My kids can’t get enough of it- the perfect combination of chicken, cheese, pasta, and garlic. It’s also really easy to prepare; just bake it in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour, and dinner is ready. I like that it’s topped with chicken so I don’t have to add a protein to the meal. The best part is that it’s a great value; for $18, it can feed a family of four with leftovers. 

Costco Chicken Alfredo

2. Meatloaf

Costco’s Meatloaf is our second favorite of all of Costco’s prepared meals. It is delicious, and we have it once every few weeks. I love that it comes with mashed potatoes, which is the perfect side dish for it. And you really can’t beat the price of $19 a platter, which feeds my family of four.

Costco Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes

3. Rotisserie Chicken

I never leave Costco without buying a rotisserie chicken. First of all, at $4.99 a bird, you just have to buy it. The price is too good to pass up. But what I like about it is that it’s consistently delicious. Plus, unlike the other prepared foods at Costco, I don’t even have to heat the rotisserie chicken up since it’s already cooked!

Costco Rotisserie Chicken

4. Costco Chicken Taco Kit

The Costco taco kit is on my meal plan rotation, we like it so much that we eat it every few weeks. Each kit makes 12 tacos and comes with everything you need—tortilla, chicken, salsa, cilantro lime crema, cheese, vegetables, cheese, and lime. It’s just right for 4 people; each person gets 3 tacos. 

Costco Chicken Street Taco

What I like about it is the minimal preparation involved, just microwave the chicken, and serve. And if you like to serve the tortilla warm, just heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds. At around $16 a kit, you just can’t beat the price. 

9 Best Costco Prepared Meals

5. Chicken Quesadilla Kit

The Costco Chicken Quesadilla kit is another go-to Costco prepared meal for my family. It’s easy to prepare, just reheat the Chicken quesadilla on a non-stick pan and serve. I like that it comes complete with guacamole, salsa and sour cream. It’s an easy weeknight dinner.

Costco Chicken Quesadilla

6. Costco Mac and Cheese

This list would not be complete without Costco’s Mac and Cheese. Don’t think of it as kid food. Once you try it, you’ll be impressed with the taste of Costco’s Mac & Cheese. It’s surprisingly flavorful (I think they add garlic), that both kids and adults just can’t get enough of it. If haven’t tried it yet, you need to, you’re missing out!

Costco Mac and Cheese
9 Best Costco Prepared Meals

7. Costco Shrimp Cocktail

At $8.99 a pound, you can’t beat the price of Costco’s shrimp cocktail. I always buy a pack and serve it at home as an appetizer. It’s a nice (and cheap) way to elevate your weeknight dinner!

Costco Shrimp Cocktail

8. Costco Pizza

Although not found in the refrigerated section with all the other prepared meals, I have to add Costco pizza to this list. It’s definitely my family’s go-to pizza. First of all, you really can’t beat the $9.99 price for an entire large pie! It’s double the price of a large pie at my local pizzeria. Plus, my kids can’t get enough of the distinct flavor and style of Costco’s pizza.  

Costco Pizza

9. Costco Caesar Salad

Even though there are bag salads at Costco, I always buy the Costco Caesar Salad. It somehow tastes better than the bag Caesar salad. I also love the Caesar dressing and it comes complete with croutons and parmesan cheese. 

Costco Caesar Salad
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