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21 Things I Always Buy at Costco

As a frequent shopper at Costco, there are a few items that I always make sure to buy whenever I’m there. Here are the things that I always buy at Costco.

Things I Always Buy at Costco

1. Eggs

One of my go-to places for buying organic eggs is Costco. I have found that the prices for organic eggs at Costco are quite reasonable and often lower than what I would pay at other grocery stores. So, whenever I need to stock up on organic eggs for my family, I buy them at Costco.

Costco Eggs

2. Bananas

Whenever I’m at Costco, I always make sure to pick up some organic bananas. The prices are unbeatable. I love that Costco makes organic produce affordable. 

Costco Bananas

3. Croissants

I always buy croissants when I’m in Costco. My family loves them and they have become a staple at breakfast. Also, you really can’t beat the price. However, there is one minor drawback that I face each time I buy them – the pack contains more croissants than my family of four can finish so I always end up sharing them with a neighbor. 

Costco Croissants

4. Smoked Salmon

I always make a point to grab some Kirkland smoked salmon whenever I’m at Costco. The price is unbeatable. We particularly enjoy having the smoked salmon with Costco’s croissants for breakfast.

Costco Smoke Salmon

5. Sukhi’s Chicken Tikka Masala

I never leave Costco without buying Sukhi’s Chicken Tikka Masala. It’s delicious, tastes like what you’d get at a restaurant. It’s also an easy last-minute meal. Just pop it in the microwave and dinner is served!

Costco Sukhi's Chicken Tikka Masala

6. Cetaphil Lotion

I usually buy Cetaphil lotion from Costco since the 2 pack is a great value. I haven’t found a better price anywhere else.

Costco Cetaphil Lotion
21 Things I Always Buy at Costco

7. Sensodyne Toothpaste

I always get my Sensodyne toothpaste from Costco. It’s the best place to buy it because the price is so reasonable.

Costco Sensodyne

8. Just Bare Chicken Tenders

I always grab a pack of Just Bare Chicken Tenders whenever I visit Costco. They are delicious! My kids are huge fans of their chick-fil-a-like flavor. Plus, it’s a quick and easy dish to make when you’re short on time. I usually air fry them for eight minutes, so easy.

Costco Just Bare Chicken

9. Cotton Candy Grapes

I am always on the lookout for cotton candy grapes whenever I visit Costco. Though they are not always available, whenever I see them in store, I make sure to buy a few tubs because they are truly delicious. And the price is great too. My kids love them and they can eat a lot in one go. The only downside is that they are not organic.

Costco Grape

10. Sweet Kale Salad

I can’t resist these sweet kale salad kits from Costco. Every time I visit the store, I make sure to grab a 2 pack. The dressing is delicious!

Costco Sweet Kale

11. Whisps Parmesan Crisps

My kids and I are addicted to these Whisps Parmesan crisps. They are so good. I always get them from Costco because the price is much more reasonable there than other places.

Costco Whisps
21 Things I Always Buy at Costco

12. Mozzarella Balls

I have a serious addiction to these Formaggio fresh marinated mozzarella balls that I can only find at Costco. I can’t resist buying a whole tub of them whenever I’m there. They’re just too good to pass up.

Costco Mozzarella

13. Baby Tomatoes

You can’t beat Costco’s pricing for baby tomatoes. I always buy a tub of baby tomatoes to go along with the marinated mozzarella balls.

Costco Grape Tomatoes

14. Aidells Pineapple & Bacon Sausage

My family is absolutely crazy about the Aidells Pineapple & Bacon sausages. These sausages are a seasonal item at Costco and are only available in the summer, which is a shame because they are so good. Much better than the Chicken Apple sausage that they have in stock all year round. 

I always make sure to stock up on these sausages and freeze them so that I can enjoy them throughout the year. You also can’t beat the price of these sausages at Costco.

Costco Whisps

15. Activia

Whenever I’m at Costco, I always make sure to get a case of Activia. The price at Costco is unbeatable; it’s cheaper than any local supermarket. The only downside are the flavors, my kids love strawberry and peach, but no one likes vanilla. Guess who ends up eating the vanilla? Me!


16. Dove Body Wash

We go through a lot of body wash, so I’m always on the lookout for a good deal. That’s why I always buy Dove Body wash from Costco. I stock up whenever it’s on sale! You just can’t beat the price.

Costco Dove

17. Shredded Parmesan

My kids love these Kirkland shredded parmesan cheese from Costco, so I always buy them whenever I’m there.

Costco Parmesan Cheese

18. Jasmine Rice

My go-to place to buy jasmine rice is Costco. It’s the cheapest place to buy them, cheaper than the local Asian grocery store.

Costco Rice

19. Baby Bell Peppers

I’m a big fan of these baby bell peppers from Costco. They’re perfect for roasting in the oven and adding as a salad topping. And the best part? You can’t beat the price of these baby bell peppers at Costco. 

Costco Mini Peppers

20. Head and Shoulders Shampoo

My husband is a fan of Head and Shoulders Shampoo, and whenever we run out of it, I make sure to buy it from Costco. I find the prices at Costco to be lower compared to other stores.

Costco Head and Shoulders

20. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner

My daughter and I are heavy users of Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Costco has the best price for Pantene when compared to other stores. So, I always buy it there. Whenever it goes on sale, I make sure to stock up on it.

Costco Pantene

21. Sonicare Toothbrush Refill

Sonicare toothbrush refills are expensive. But it’s even more expensive when you buy them outside Costco. To save some money, I buy my Sonicare toothbrush refills from Costco since it’s cheaper there. I’m always on the lookout for a Sonicare sale before I stock up on them.

Costco Sonicare Refill
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