Chef Kriss Grossman Favorite Restaurants in New Haven and NYC

Chef Kris Grossman’s Favorite Restaurants in Connecticut

Chef Kris Grossman is an award-winning chef who worked at Michelin Starred restaurant “Ente” and has cooked for luminaries like Sting and the Dalai Lama. Kris is the Executive Chef at Le Fat Poodle in Old Greenwich. Le Fat Poodle is by far one of the most recommended restaurants in Fairfield County by local suburbanites we interview. Here are his favorite restaurants in Connecticut.

Eat Where the Chefs Eat is a column where local Chefs and food industry insiders share their favorite restaurants in the New York metro area. Learn where your favorite chefs go when they aren’t in their own kitchens!

Where do you eat during your days off?

Edo Japanese Korean Restaurant at 666 Main Avenue, Norwalk, CT- (203)-750-0623

I go there for their Korean dishes! The Japanese dishes are OK, you can get them anywhere.

Ivy Wok– 316 Elm Street, New Haven CT at 203-562-8800

Ivy Wok, Indonesian noodle soup in New Haven on Elm. I order Roasted duck and wonton noodle – dry (with the soup on the side). It’s delicious.

What are your go-to restaurants in NYC?  

I like to go to Chinatown and avoid the touristy areas in that part of NYC, and I tend to go to places that are tiny, have authentic cuisine, and where the owners barely speak English. It just reminds me of my childhood in Penang in Malaysia.

Tell me more about Le Fat Poodle?  What is your favorite dish at your restaurant?

I don’t have a signature dish. I love creating specials in the morning, I wake up with a craving for something and love to create it. The steak frites here are outrageous. I also like the Asian steamed fish. For lunch, the Ginger Beef Bowl with udon noodles.

Le Fat Poodle at 20 Arcadia Road, Old Greenwich, CT at 203-717-1515

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