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21 Fascinating Cruise Facts that Will Surprise You

Are you a fan of cruising? Cruising is a popular vacation choice for many Americans. Below are some interesting cruise facts about cruising that every cruiser should know. 

Interesting Cruise Facts

1. The Caribbean is the Top Destination for Cruise Travelers

Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda cruises are by far the most popular cruises. This is followed by Mediterranean cruises. 

2. Transatlantic Cruises are the Least Popular

Transatlantic cruises are the least popular type of cruise. This is probably due to their length, with most people not having enough time for them. Plus transatlantic cruises have a lot of sea days which may not be attractive for many cruisers. They also tend to experience choppy waters, which isn’t ideal for people prone to seasickness.

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3. Busiest Port in the World

Miami is the busiest port in the world and the US with the most total passengers who are disembarking, embarking and transiting. 

Cruise Ship Facts

4. Barcelona is the Busiest Port in Europe

Barcelona is the busiest port in Europe with the most total passengers who are disembarking, embarking and transiting. 

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5. Average Age of Cruisers: 46.5 Years Old

The average age of cruise tourists is 46.5 years old, with 32% of cruisers in the 40-59 age range and 33% of cruisers in the over 60+ age range.

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6. High Percentage of Repeat Cruisers

85% of travelers who have cruised will cruise again, which is 6% higher than pre-pandemic. 

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7. Millennials are the most Enthusiastic Cruisers

Compared to other age groups, millennials are most likely to plan to cruise again, with 88% planning to do so, followed by 85% of Gen-X cruisers and 82% of Baby boomers.

8. Most People Book their Cruises between 1 to 6 months in advance

54.7% of cruisers book their cruises 1 to 6 months in advance, while 28.1% book 6-12 months in advance. 10.9% of cruisers are last-minute cruisers booking less than 1 month in advance, and 6.3% of cruisers book over a year in advance.

Cruise Ship Facts

9. Lots of Limited Mobility Cruisers

16% of all cruisers have Limited Mobility. 

10. Most People Use Travel Agents

65% of cruise travelers use a travel agent to book their cruise. 

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11. Cruisers Spend around $100 a day at Port

Cruisers spend an average of $750 per passenger in port cities for a typical 7-day cruise, which is around $100 a day.

12. A Dozen New Ships Will Be Introduced in 2024

12 new ships will be introduced in 2024, offering new itineraries and experiences. The latest new ship is Icon of the Seas, which launched in January 2024.

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13. Over a Million Jobs

The cruise industry provides for 1.2 million jobs and $50 billion in salaries. Adding $155 billion to the global economy.

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14. Largest Ship in the World

Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas is the largest ship in the world with a capacity of 5,610 guests, 2,805 staterooms, 2,350 crew, 7 pools, 9 whirlpools and 6 waterslides.

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15. Returned to Destination

63% of people who have taken a cruise return to a destination they first visited via cruise ship. It just goes to show that cruises are great for giving cruisers an overview of a region and then they end up going back for a more immersive experience. 

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16. Expedition Cruises are Becoming Popular

Expedition cruises are becoming more popular. These are immersive and bucket-list type cruises such as Antarctica cruises. 

17. Family Cruises

Most people going on cruises travel with family, with 73% of cruise travelers sailing with family members that represent at least 2 generations.

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18. Cruising is Their Only Travel Option

Many cruisers feel that cruising is the only viable travel option for them because of limited mobility issues. 82% of cruise travelers or those traveling with limited mobility are saying that a cruise is the only Holiday travel option for them.

19. Social Media Influence

Some cruise travelers say that social media influences their decision on whether or not to book a cruise or not, with 18% stating that social media has a significant influence over their decision to book a cruise.

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20. Most Cruisers are From North America

Most cruisers in the world come from North America, with Western European cruisers being the second source market.

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21. Solo Cruisers are on the Rise

More and more cruisers are solo cruisers and cruise lines are responding by building more single cabins in new ships and retrofitting older ships to accommodate solo cruisers.

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