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I Flew First Class on Delta Airlines for the First Time, It’s Not What I Expected

I’ve always been a fan of Delta Airlines. Their economy class service has consistently impressed me, surpassing that of other airlines. Even though I rarely fly first class and haven’t for many years, I booked a roundtrip first class ticket on Delta from New York to Las Vegas. I was excited to experience their renowned first class service.

Honestly, I had high expectations, given my positive experiences with their economy class. First class with Delta Airlines had to be incredible, right? Unfortunately, the actual experience didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m not sure if this was just a one time letdown, but here’s what happened.

Don’t assume there is Lounge Access

I had mistakenly assumed that flying first class meant automatic access to the airport lounge. Turns out that’s not always the case. During my trip to Las Vegas, I was surprised to be denied entry to the Delta Sky Lounge in JFK airport.

According to the Delta lounge agent, I was flying domestic first class and not international first class, which meant I couldn’t access the lounge for free. I was also told that I couldn’t get in because I was in a terminal with international flights.

Honestly, all that didn’t make sense to me. I’m old-fashioned and still think that you should get free lounge access if you fly first class, whether it’s a domestic flight or an international flight. 

In the end, my husband got in for free with his American Express Platinum card, and I had to pay $50 as his guest to enter the Delta Sky Lounge.

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There Isn’t Always Complimentary Meal Service

You’d think flying first class meant receiving complimentary meal service. However, my recent experience proved otherwise. I had meal service on my first class flight from New York to Las Vegas but did not get meal service on the flight back.

The meal service on the flight to Las Vegas was what I had expected of first class—a proper dinner of mushroom ravioli, wine, salad, and a delicious raspberry chocolate cake. The flight attendant was friendly, and the service was great. I also received plenty of snacks, including gummy bears, chips, pretzels, and unlimited drinks.

Naturally, I expected the same level of service on my return flight from Las Vegas to New York, but that was not the case. Instead of a meal, I was only offered snacks, similar to what you’d find in economy class. The flight attendant simply walked around with a basket of chips and pretzels. I was served wine and water, but no meal was offered.

I think it’s because I was flying the red eye that’s why there is no meal service? But honestly, I was still expecting meal service even on a red eye flight! Or at least be offered the option to have a meal. Do you think that’s too much to ask on a red eye flight?

Delta airlines first class

No Expedited Baggage Service 

I also assumed that flying Delta first class would guarantee me expedited baggage service, meaning my luggage would be the first to come out in the baggage claim carousel. After all, when I checked in, the Delta agent attached a yellow sky priority tag to my luggage, so I expected it to be prioritized.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. My luggage took a while to come out. When I arrived in Las Vegas, I really thought my luggage would come out first. In fact, I even booked an Uber while walking to the baggage claim to minimize the wait time!

I ended up waiting a long while for my luggage to come out. I saw many other bags without the sky priority tag being claimed before mine. I certainly did not get expedited baggage service!

Is Delta First Class Worth it?

Is it really worth it to splurge on first class? Sure, you get to board first, enjoy larger seats, and indulge in complimentary alcoholic beverages. But is all that worth it? The price difference between first class and main economy for a roundtrip New York City to Las Vegas ticket is a whopping $1397.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth paying that much just to get larger seats and complimentary alcohol on a 6 hour flight. I’d rather sit at the back in economy class and save that money.

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