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18 Easy Brunch Party Foods from Costco

Are you thinking of throwing a brunch party? Whenever I entertain, I always head to Costco. It’s the perfect place to find a wide range of affordable and delicious brunch foods that you can set up on your breakfast buffet table to impress your guests! From mimosas to quiche to a DIY granola bar- you can easily put together a brunch buffet that will feed a crowd. Here are the best Costco foods for hosting the perfect brunch.

Best Costco Brunch

1. Smoked Salmon

I love serving smoked salmon, it just elevates my brunch. I think these Kirkland smoked salmon go perfectly with croissants.

Costco Smoked Salmon

2. Croissants

I always serve croissants for brunch. First of all, they are delicious, plus at $5.99 a pack, you can’t beat the price.

Costco Croissant

3. Quiche

No brunch is complete without a delicious egg dish. These quiches are the perfect addition to your brunch spread, and they come in two mouth-watering flavors: Spinach and Artichoke and Cheddar and Broccoli. The best part? They’re made with egg whites, so they’re a healthier option. Preparing them is a breeze – simply heat them up in the oven, and they’re ready to go! No need to worry about cooking them yourself.

Costco La Terra Fina Quiche

4. Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausage

Instead of your usual breakfast sausage, try serving these Aidells chicken and apple sausages instead. They’re not only delicious but also more filling. You can even slice them into discs and sauté them with some onions for a scrumptious brunch dish that’s sure to satisfy any savory cravings.

Costco Aidells Chicken and apple sausage

5. Bacon

Brunch is not complete without bacon. These Kirkland bacon is my go-to choice because it is lower in sodium and is a good price. 

Costco Bacon

6. Breakfast Sausage

For a more bountiful brunch spread, add in some breakfast sausage. These chicken breakfast sausages are fully cooked. They are easy to prepare, you can panfry, or even air fry them! 

Costco Breakfast sausage

7. Canadian Bacon

Another breakfast meat option that you can add to your brunch buffet is Canadian bacon. They are fully cooked and easy to prepare – just pan-fry or heat them in the oven for a few minutes. They’re absolutely delicious.

Costco Canadian Bacon

8. Prosciutto di Parma

Elevate your brunch by serving prosciutto di Parma. It pairs perfectly with croissants, adding a touch of sophistication to your brunch.

Costco Prosciutto

9. Mimosa

Mimosas are a quintessential addition to any brunch gathering. Costco makes it easy. Just buy premixed, ready-to-drink Mimosa from Costco. It sure beats mixing your own! At $7.99 a bottle, it’s a steal. 

Costco Mimosa

10. Belgian Waffles

Impress your guests by serving Belgian waffles. Simply heat them up, and they’re ready to be served. These Belgian waffles are already sweet, so there’s no need to add syrup.

Costco Belgian Waffles

11. Muffins

Add more variety to your brunch table by serving muffins. Not only do they look great, but they’re also an incredible bargain at Costco. You can mix and match two different flavors to add variety to your table.

Costco Muffins

12. Fruit Bowl

No brunch is complete without a fruit bowl. Instead of wasting your time cutting fruits, buy the premade Costco mixed fruit bowl. Add strawberries and blueberries to make your bowl more vibrant and visually appealing.

Costco Fruit Bowl

13. Coffee

Costco is my go-to place to buy coffee. They have the best price—a 3 lb. bag of Columbian whole beans is only $16.99! 

Costco Whole Bean Coffee

14. Cold Brew

Add variety to your beverage options by serving La Colombe cold brew. Along with hot coffee, this delicious and refreshing drink is perfect for brunch.

Costco Cold Brew

15. Chobani Zero Sugar Yogurt

These Chobani yogurts make a great addition to your brunch buffet. Not only do they taste delicious, but they also lack the usual tangy flavor of Greek yogurt. This makes them perfect for everyone, even your guests who don’t typically enjoy tart Greek yogurt.

Costco Chobani Zero Sugar

16. Granola Bar

If you’re thinking of adding a DIY granola bar to your brunch buffet table, it’s easy to do with Costco. Costco always sells a variety of granola at a good price. Just serve them in clear glass bowls with a scooper and offer a selection of yogurts. Your guest can help themselves and make their own granola parfaits. 

Costco Granola

17. Jam & Nutella

Don’t forget the jam! Bonne Maman fruit spread, and Nutella are the perfect accompaniment for your brunch. They go perfectly with croissants.

Costco Bonne Maman & Nutella

18. Flowers

Get a bouquet of flowers at Costco that you can easily arrange into a nice floral arrangement for your brunch. You can find a variety of flowers at Costco at a good price. 

Costco Flowers

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