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21 Easy Costco Party Snacks & Appetizers to Feed a Crowd

Are you planning a budget-friendly party and need some party snacks that will feed a crowd? Head over to Costco for affordable and delicious party food. From easy party snack appetizers to finger foods, below are Costco party snack ideas.

Costco Party Snack Ideas

1. Pizza Bombas

Your guests will love these pizza bombas. They are delicious- wonderfully soft, round bread packed with mozzarella, cheese, and pepperoni. They make the ideal party snack!

Costco Pizza Bombas

2. Mini Corn Dogs

Mini corn dogs are an effortless party snack. They’re so easy to prepare—just pop them in the oven or air fryer. These bite-sized appetizers are a hit with both adults and kids alike!

Costco Mini Corn Dogs

3. Meatballs

Meatballs make a great party snack and are always a hit. I love serving these Amylu Teriyaki Pineapple chicken meatballs from Costco. Put them on mini-skewers, and you have the perfect party appetizer.

Costco Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken Meatballs

4. Caprese Skewers

I always turn to mozzarella tomatoes as my go-to for party appetizers. They’re simple to prepare, just combine marinated fresh mozzarella with grape tomatoes in a bowl, and you’re good to go. If I want to spruce up the presentation, I’ll thread them onto small skewers to create caprese skewers. They make the perfect appetizers for any party.

Costco Mozzarella and Tomatoes

5. Pretzel Bites

Pretzel Bites make great party snacks. These Bistro 28 Pretzel Bites from Costco are my favorite. They’re easy to prepare – you can cook them in the oven, microwave, or air fryer.

Costco Pretzel Bites

Plus, they come with two delicious dipping sauces: mustard and cheddar cheese. These pretzel bites are perfect for a party and easy finger foods.

Costco Party Snacks

6. Stuffed Grape Leaves

One of the easiest party appetizers to serve are these stuffed grape leaves. They are delicious vegetarian stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, tomatoes, onions, and red peppers. The best part is that no cooking is required. Just arrange them on a platter, and you’ve got the perfect party appetizers!

Costco Stuffed Grape Leaves

7. Shrimp Tempura

These Kirkland Shrimp Tempura make perfect party finger foods. They are delicious and incredibly easy to prepare. Just air fry them and they’re ready to serve.

I like to serve each shrimp tempura in individual cups and drizzle them with a bit of dipping sauce. It’s a simple and easy party appetizer!

Costco Kirkland Tempura Shrimp

8. Petite Cuisine Mozzarella Sticks

Another easy party snack from Costco are these Petite Cuisine mozzarella sticks. You can cook them straight from the freezer—there’s no need to thaw. Just put them in the air fryer for 8 minutes, and they’re good to go! Your guests are sure to love these mozzarella sticks.

Costco Petite Cuisine Mozzarella Sticks

9. Potstickers

Potstickers are an easy and popular party appetizer. Simply pan-fry and serve for a hassle-free and satisfying party snack option. These Ling Ling potstickers are my go-to!

Costco Ling Ling Potstickers

10. Just Bare Chicken Tenders

Another easy party appetizer are these Just Bare Chicken Tenders. They’re so tasty that they’re almost addictive, with a flavor reminiscent of Chick-fil-A.

Costco Just Bare Chicken

The best part, they’re quick and easy to prepare. Just pop them in the air fryer for eight minutes, and voila! You’ve got yourself a delicious and satisfying party appetizer.

Costco Party Snacks

11. Tortellini Salad

If you need simple party appetizers that don’t require cooking, these tortellini salads are perfect. Serve them in clear individual cups with a fork. The colorful tortellini will look attractive on your buffet table.

Costco Tortellini Salad

12. Tuscan Bean Salad

Here’s another simple party appetizer idea that doesn’t require any cooking: Summer Fresh Tuscan Bean salads. Just serve them in small individual clear cups with a fork, and that’s it – you have a delicious and satisfying party appetizer!

Costco Tuscan Bean Salad

13. Artisan Wraps

These artisan wraps are sure to be a hit at your party. They come in three delicious flavors and are perfect for appetizers.

Each wrap features fresh mozzarella wrapped in pepperoni, prosciutto, or soppressata. The best part is that there’s no need for preparation—just arrange them on a platter and serve!

Costco Artisan Wraps

14. Chips and Guacamole

I always find that chips and guacamole are a big hit at any party. They make fantastic party snacks. I always get the best deal on tortilla chips and guacamole at Costco, so whenever I host a party, I make sure to buy them there.

Costco Chips and Guacamole

15. Mediterranean Appetizer Platter

I like to serve a Mediterranean-inspired meze appetizer platter on the buffet table. I will put together a platter with tzatziki, naan, a variety of olives, and hummus. It’s great for guests to nibble on at your party.

Costco Mediterranean platter

16. Shrimp Cocktail

Impress your guests by serving shrimp cocktails at your party. I always head to Costco for shrimp cocktails. Costco has the best deal on shrimp cocktail platters, serving 24 people for just $39.99.

Costco shrimp platter

17. Asian Noodle Salad

This Asian noodle salad is guaranteed to be a hit at your party. It’s a delicious and refreshing cold noodle appetizer. I recommend serving it in clear plastic cups with a fork for easy eating and individual portions.

Costco Asian Noodle Salad

18. Tomato Basil Pizza Crisps

Switch things up at your party by swapping out traditional potato chips for these mouthwatering pizza-flavored mozzarella crisps. They’re gluten-free and guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser when served in a large bowl.

Costco Tomato Basil Pizza Crisps

19. Fruit, Meat and Cheese Platter

If you want a super easy party appetizer with zero preparation, your best bet is to grab a Costco fruit, meat, and cheese platter. For $39.99, the platter serves 24 people and includes grapes, salami, sopressata, cheddar, and gouda.

Costco Fruit Meat and Cheese Platter

20. French Macarons

Wow your guests with these exquisite French macarons. Each pack includes 36 macarons in 6 delicious flavors: chocolate, strawberry, lemon, pistachio, blueberry, and vanilla. Their vibrant colors will create a stunning display on your dessert table.

Costco French Macarons

21. Cookies

The Costco cookie platter is an easy, crowd-pleasing party snack. Priced at just $22.99, this Costco platter includes 60 cookies in four flavors: chocolate chip, white chocolate double nut, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate cranberry. It’s important to note that this platter contains macadamia and cashew nuts, so don’t serve it if you have guests with nut allergies. Check out: 21 Things I Always Buy at Costco

Costco Cookies

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