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12 Must-Have Affordable Camping Essentials from Costco

Did you know you can buy most of your camping gear from Costco? I have an upcoming overnight camping trip, and will need a tent, camp chairs, coolers, everything! I was pleasantly surprised to find that Costco had all the camping essentials I needed for my family camping trip. Here are the best things to buy at Costco for a camping trip.

What to Buy at Costco for a Camping Trip


Costco has a 6-person tent and a 10-person tent. The 6-person tent is particularly appealing to me because it is priced at just $100, which is a great deal. What caught my attention is that it comes with a built-in LED light. (I didn’t know they make tents with built-in lighting!)

Costco Tent

Collapsible Table

Costco is offering a fantastic deal on a collapsible table. This table is not only a good size but also comes with convenient built-in cup holders. Right now, you can buy it for just $23.99 (there is a $6 discount). This table is perfect for use around the campfire. It’s convenient and stable, perfect for drinks, snacks, or games.

Costco Camp Table
Costco Camping


Costco has a portable travel hammock that is perfect for camping and the backyard. This compact hammock looks easy to set up and comes in a small carrying case. What’s even better is the affordable price of just $19.99.

Costco Hammock


Airbeds are a must when camping! Costco has Coleman airbeds. They have a queen-size airbed with a plush top and a battery-operated pump—perfect for camping!

Costco Airbed


When going on camping trips, I always make sure to bring along a few of these lamps. For my family of four, I will be bringing two lamps. One of the best features about these lamps is that they come with USB ports perfect for charging our devices outdoors.

Costco Camp Lantern

Power Station

This portable power station is amazingly lightweight and powerful. It’s perfect for camping trips to charge devices, and for car emergencies. It even works great to inflate airbeds! This CAT power station is a great deal- it’s discounted and on sale at Costco for $99.99.

Costco Power station

Camp Chairs

There are several camp chairs available at Costco. They’ve got this swinging chair that’s surprisingly comfortable for $49.99, and I think the kids will really enjoy it.

Costco Camp Chair

They also have the regular high-back camp chairs for $39.99 each.

Costco Camp Chair

They also have camp chairs that come with a side table and cup holder. I ended up getting one of each.

Costco Camp Chair

Folding Wagon

Folding Wagon makes loading and unloading for camping trips so much easier! Costco sells one for $89.99, which is a great deal. It feels really solid. I already have one at home, but I’m tempted to buy this one because it feels sturdier than the one I have!

Costco Wagon


Costco has several coolers that are perfect for camping. They have a smaller Igloo cooler with wheels for easy transport.

Costco Coolers with wheels

They also have larger Igloo coolers that can hold more food and drinks but do not have wheels. Since we’ll be camping on an island and won’t be able to drive to our campsite, I chose the Igloo cooler with wheels for convenient transportation.

Costco Coolers

Beach Towels

I picked up a couple of these oversized beach towels that can easily fit two people. It will come in handy for us at the beach since we’ll be camping on an island.

Costco Beach towels for 2


I can’t wait to use these BBQ pans for grilling on our camping trip. I have a feeling I’ll be using them a lot at home, too, especially when we grill shrimp and vegetables. They’re perfect for preventing food from falling into the grill, which always annoys me. These pans are $19.99 each.

Costco BBQ Pan


These packable blankets are perfect for camping. They are made of water-resistant material, which is perfect for the grass or beach. I like that they are rollable and come with a strap. These outdoor blankets are $18.99 each. 

Costco Camp blankets

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