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13 Eyesores Home Sellers Should Get Rid of Immediately

Are you selling your house? If so, you need to make your home inviting and remove any eyesores so they don’t distract potential home buyers or, worse, turn them off.


Avoid displaying personal photos, since they can be distracting. While you may find them appealing, potential buyers might focus on the photos instead of appreciating the beauty of your home or imagining themselves living there. Keep them out of sight to ensure a better viewing experience for home buyers.

Offensive Artwork

When selling your home, removing any offensive artwork promptly is important. Offensive art can shock potential buyers and leave them with a negative impression. It’s best to keep the house decor neutral to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Eye sores home sellers should get rid off

Political Signs

Don’t display any political stickers or signs when selling your house. Since politics can be a divisive topic, it’s best to avoid potential buyers being put off by your political affiliation.

Also, don’t forget to remove any political signs on the exterior of your house, such as lawn signs and flags. It’s also a good idea to take off any political bumper stickers if your car is parked in the garage.


As a home seller, eliminating clutter is crucial since they reflect poorly on you and is a major eyesore. Excessive clutter can make your home unattractive and easily divert home buyers’ attention from its appealing features. Before having the photographer take the listing photos, it’s important to declutter.

Envision a hotel room – that’s the vibe your home should exude. Imagine walking into a freshly cleaned hotel room with no clutter. Walk around your house with a box and start tidying up. Put away paperwork, toys, figurines, souvenirs – anything cluttering your floors, bookshelves, and tabletop surfaces. Your bed should resemble a hotel bed with just a few pillows (definitely not a pile of stuffed animals!).

Junk in your yard

Make sure to tidy up your front and backyard by stashing away any clutter. This includes empty pots, old garden tools, the kids’ outdoor toys, and any extra garden hoses. These items should be out of sight so that your front and backyard can appear neat and well-maintained.


Don’t let your refrigerator become an eyesore in your open house. Remove all the magnets and photos from the door and ensure the inside is tidy.

Prospective buyers often peek inside, so you want to make a good impression. Clean out the fridge and freezer, discard any spoiled food, and use Pyrex to keep everything organized. Also, get rid of odors by placing a box of baking soda inside. This will help you make a positive impact and avoid putting off potential buyers.

Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes can be a real eyesore for potential home buyers. It takes their focus away from appreciating your kitchen. Keep your home tidy and spotless. Always remember to clear away any dirty dishes before any viewings or open houses.

Religious Displays/Decor

Make sure you put away any religious displays, statues, and decor. You wouldn’t want to distract or put off potential home buyers.

Since you never know their feelings about religion, it’s best not to have these items in your house so that they can fully concentrate on the beauty of your home.

Eye sores home sellers should get rid off

Portable Heaters and Fans

Portable heaters and fans can be unsightly and off-putting to potential home buyers. When potential home buyers see space heaters and portable fans, they will automatically assume that something is wrong with your HVAC, that you need to supplement your air conditioning with a fan, or that you need to supplement your heater with a portable one.

Tacky Wallpaper and Non-Neutral Wall Paint Colors

As a home seller, it’s important to eliminate tacky wallpaper and non-neutral wall paint colors. Keeping everything neutral is best to attract potential buyers, allowing them to picture themselves living in your home. Tacky wallpaper and vibrant, non-neutral wall paint colors have the opposite effect, proving to be too distracting for prospective buyers.

Too Many Plants

Don’t overcrowd your home with too many plants. It can be overwhelming and distracting for potential buyers. Keeping it neutral will allow them to see the beauty of your house without being distracted by the plants.

Pet Items

When showing your home to potential buyers, keeping pet items out of sight is a good idea. Dog crates, dirty fish tanks, and pet toys can be off-putting to some people. By putting these items away, you can make your home more appealing to a wider range of buyers.

Bad Odor

Although not technically an eyesore, bad odor is a major turn-off for potential home buyers when you’re selling your house. To ensure a pleasant smell, it’s best to freshen up your home by airing it out before showings and open houses.

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