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2023 Guide to the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

Mark your calendar! The much anticipated Greenwich Sidewalk Sale is on!

The Greenwich Sidewalk Sale is a 4 day shopping event in Greenwich, CT. 

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

The Greenwich Sidewalk Sale is one of the best sidewalk sales in Connecticut.

So popular that the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale attracts shoppers from other Connecticut towns and Westchester County.  

Almost all the stores on Greenwich Avenue are participating in the sidewalk sale.

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale
Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

You can get amazing deals on luxury brands (think factory outlet-like prices)!

Below you will find a complete guide to the 2023 Greenwich Sidewalk Sale.

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

When is the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale?

The 2023 Greenwich Sidewalk Sale is a 4 day shopping event.

The Greenwich sidewalk sale starts on Thursday, July 13, 2023 and ends on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

From Thursday to Saturday, many stores will open later around 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. 

Vineyard Vines Sidewalk Sale

On Sunday, many stores will open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Where is the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale?

The stores participating in the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale are predominantly located on Greenwich Avenue and the cross streets (Lewis Street and E. Elm Street).

There are also stores on Putnam Avenue participating in the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale.

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

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Where is the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale Parking?

It is not easy to find parking at the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale.

Greenwich Avenue and the side streets will be full of cars prowling looking for a parking spot. 

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

Scoring a parking spot right on Greenwich Avenue during sidewalk sale days will feel like winning the lottery.

Fortunately, there are several parking lots behind the shops on Greenwich Avenue.

You can try the East Elm parking lot behind Saks between Lewis Street and East Elm street. 

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

There is also another Amogerone parking lot behind Sephora between Amogerone Crossway and Lewis Street.

There are also parking lots off Lewis Street between Benedict Place and Greenwich Avenue and the BOE N parking lot near Restoration Hardware off Arch Street and Bolling Place.

If you can’t find parking at the parking lots, you can try to find street parking on the streets adjacent to Greenwich Avenue such as Mason Street, East Elm Street, Lewis Street, Amogerone Crossway and Putnam Avenue.

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

Good luck finding parking at the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale!

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Definitely plan to circle looking for parking during the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale and don’t forget to bring lots of quarters to feed the parking meters!

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

Use the Downtown Greenwich Parking lot map below to help you find parking at the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale.

The parking lots marked 12H are metered parking lots.

Don’t park at the parking lots marked P since they are for permit holders only (except on weekends). 

Note: parking information can change, please read the signage at these parking lots to make sure you have the most up to date information.

Greenwich sidewalk sale parking lots

Is the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale Indoors or Outdoors?

There will be a combination of indoor and outdoor shopping at the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale. 

Most stores will have racks outside on the sidewalk for you to browse outdoors and you can go inside the store as well for more sale items.

Vineyard Vines Sidewalk Sale

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How Many Stores Are Participating in the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale 2023?

In 2023, there will be over 80 stores participating in the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale. It is the biggest annual shopping event of the year! 

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale is on- rain or shine.

Pro Tips: Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

I just came back from the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale and here are my tips.

JCrew Sidewalk Sale

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear comfortable shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking during the sidewalk sale. Trust me, Greenwich Avenue is a long avenue!

Plus, there is a high chance that the parking spot you get is on one of the side streets away from Greenwich Avenue so you may have to walk a few blocks just to get to the shops on Greenwich Avenue.

Expect Long Lines

The lines will be long at popular stores like Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer! You will have to wait in line just to try on clothes, then you will have to wait in line again just to pay!

I spent 1.5 hours at the Vineyard Vines. 30 minutes of that was waiting in line to pay! But the deals are great. It’s worth it!

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale Long Line
Long line at Vineyard Vines

Bring Water and Snacks

I suggest bringing a bottled water and a little cracker for snack. I got a little hungry and thirsty while I was standing in line (and I couldn’t just leave the line to go buy a drink because I don’t want to line up again!)

Fortunately, I had bottled water and a little cracker to keep me going!

Take the Day Off

Shopping the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale can take hours! I took 3 hours just shopping two stores- Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines!

If you plan to shop the entire avenue, then you need to take the day off. Don’t expect to go back to your office because shopping the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale is a whole day activity!

Leave the Kids at Home

It’s both hectic and fun to shop the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale. You will have your hands full digging through the sale bin and carrying all the stuff you want to buy.

Do yourself a favor and leave the kids at home!

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

It’s too much to have to watch your kids and shop! It’s worth it to hire a sitter for the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale!

Bring Your Teen

If you have a teen, bring him or her. Your teen will be helpful in standing in line for you while you continue browsing. It’s a major time saver to have another person stand in line for you.

Don’t Forget the Side Street

Stores located on the side street also participate in the sidewalk sale. Shop the side streets, you can find great deals!

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

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