Villa Pozzi, Matteo Pozzi's Move from Italy to Stamford, CT

Villa Pozzi, Matteo Pozzi’s Move from Italy to Stamford, CT

So far, we have featured personal stories of people moving to the suburbs within America.  I thought it would be interesting to write about a move to suburbs story that is also a move to America story.  Here is Villa Pozzi, Matteo Pozzi’s Move from Italy to Stamford, CT.

Tell me about your move from Italy to Stamford, CT?

I grew up in Cremona, a very small city in northern Italy.  My family owns Villa Pozzi winery in Sicily.  We frequently visited the United States because of our wine business.  As our wine business in the US grew, we spent more and more time in the US.  My father decided to buy an apartment in NYC and we used it as our US headquarters.  After going back and forth between the US and Italy for 8 years, my father decided to permanently settle in the US.  He believes the quality of life is better in the US.  Why Stamford? We moved to Stamford because our importer, the Deutsch family, lives here and we have formed a close relationship with them.  They are like family to us.  We live just north of Springdale section of Stamford, it is a quieter area.  We did look at other towns in Fairfield County such as Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien but eventually settled in Stamford because we found good value in the home prices in Stamford.  We are happy with our decision to move to Stamford and wouldn’t change a thing.

When you moved did you know anyone? How did you make friends?

Making friends was the hardest part of moving for me.  I just finished school in Italy and when I moved to Stamford, I immediately started working in the family business.  I’m 23 years old and it’s not easy to find people my age in the wine business!  In Italy, it’s easier to make friends.  I just go downtown and meet people.  Here, I don’t feel comfortable going to the bars in downtown Stamford by myself because English is still a second language for me.  I joined Chelsea Piers in Stamford and have made some friends through the fitness classes and events.  I also joined the municipal golf course and met some people through there too.

Villa Pozzi, Matteo Pozzi's Move from Italy to Stamford, CT

Coming from Italy, what is the biggest adjustment to living in Stamford?

There are no big adjustments really, just some daily things that are different from Italy such as adjusting to the imperial system.  I now have to think in miles instead of kilometers, fahrenheit instead of celsius.  Another thing that I’m not used to is that it is not bike friendly here in Stamford.  In Italy, I can go anywhere with my bike and feel safe with the bike trails.  I miss biking everywhere and am not used to having to drive all the time.

Can you describe your social life in the suburbs?

My social life here is: gym, golf, going out for dinner downtown and sometimes to the movies.  I feel like the culture here is different compared to Italy.  Italian life is more community oriented, I used to go downtown everyday and just hang out.  While here, it is less of a community.  People keep to themselves more- although everyone I have met are very friendly and nice, it’s just a different way of life.

Villa Pozzi, Matteo Pozzi's Move from Italy to Stamford, CT

What are your favorite restaurants in the area?

* Favorite restaurant: Prime (Stamford)

* Italian restaurants: Bar Rosso (Stamford), Zaza Italian Gastrobar and Pizzeria (Stamford), Cotto Wine Bar (Stamford), Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza Company (Stamford), Table 104 (Stamford), Lugano Wine Bar and Salumeria ( Old Greenwich), Da Pietro’s (Westport), Geno’s Grille (Storrs).

* American restaurants: Gates Restaurant (New Canaan).

* Asian restaurants: Hajime (Harrison) and Kashi (Stamford).

Do you take the train into New York City? What has your experience been with the Metro-North train commute?

I go into the city 3-4 times a month.  It’s pretty convenient to take the train from Stamford.  There is a train every 30 minutes and off-peak tickets are only $23 round trip.  Parking is only $8 per day.  The only thing is parts of the parking lot are not in good shape and closed, but overall it’s not bad at all.

About Matteo Pozzi

Matteo Pozzi is a partner and brand ambassador for Villa Pozzi wines.  Originally from Cremona, Italy, Matteo graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Oenology.  He worked at multiple wine cellars in Italy, becoming a master in wine making.  Then in 2016, he became a partner in his family business, Villa Pozzi Wines. Instagram: @villapozziwines. Website:

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