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10 Most Annoying People at a Cruise Buffet You’ll Want to Avoid

Are you planning to go on a cruise soon? Well, one of the best parts of cruising is the cruise buffet. However, it can quickly turn into a frustrating experience if you encounter rude people at the cruise buffet. Below are the most annoying people you want to avoid when hitting the buffet on a cruise. Also, I’m sharing my travel website password tracker as a free printable below.

The Most Annoying People at a Cruise Buffet

1. The Table Hog

It’s frustrating to see people hogging a table at a crowded buffet without even eating. Instead, they are engrossed in playing cards, completely oblivious to the fact that many people are carrying trays of food, struggling to find a vacant table. 

It would be courteous of them to vacate the table and let the people who want to eat use it. After all, the buffet is meant for dining, not playing cards. They could easily find another spot on the cruise ship to play their game!

Annoying People on Cruise Buffet

2. People Who Skip Handwashing

It’s annoying to see people skip handwashing at the cruise buffet. Despite the efforts of the cruise staff to remind everyone to wash their hands before getting food, some people avoid it. 

The sinks installed at the entrance of the buffet are there for a reason – to keep everyone healthy and prevent the spread of illnesses. It’s important that people take this seriously and wash their hands before entering the buffet area.

3. The Line Cutter

One of the most annoying people at a cruise buffet are the line cutters. These cruise passengers seem to believe that they have the right to skip ahead of others, without any regard for the order or rules of the line. 

They may cut in front of you for a variety of reasons, whether it’s because they’re in a hurry, have a special reason, or are simply being rude. I hate it when I see these line cutters at the cruise buffet!

4. The Rowdy Kids (and their Parents)

It really annoys me when I see unruly kids running amok at the buffet. These rowdy kids cause chaos and make a mess by trying to dish up food by themselves, or worse, by sneezing along the buffet line. 

Honestly, where are their parents? Why aren’t they keeping them in check? Don’t you think there should be some guidelines in place at cruise buffets that specify the minimum age for kids to serve themselves?

5. The Loud Talkers

I really hate loud talkers at the cruise buffet. It’s so frustrating because I go there to enjoy my meal in peace, but they just don’t seem to care about the volume of their voice or the nature of their conversation. 

They could be chatting with their friends or whining about something, but they will do it so noisily that everyone around them can hear. Don’t they know about the concept of a restaurant voice?

Annoying People on Cruise Buffet

6. The Indecisive

I get really annoyed when I’m waiting in line at the cruise buffet and the person in front of me can’t make up their mind. 

They either take forever and pile their plate with everything, or they hesitate and read the signs for ages, trying to decide what to sample. As a result, they end up holding up the buffet line and slowing everything down.

7. The Chatty One

I find it quite irritating when I’m waiting in line at a buffet and the person ahead of me is busy chatting away with the staff or someone else in the queue, causing a delay for everyone else. 

Instead of getting their food, they are more focused on talking to their friend or the staff, which is quite frustrating. If they are not ready to concentrate on the buffet, they shouldn’t be in the line in the first place. 

I would appreciate it if they could step aside and come back when they’re ready to get their food.

8. The Person Who Never Changes Plate

It’s really annoying to see people using the same dirty plate again and again when they want to get more food from the cruise buffet. Not only is it unhygienic, but it’s also considered bad manners. They could easily get a new plate, but some people just don’t seem to care about others’ health.

I think it’s important to be mindful of the people around us and show some basic respect by using a clean plate every time we go to the buffet. Do you know you can get up to $1000 from the cruise lines by being a shareholder? Here’s an article I wrote about how I get free onboard credit every time I cruise.

9. The Cross Contaminator

I find it really frustrating when I see people using the same serving utensils on different dishes in a buffet line. It’s not a good practice to use the same utensil to scoop from one dish and then reuse it to scoop from another dish. 

This can cause cross contamination of the flavors of the dishes. Plus it’s not safe for people with food allergies. 

As a mother with a son who has food allergies, I am always vigilant about possible cross contamination. I am very careful about keeping things safe for everyone by not cross contaminating. Check out the 10 food I never eat at a cruise buffet.

10. The Germ Spreader

I get really annoyed when I see people with a cold who go to the buffet and touch everything without wearing a mask. They cough and sneeze, completely disregarding the fact that they are spreading their germs to everyone else. I’m not saying that people with a cold shouldn’t be able to go on a cruise, but I do think they should consider others and either wear a mask or avoid the buffet and go to the sit-down restaurant instead. It’s just common courtesy, really. Check out the list of the dirtiest cruise ships in the world I avoid and the cleanest cruise ships.

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