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Mt. Fuji Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The restaurant business is a tough business. It’s a business with a very high failure rate (over 60% failure rate the first year), a very labor-intensive business with long hours. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of a restaurant is a big deal- an almost impossible feat in the restaurant industry! So it’s truly a momentous occasion that Mt. Fuji celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Mt. Fuji Steakhouse A Humble Beginning

Born in Tokushima, Japan, Tokuaki “Tony” Fujita started his humble beginnings in Japan excelling in the sport of Greco-Roman wrestling (he competed in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics). Tony met his beloved future wife, Kazue “Kay” in the United States. Through many years of hardship and dedication, the couple worked their way up from a dishwasher and waitress to eventually owning their first luncheonette called “Mr. Fujiyama’s.” Their commitment and sacrifice were unwavering, which ultimately lead to the expansion of their luncheonette to a chain of Japanese Steakhouses called, Mt. Fuji. Eventually, there would be a total of nine restaurants throughout the New York Tristate area. Today, Mt. Fuji is still a family-owned run by the next generation, Nancy Fujita and Yoshi Tada. Operating Mt. Fuji restaurants in Hillburn, NY, and Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. 

Mt. Fuji 50th Anniversary Celebration

Mt. Fuji Steakhouse a Destination Restaurant

Perched on top of a mountain, driving up to Mt. Fuji in Hillburn, NY will take your breath away. You will first be greeted by an impressively large traditional, red Japanese gate. It is a magical place, that makes you feel like you are in Japan. The Hillburn location has 3 very distinct spaces, almost like separate restaurants, each with a unique personality – the Hibachi area, the Views and Y’s Lounge. The Hibachi area is a really fun place to go to as the chefs make it an entertaining experience. The Views is in the lower level of the building and is famous for its Sunday Brunch Buffet. If you score a table by the window, you will not be disappointed with the views. Y’s Lounge is probably my favorite wing in the entire restaurant. This is a newly renovated wing that has a stylish, contemporary decor with amazing views. Its where you can go for small bites and a drink. The honey burrata is delicious and the crispy asparagus on skewers are great complements to a glass of Yuzu Champagne.

Mt. Fuji 50th Anniversary Celebration
The New Lounge at Mt. Fuji
Mt Fuji Views from the Lounge
Breathtaking view from Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Fujitas sure know how to throw a 50th Anniversary Party! In any business, reaching the 50th year mark is a cause for celebration but in the restaurant industry, it is truly a well-deserved celebration. The Fujitas kicked off Mt. Fuji 50th anniversary celebration with speeches by Joseph Tursi, the mayor of Hillburn, Bernadette Tarantino, the deputy mayor of Hillburn, Takeshi Furomoto, Owner of Furumoto Realty and friends of the elder Fujitas and speeches by their office managers and of course, Nancy Fujita and her husband Yoshi Tada.

Mt. Fuji 50th Anniversary Celebration
Mt. Fuji owner, Yoshi Tada giving a sake toast!

Then there was the unique Japanese tradition of Sake Barrel Cracking.

Sake Barrel breaking at Mt. Fuji
Celebratory breaking of the Sake Barrel
Mt Fuji restaurant sake barrel

Performances by Cobu with her Taiko Drum and Dance Troupe (Cobu is famous for her performance at off-broadway Stomp).

Taiko Drum at Mt. Fuji
Taiko Drum and Dance Troupe performance

The kids (and adults) were wowed with Candy 5, the first female candy artist in the world.

Candy 5- Mt. Fuji
Japanese Candy Art by candy artist Candy 5

There was also ice carving demonstration by world champion and award-winning ice carver, Shintaro Okamoto.

Mt Fuji Ice carving
Ice Carving by award-winning Shintaro Okamoto
Mt. Fuji 50th Anniversary Celebration Ice Carving
Impressive ice carving by world-famous ice carver Shintaro Okamoto

Mt. Fuji 50th Anniversary: The Food

To celebrate Mt. Fuji’s 50th Anniversary, the Fujitas went all out with the food for their guests! There was an amazing buffet with hot food, small bites, salads and fruits.

Buffet at Mt. Fuji
Bountiful Spread
Mt Fuji small bites
Small Bites and Apps

Celebrity Chef Abe was onsite personally making rolls for guests with tuna sashimi, truffles, caviar and gold flakes!

Mt. Fuji 50th- Chef Abe Tuna and caviar
Tuna+Caviar+Truffles+Gold Flakes

The Fujitas treated their guest with ramen from Chef Nakamura.

Chef Nakamura Ramen at Mt. Fuji
Ramen by Chef Nakamura

A well deserved 50th-anniversary celebration for Mt. Fuji. Cheers to the next 50 years!

Mt. Fuji Steakhouse New York Location– 296 Old Route 17, Hillburn, NY – 845-357-4270

Mt Fuji Steakhouse New Jersey Location– 193 NJ-17, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604- 201-288-2800

Watch Our Video of Mt. Fuji’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Mt. Fuji 50th Anniversary Yuzu Champagne
Yuzu Champagne with special ice cubes

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