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13 Things Only Rude People Do on a Cruise

When you go on a cruise, you will encounter many types of people. While most are friendly and courteous, some may not be as pleasant, and you might find their behavior downright rude. Don’t be one of them! Here are the things only rude people do on a cruise. I’m also sharing my Travel Website Password tracker as a free printable below.

Things Only Rude People Do on a Cruise

1. Arrive Late to Shows

It’s really rude to arrive late to shows or presentations while on a cruise. To make it worse, these rude late comers refuse to sit at the back of the room. Instead, they make their way to the front rows and expect others to get up from their seats so they can settle in theirs. 

As a result, they rudely obstruct those seated behind them, causing disruption to everyone, including the performers. It’s important to be considerate and arrive on time for the show. If, for any reason, you’re running late, please be mindful and take a seat at the back.

2. Rushing in the Elevator

It’s rude when cruise passengers fail to follow basic elevator etiquette. One of the most common mistakes they make is rushing into the elevator without allowing people to exit first. This rude behavior causes unnecessary delays, especially in crowded elevators. It’s important to remember to let people out first. It’s just basic elevator etiquette! 

Things Rude People do on a Cruise

3. Make a Lot of Noise in the Hallway

Making a lot of noise in the hallway is really rude when you’re on a cruise. Hallway noises can easily be heard from inside the cabin. Running up and down the hallway or slamming cabin doors are noisy and disruptive. 

For this reason, it’s important to teach your children to be quiet when walking down the hallway. Also, it’s especially important to be mindful of your neighbors when it’s late at night or early in the morning when people are still be sleeping. Don’t be rude, stop making so much noise in the hallway! 

4. Leaving Things in the Hallway

Aside from making a lot of noise, another thing that rude people do on a cruise is they leave things out in the hallway. They leave their scooter, stroller or room service tray, blocking the hallway and making it hard for people to get through.

Even though cruise cabins are small, that doesn’t mean you can leave your things in the hallway. Fold up your scooter and stroller and store it in your cabin. As for your room service tray, make sure to call your cabin steward first so that they can come and get it right away.

5. Skipping the Handwashing Station

Another thing that rude people do on a cruise is they like to spread their germs. Unfortunately, this rude behavior is quite common on a cruise. 

They avoid washing their hands before going to the cruise buffet, despite the crew’s repeated reminders. The sinks installed at the buffet entrance are meant to ensure everyone’s good health by preventing the spread of illnesses. It’s important that everyone takes this seriously and washes their hands before entering the buffet area.

6. Chair Hog

One of the things that rude people do on a cruise is they reserve lounge chairs by the pool and never use them. They arrive early and “reserve” lounge chairs by spreading towels over three chairs and then refuse to give them up for the rest of the day. 

If you no longer need the chair and have moved on to other activities, it’s polite to allow someone else to use it. Don’t be one of those rude people on the cruise. Stop being a chair hog!

7. Table Hog

Aside from being chair hogs, another rude thing people do on a cruise is they are table hogs at the buffet. These table hogs overstay at a table that could otherwise be used by others. 

The worst part is these table hogs are done eating. Instead, they sit there to play cards, ignoring the fact that many passengers are carrying trays of food and looking for a place to sit. It’s basic human courtesy to vacate the table and make it available to those who want to eat. 

After all, the tables at the buffet are for dining, not for playing cards. These rude table hogs could easily find another spot on the ship to play their game and let others enjoy their meals. Don’t be a table hog on a cruise!

Things Rude People do on a Cruise

8. Getting Too Much Food

While we are on the topic of cruise buffets, another rude thing people do on a cruise is overindulge on food. While it is true that cruises offer unlimited food, it is still impolite to pile your plate with excessive amounts of food at the buffet. Don’t be rude; go back for seconds.

9. Reuse the Same Plate at the Buffet

Another thing that rude people do on a cruise is they reuse the same plate at the buffet. It bothers me to see people using the same dirty plate again and again when they want to get more food from the cruise buffet. Not only is it bad manners, it’s also very unsanitary.

Rather than using a new plate every time they go for more food, they go back to the buffet with the same dirty plate, which is quite disrespectful to the people around them. It’s important to be mindful of others’ health and well-being and demonstrate basic buffet etiquette by using a fresh plate every time you visit the buffet.

10. Talk Really Loud

It’s rude when people don’t follow the basic etiquette of speaking softly in public places like restaurants and buffets on a cruise. Their loud voices and boisterous laughter can be really irritating and disrupt the peaceful atmosphere. 

Instead of enjoying a quiet meal, you are forced to listen to their conversations in detail, which is quite unpleasant. It’s not just at the restaurants, even other public places like the atrium area where live music is being played can be ruined by loud talkers. 

And if you’re trying to relax in a hot tub, loud and inappropriate conversations can be a real mood killer. It’s always best to keep in mind that other people are around and that everyone deserves some peace and quiet.

11. Talking During Captain’s Announcement

When it comes to cruise etiquette, loud talkers can be annoying. However, there is another behavior that is downright rude, and that is talking during a captain’s announcement. 

Every now and then, the captain will make an important announcement over the loudspeaker, and everyone on board is expected to quiet down to listen. But some people continue to talk loudly, making it difficult to hear the announcement. This can be quite frustrating for those trying to listen, and it is considered impolite to talk over the captain’s announcement.

12. Cutting the Line

One thing that rude people do on a cruise is they cut the line. You will find them abruptly cutting the line at the buffet or even at the guest services, bypassing everyone else waiting in the long line. 

They are even rude in front of their kids, cutting the line while registering them for the kid’s club. Cutting the line is an unacceptable behavior on a cruise. It’s an act of rudeness that should be avoided since everyone is trying to relax during their vacation.

13. Hot Tub Hog

One thing rude people do on a cruise is they are hot tub hogs. These are the people who stay in the hot tub for hours and refuse to let others have a turn. Even when they look red and should leave the hot tub, they’ll still hold onto their spot with their bucket of beer. 

Hot tubs are popular on cruises, especially during sea days. It’s polite to let other people enjoy the hot tub as well. Don’t be that person who hogs the hot tub and ruins everyone else’s experience. Check out my article on 7 reasons why I’m skipping the hot tub on my next cruise. 

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